6 Ways Mushrooms Can Save the World

Intro by Forbidden Knowledge TV

Incredible data about mushrooms and why preserving the Old Growth Forest is a matter of national defense!

Mycologist Paul Stamets shares the awesomeness of mushrooms and seeks to dispel mycophobia: the irrational fear of mushrooms. Wonky – yet excellent!

He forgot the 7th way — using psilocybin, humans can alter their consciousness and emerge more clear headed and focused. ~ Ed.


10 responses to “6 Ways Mushrooms Can Save the World

  1. toss up for a Nobel isnt it?
    Stametz or Salatin.
    however after ohbummergoreipcc the Nobels not worth much if liars and charlatans can get it.knocks the shine off it.
    thanks for posting it Rady
    re psyiocibins, well some may get smarter but theres a few(too many?) who stayed thick or got worse:-) Stamets said outside court houses was a good spot to look, roflmao.

  2. Fabulous! Really. Incredible, and yes, Nobel should be given for this! More importantly, we should all be usng this system to remake the old world.
    @ed: I like your way too!!

  3. Cool video, thanks for sharing it 😉

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  5. @ RADY: WE have Inky Caps here. The first time they came up, well, phallic is not quite the word to describe it! After some investigation, I think they may be Shaggy Manes, which are supposedly scrumptious. I may try them, after carefully being certain of their id. But the shapes, yea, they can be pretty, um, startling!

  6. Given these could end termites and carpenter ants in a home, It doesn’t seem like companies would be willing to use this, it would take away from their ‘bottom line’ financially.

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