Fluoridated water a boost to medical industry profits

Fluoride Poisoning: It’s All Over

By Mary Sparrowdancer

German and Austrian scientists knew in the early 1930s that an overactive thyroid (hyperthyroidism) could be successfully treated by bathing patients in water containing minute amounts of fluoride. They had discovered nearly a century ago that fluoride blocked thyroid function.

For the US government, long partnered with the pharmaceutical industry, to then force this same treatment on a nation of people with healthy thyroids under the lie that fluoride “prevents cavities in children,” is unconscionable. The Nuremberg Code of ethics pertaining to human experimentation labels it an act of crime, stating, “The voluntary consent of the human subject is absolutely essential.”

Today, 70% of the US is being forced to receive this thyroid-blocking chemical via their water without consent or medical monitoring for overdose, allergic reaction or blocked thyroid function. The benefits are being reaped by the largest of US industries:  The pharmaceutical industry. Fluoride has created a nation of suffering people seeking more drugs to treat blocked thyroids and fluoride toxicity. We might drink bottled water, but most of us cannot avoid the bathwater.

Deliberately damaging the thyroid will produce a plethora of symptoms affecting the entire human body from head to toe. Symptoms of thyroid damage and fluoride poisoning include weight gain, edema, kidney disease, kidney failure, hair loss, depression, aggression, aches, pains, skin problems, bone deformities (likely including “arthritis” and spontaneous fractures), sexual/erectile dysfunction, memory loss, weakness, fatigue, heart disease, irritability, cancer, digestive disorders including severe GERD as a result of swallowing fluoride, nausea, vomiting, visual problems, gum disease, “high cholesterol,” connective tissue damage, brittle teeth, wrinkles, premature aging, dehydration, and long, long after the whole body has been damaged, “cosmetic fluorosis” might finally show up in a tooth or two.

“Cosmetic fluorosis” is usually the only sign of fluoride poisoning mentioned by fluoride promoters, while downplaying the rest of the signs as though their livelihoods depended upon it.

Lethal fluoride doses cause death to occur by “natural causes” such as cardiac arrest, or acute renal failure or (for those who believe that cancer is a “natural cause” of death), by cancer. Fluoride binds to and possibly mimics calcium, but fluoride is a liar. The heart cells utilize a perfect balance of calcium and magnesium and other natural substances in the body’s matrix to cause the heart to beat and then rest. Fluoride, bound to the calcium, confuses the normal functioning and cellular communication within the body, and causes arrhythmias.

The fluoride that is purchased by municipal waterworks and added into public drinking water is not even a “pharmaceutical grade” fluoride. It is primarily discarded waste, a slurry of toxins not wanted by the phosphate fertilizer mining corporations that sell it to waterworks. From there, it is then disposed of (sometimes by unskilled workers) into our drinking water.

For those who have swallowed the propaganda that fluoride is “completely safe,” and is some kind of a “nutrient” that is good for us, there is news footage available of a recent fluoride spill that took place inIllinois. A Hazmat team in protective gear was called in to clean up the mess, but not before the fluoride began eating through the concrete driveway it had spilled upon.

This should leave little question as to why a 2005 study by the American Gastroenterological Association showed that there was a sharp increase in Barrett’s esophagus and GERD, and other reports show that adenocarcinoma of the esophagus, once rare, has now become one of the most frequently occurring cancers.

Fluoride can eat its way through a titanium container. Fluoride is converted in the stomach into hydrofluoric acid, an acid so strong that it cannot be stored in a glass container because it will eat the glass. Fluoride, proven to block thyroid function, is not a substance we should be forced to drink, breathe, eat, and bathe in without our consent.

Fluoride promoters have utilized all seven propaganda techniques identified by the “Institute for Propaganda Analysis,” (est. 1937 and brought to an early end in the 1940s), including “Name-Calling, Glittering Generality, Transfer, Testimonial, Plain Folks, Card Stacking, and Band Wagon” in order to keep the fluoride flowing here and creating medical problems.

Mention an aversion to fluoride, and the promoters will more than likely make comments about “tinfoil hats,” or make a reference to the strange movie, “Dr. Strangelove.” They also refer to people opposed to being dosed with fluoride against their wills as “anties” as though attempting to paint a picture of opponents as confused old ladies.

The one thing that fluoride promoters are incapable of doing, however, is engaging in a logical debate about fluoride. They cannot debate fluoride because they have no real facts or clinical evidence showing that fluoride “prevents cavities.” They merely repeat, as they have been repeating for over 60 years, the following mantra: “It is well-known that fluoride prevents cavities.”

