The Great Culling (trailer)

From Paul Wittenberger (the director of What in the World Are They Spraying?) and Chris Maple comes a new film — this time about fluoride: The Great Culling


Dr. Paul Connett, co-author of The Case Against Fluoride: How Hazardous Waste Ended Up in Our Drinking Water and the Bad Science and Powerful Politics That Keep It There;

Clifford E. Carnicom, one of the original researchers into chemtrails;

Rosalind Peterson, another chemtrail researcher and environmental activist; former agricultural inspector for the State of California;

Dr David Kennedy, past president of International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology;

Dr James E. Rota, holistic dentist;

Gary O. Pittman, chemical victim and author of Phosphate Fluorides Toxic Torts;

Dr. Charlie Goetschel, PhD, nutritional myth buster;

Whistleblowers, and many more…

Donate to the filmmakers to help them complete production of The Great Culling. (bottom of page)


Also see Food Freedom’s Fluoride page for many great articles and videos.

Hat tip Forbidden Knowledge TV.

12 responses to “The Great Culling (trailer)

  1. He calls it the Church of Death, whose Four Holy Waters are 1) immunizations; 2) fluoridated water; 3) intravenous fluids; and 4) silver nitrate Dr. Robert S. Mendelsohn.
    The Story of the Medical Conspiracy Against America

    Doc Blake

  2. Doc: Why IV fluids, please? I’d like to know, for as an animal caregiver, I use it when necessary (as a SQ infusion unless I can get help setting an IV catheter).

    • Hi Morgana,
      Dr. Mendelsohn calls them the “Four Holy Waters” in his book “Confessions of a Medical Heretic.” Below is the only negative comment I could find that Dr. Mendelsohn uses in relation to IV’s except the above quote.
      “If you’re pregnant, you go to the doctor and he treats you as if you’re sick. Childbirth is a nine-month disease which must be treated, so you’re sold on intravenous fluid bags, fetal monitors, a host of drugs, the totally unnecessary episiotomy, and the top of the line product–the Caesarean delivery!” Dr. Mendelsohn from “Confessions of a Medical Heretic.”

      I think that what Dr. Mendelsohn meant is that medicine has us fooled into being faithful to it and the doctor. That the four holy waters are part of this religion not that they are good or bad in this light. The IV use is a useful tool but sometimes it is used for profit and psychological effect (religious), not that it is necessary. Kind of like the what a hypochondriac might feel to be in a hospital bed, plugged into monitors, IV, oxygen tube in the nose with doctor’s, nurse’s and family filling the room. They may not need any of it and that is shameful but they are sure having a type of religious epiphany and great time.

      Dr. Mendelsohn
      ”Common to all religions is the claim that reality is not limited to or dependent upon what can be seen, heard, felt, tasted or smelled. You can easily test modern medical religion on this characteristic by simply asking your doctor why? enough times. Why are you prescribing this drug? Why is this operation -going to do me any good? Why do I have to do that? Why do you have to do that to me? just ask why? enough times and sooner or later you’ll reach the Chasm of Faith. Your doctor will retreat into the fact that you have no way of knowing or understanding all the wonders he has at his command. Just trust me.”

      Were we were pushed into accepting fluoridation using similar faith reasons? That is a reasonable assumption given that the truth is there was never any real solid evidence that there were any health benefits to adding it to our water, food and dental products.
      ”The design of the early fluoridation studies would not meet minimum scientific requirements today and should be discarded. There were: “major short-comings, including limitations of data used, inconsistencies and errors in sampling, inadequacy of control populations, inappropriate ‘weighting’ of results, alterations to original results and misleading presentations and discussions of results.”
      From: Scientific studies show fluoridation’s claimed benefits are in dispute ,

  3. WOW! Thanks Doc. At least now I can continue to care for my hospice cases with a clear conscience! Re: your info: it is SO true. I have multiple autoimmune diseases, and I infuriate the doctors all the time with what I will or will not do, questions up the yinyang, and so on. My late rheumatologist (rest his beloved soul!) told me one day “You know, you’re a pain in the ass”, he said it lovingly, because I insist on being an active partner in my treatments. I think EVERYONE should. Doctors are not gods! (erm, no offense!)

    • Hi Morgana,
      Thanks, one of my goals before I leave this life is to put modern medicine where it belongs. That is, earning about what a mechanic earns, practicing emergency medicine which is their real specialty plus bone setting which is their historical skill (bone setter). But keep them completely away from chronic disease which is where they fail completely. Why, because modern medicine has no idea what they are doing and needlessly kill hundreds of thousands every year. And their criminally allowing fluoridation into our food supply is just one of the many reasons they fail so dreadfully.

      About your autoimmune diseases Morgana, have a look at an article I wrote on autoimmune disease, “A Key to Solving Auto-Immune Diseases like Rheumatoid Arthritis,” May 10, 2010, Dr. Paul Blake, N.D.,

      From that article you will see why the medical treatment for autoimmune diseases today is insane and leads to more autoimmune diseases. The article is a Thomsonian naturopathic medical view of autoimmune diseases and a common sense way out of the disease mess that has been created by modern medicine.

