Has the FDA sold itself to the international pharmaceutical industry?

By MetroFarm

The FDA is reclassifying herbs, vitamins, and dietary supplements as “synthetic food preservatives,” which means many of them may be pulled off the market and the rest subjected to extreme regulation. This leads us to ask…

Has the FDA sold itself to the international pharmaceutical industry?

This Saturday at 9am Pacific, the Food Chain Radio show with Michael Olson hosts Attorney Jonathan W. Emord for a conversation about the FDA’s effort to take total control of dietary supplements. (Food Chain Radio #742)

Topics include how Codex Alimentarius demands the U.S. treat its food supplements as toxins; why the U.S. government is acceding to the demands of Codex; and what this compliance will mean to those who use dietary supplements like vitamins and minerals.

Listen on your radio, computer or IPOD: Food Chain Radio


Tell Congress to Oppose the Dietary Supplement Labeling Act
This bill targets supplements and their makers, but almost all of its provisions are already covered by existing law. There is no need for any new legislation; the only need is for existing laws to be fully enforced.

Tell the FDA their Draft Guidance on NDIs is Bad for Consumers
The FDA issued draft guidance for complying with the New Dietary Ingredient (NDI) notification protocols. This guidance will create such huge barriers for supplement manufacturers that it will be much more difficult and expensive to produce them. That means consumer cost goes up, or the products are no longer available.

What do YOU think?

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