The Case of Kentucky

If fluoride “prevented cavities” as the CDC and other government pharmaceutical branches imply, they would be shining a light on the Commonwealth of Kentucky.

According to the NIH “Community Water Fluoridation Status by State” 2002 report (reportedly updated in March of 2010), the state of Kentucky ranks #1 in having the highest percentage of fluoridated water of all states in the US. According to Kentucky Oral/Dental Health, the state has received awards for achieving this feat. “The American Dental Association, the Centers for Disease Control and the Association of State and Territorial Dental Directors have recognized Kentucky’s efforts.”

If we were going to see water fluoridation in action and working as promised by the fluoride salesmen, we would have seen its miracles clearly happening on any given day in the gleaming smiles of our Kentucky neighbors. Instead, we see something else. When the ADA’s and CDC’s exaggerated hoopla dies down, a check of the facts reveals that Kentucky is also ranked #1 in other areas not mentioned during the praising ceremonies.

Kentucky ranks #1 in incidence of cancer in the USA, and it ranks at the top for having one of the worst dental health scores in the US. Despite all of its award-winning fluoridation, it has one of the worst rates of cavities in children, as well as complete toothlessness in adults.

One must also wonder if the spontaneous fractures and tendon problems in the racehorses might be due to the fluoride in their drinking water. Horses drink many times more water than humans do.

Even more disturbing than the lie about the “benefits” of having “optimally fluoridated water,” is that the majority of physicians do not know how to treat fluoride poisoning, nor do they even know how to look for it or diagnose it. Due to the media, many people simply conclude that Americans are just fat and lethargic, everyone has heartburn so what else is new, arthritis is just bone aches and crippling deformities, fibromyalgia is a sign of malingering, and degenerative disk disease raises no eyebrows or questions as spines spontaneously collapse and disks bulge from sea to shining, oil-slicked sea. We are not adequately studying cause and effect at this time. Instead of treating symptoms with even more pharmaceuticals, we need to start looking for the cause of the symptoms.

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15 responses to “Fluoridated water a boost to medical industry profits

  1. Imagine that…oh well, I made it to 70! When my husband & I ‘protested’ the “Fluoridated Water Miracle” way back….we were in our 20’s, & they called us “to young to understand the widespread help for the ‘poor’ ” that the Fluoride would bring. Same thing happened with Madeline Murray-O’Hara knocked on my door in the mid-sixties, & wanted me to sign a petition to get prayer out of public schools. I closed the door as fast as I could because she looked like a drunk ‘Hippie’. Maybe she wasn’t drunk, maybe she just spilled booze all over her clothes by accident. We didn’t take her seriously either, nobody did, at the time. I’ve had Thyroid problems since my 40’s. Now, one of my daughters had to have her Thyroid removed. Thank you “BIG BROTHER” for looking after us! Any time I hear “Social Justice, Marginalized Ethnic Groups….” ad nauseam, I just turn off my hearing aids. Isn’t technology great??? 🙂

  2. Vaccinations are “safe and effective” also. Fluoride effects every cell in the body–but some like the thyroid, bones and brain more than others.

  3. Funny fact about the Jews in the concentration camps. They were kept behind barbed wire with only a few hundred troops with guns. Yet there were many thousands of these Jews in these places. I always wondered why they did not chargew the guards down and escape. It wasn’t s if they had much to live for in these horrible conditions so the sacrifice of a few for the freedom of the many was something I thought that in their depserate state they would be willing to try.
    That was when i was not so wise and informed. Now I know the truth. Now I know that Fluoride does the unthinkable to humans. It turns them into totally unfeeling automatons who will do nothing to save themselves. Mere drugged up dummies for the slaughter. That is the way the US elites want the people of the US to be. Easily led and maleable to their desires.
    Roll on 21-12-2012. Lets hope something really dramatic comes along to take these criminals away into a void.

    • for sure, Its!

      but, funny thing, I just read this story about a group of Jews in a concentration camp who decided to try to do just what you said. So, I don’t know how many (neither did the author — maybe 4, maybe 8), but the story goes, just a very few of them made the plan because they couldn’t risk having one of the others turn them in (for more food or whatever). They set the date and planned it during the changing of the guard.

      the ones in the know killed the guards as they got out of view of the towers, grabbed their gun and shot more guards, hollering for everyone to escape.

      oh, yeah, they also had the plan to storm the front gates, and take the road out since everywhere else was a minefield.