      Below is one of the main reasons why modern medicine by design has not cured one disease in over half a century especially autoimmune diseases.

      Market Headlines
      The Global Market For Autoimmune Disease Treatments Is Estimated To Be At $37.84 Billion In 2009, And Is Growing At A CAGR Of 12.7% From 2009 To 2014 To Reach An Estimated $68.81 Billion In 2014

      New report provides detailed analysis of the Healthcare and Medical market
      Published on September 29, 2009
      by Press Office
      ( and OfficialWire)

      Doc Blake

  4. Seeing you write so well Dr Blake and have a special knowledge, I invite you to offer an article for my

  5. Thank you for the complement and the invitation Augie I will definitely stop by your site and submit an article.

    Doc Blake

  6. Thanks Doc, yes I know that the treatments are likely to kill me, and I will read your article. Frankly, I am SO tired from all the pain that I often cannot make decisions, concentrate, etc. But enough about me. I carry on as I must. A firm believer in KBO. 🙂

    • You have the right to be healthy in body and mind Morgana despite what the FDA says and it is really not that difficult to get there. The first step is believing that you can take charge of your own health without the direction and drugs of an elitist MD. SO LET ME BREAK THE LAW FOR YOU MORGANA BY PUTTING ON MY SIZE 12 ½ EEE HERBAL COMBAT BOOTS AND STOMP DIRECTLY ON THE FOOT OF THE FDA AS I ADVISE YOU OF THE NATURAL WAY TO CURE AUTOIMMUNE DISEASES.

      As a naturopathic doctor I see your problem in very simple commonsense way. You have a genetic weakness in those areas where autoimmune diseases have shown-up due to toxins in your food, air and water and these organs/glands have reached a point of abnormal function. The answer is simple, undue what has been done by changes in lifestyle and use cleanses and detoxes to get as many chemicals and toxins out of your body as possible.

      Your Diet
      The first step of my advice is simple, just move your diet to 70% raw produce (see Morning Drink is a good start) and get the other 30% as organic and whole food as you can. An easy way to raise your raw vegetables to that level is get a scale and measure 1 pound of vegetables for lunch and 1 1/2 pounds for supper. I know that sounds like a lot of chewing but you will see dramatic positive changes in your digestion, health, energy, skin texture, weight loss and elimination.

      When you are buying foods check the labels and as best you can avoid all soy products especially soy oil, corn oil and corn syrup as they are one of the main reasons why we are seeing such an epidemic of autoimmune disease, overweight and obesity. Get coconut oil for all of your cooking and eating as it will stimulate your thyroid and help raise your metabolic energy to burn more calories.

      Chocolate candy, buy the darkest highest coco content you can get at least 70% plus because coco is actually a health food and use as a treat a few pieces a day.

      Eating cheese and any dairy is fine but I highly advise that it is from raw milk as that will give you the most nutrition which again will raise your metabolism to burn off the fat and remove toxins. Check with farmers and farmers markets, food coops and health food stores for raw dairy products.

      Also buy a good brand of refrigerated probiotics at the health food store and take it at every meal for a week then any time you intuitively think you need it or when your bowels get loose. The reason is because you are changing your lifestyle your friendly bacteria will need to be updated to stay in balance with you.

      Cleansing and Detoxing, when you are ready to start email me at and I will send you instructions on how to do deep tissue cleanses and detoxes. Doc Blake

  7. Thanks again Doc. Yea, I think the original reason I gave in (and I am NOT one to give in to clever ads and such) is that I am an active 53 y.o., who has a huge responsibility for the animals that I care for. When the pain and inability to walk, sleep, etc. overwhelmed me, I was ready for the first best solution to keep me mobile. I actually had 12 really good years at the beginning, taking charge of my own care with Dr’s in on what I was doing. Then my diagnosis changed after those idiotic college re-inoculations, and everything went downhill. I am maintaining a pretty good weight for my height, but exercise is kind of hard since I cannot move too well. I will email privately later this week. Thank you SO very much. I would love to get ahead of this. Oh, and I can tell you exactly what triggered the crappy gene for all of this: a farm field that had been sprayed for Col. Potato Beetle a few hourse before I got to the area.

  8. Few people know Morgana how easy an autoimmune disease can evolve in your body today. Because our immune systems are being so messed over by poor products, steroids and chemicals allowed into our food chain air and water by institutions like the FDA. The individual like yourself can do something as simple as have a car accident, start an argument, loose a loved one, take a prescribed medication, lose your job, fall down, get a vaccination (present company excepted), etc and end up with an autoimmune disease. Then once you have one autoimmune disease that makes you even more susceptible to acquiring another one and so on a tragic situation. And of course modern medicine gives you just exactly the wrong thing (toxic drugs) they go after the symptom by using drugs to subdue the immune system which is really not at fault for being confused by the bodies toxic situation. The answer is simple as I said above you reverse your body back to its much less toxic situation by lifestyle changes and cleansing and detoxing the chemicals out. I look forward to seeing your email Morgana.

    Doc Blake

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