Wisconsin Fight over 6,000 Cow Factory Farm Moves to Court

By Lisa Buchmeier
Courthouse News Service

MADISON, Wisc. (CN) – Family Farm Defenders sued Wisconsin to try to stop a commercial dairy whose planned 6,270 “animal units” would produce 55.3 million gallons of manure and wastewater a year.

Fifty-five million gallons of wastewater would cover 1 acre 169 feet deep.

Family Farm Defenders and three landowners sued the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources in Dane County Court.

The state has approved a giant Richfield Dairy in small, centrally located Adams County and rebuffed the nonprofit’s request for a contested hearing.

Family Farm Defenders is joined by three plaintiffs who own land with surface water as far as 25 miles away from the proposed dairy, which the landowners say will be degraded by the dairy’s discharges.

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6 responses to “Wisconsin Fight over 6,000 Cow Factory Farm Moves to Court

  1. Yes! Fight. Use every legal defense to put the Big-Ag operations on the defense where they belong. FARMING THAT RELIES ON STORING METHANE-PRODUCING MANURE IS ASININE. WHEN COWS ARE RAISED ON GRASS, THEIR MANURE GOES BACK INTO REGENERATING THE EARTH AND ENVIRONMENT, WHILE HELPING TO CONTROL CARBON. It’s time our justice system became a system of COMMON SENSE!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Its all so wrong. All the waste material will pollute the water tabel and the surrounding land. The antibiotics used will also expose the surrounding lifeforms to untold damage as bacteria develop immunity to them. That is before the humans drink the water contaminated with them.
    Still we can live in hope that common sense will prevail. But I have little faith in the legal system. Remember who’s side they are really on.

  3. The waste issue is profound and frightening. Why don’t we get it? So much for our lack of common sense as mentioned in the above commentary. But let us not forget the poor cows
    who are treated only as milking machines – not the living, breathing creatures they are who have basic needs like our own. Hardly the direction to go to give them a half decent life. We had to fight the terrible conditions of early factories where human beings were treated so shabbily – working very long hours in often deplorable conditions. This new fight and concern for these poor cows- living in deplorable factory conditions is the same in my opinion. People of compassion should never allow this to continue.

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