      Nearly the entire camp tried to escape. Most followed the armed prisoners out the front gate, another chunk climbed the fence and took their chances on the minefield and a very few remained behind.

      Most were killed, but some however did escape.

      oh yeah, I read this story in Deep Green Resistance

    • I think it was Lenin who said, “One man with a gun can control 100 without one.”

  4. I was thinking more about the death camps like Aushwitz and Belsen when i mentioned the lack of willpower to escape. There was some report on the water being fluoridated with Sodium Fluoride.
    I do remember reading about one camp from which some of the prisoners escaped but I am not sure of the name. I think it was obibor or something like that? I didn’t read that particular posting of yours. Unfortunately I get far too many emails and so sometimes things get overlooked in my haste.
    Must try harder. 🙂

    Oh and if it was Lenin then he was right.

  5. Have I said something wrong? I detect a hint of sarcasm in the tone when all I was doing was pssing on a personal viewpoint. Something that had occured to me. If I offended anyone then my apology.
    I will unsubscribe from this blog if my comments are deemed inappropriate.
    However I disagree with fluoridation totally. I always have since I learned about the side effects. I only became aware of the link with concentration camps much later.
    So once again my apology for any offence or misunderstanding.

  6. Great article about the insanity of fluoride Mary, I especially liked the assassin angle. Speaking of assassin, I have taught many classes in herbal medicine, health and exercise. And just for the fun of it and to stir up thinking on how dangerous our food and medications have become I will pose this scenario. I will tell the class that it is easy to kill your mate/relative/friend (target) if you want to without being suspected of doing it. YOU JUST COOK AND HEALTH CARE THEM RIGHT OFF THE PLANET?

    I tell them that before they start and while the target is still relatively healthy get the best health and life insurance for the target they can afford. The health insurance pays for the poisonous treatment and the life insurance is payoff for all the good standard American care that you gave the target.

    Here are a few things that can be easily done to get rid of them. Cook all their foods in plenty of corn oil and add in plenty of corn syrup, margarine, MSG, artificial sweeteners and also excess salt a to the ingredients and of course everything must be GMO. Then with every drink such as coffee, coco, teas add in as much artificial dairy and sweeteners, like aspartame as you can get in without spoiling the taste. This can be especially easy to do in deserts like pies, cakes and puddings. And of course be sure there are plenty of supplies of artificially sweetened low calorie sodas and soft drinks on hand and as little water as possible except for tap water (you want to get plenty of that down them).

    If your target is a junk food lover or even if they aren’t make sure that where you would put a bowel of fruit that you have a bowel filled with donuts, rolls and coffee cakes, etc. Then have other bowels strategically placed in the house filled to the brim with their favorite candies artificially sweetened low calorie of course. Make sure at least three nights a week they are at the fast food restaurants, hot dogs one night, burgers another then top it off with pizza or an all you can eat night. To save yourself here; just pick at your food and ask them to help you by eating your share as well.

    Now delivering the coups de grace is easy if you stuffed them with the food above just as I said. The symptoms will soon show up, the weight gain, head aches, memory loss, back pain, indigestion, acid reflux, boils, bloating, flatulence (gas), joint pain, numbness in legs and arms, colds, flu (don’t forget they get every vaccine shot available), depression, low sex drive, heart arrhythmias, blurred vision, etc. For every symptom you hear from them you take them to the doctor for that symptom. The more times you see the doctor the more side effect poisonous medications your target will get. Medications all have scientifically proven for potency side effects especially liver damage which is the big door opener to cancer, stroke and heart disease. To add to this you go to the drug store and be sure you buy every over the counter medication for every symptom and disease your target now has. Then with all this poison you make sure that for every complaint you get from them you hand them as many pills for it as you have on hand and of course they get another trip to the doctor.

    Soon you will have side effects on side effects with more medications added by the doctor for each side effect. After about a year your target will be making emergency trips to the hospital for extra doses of poisonous medications and operations for the diseases they now have. On one of these trips they will be transferred to a rest home staring into space and incapacitated (from your diligent care) where the food and care are just as I described above (I have personally seen this) all paid for by your health insurance. Give the target another year maybe two and they will be off the planet and you will be free as a bird. Free with your ill-gotten life insurance gains courtesy of the food industry (FDA, USDA), doctors (AMA and FDA) and our glorious health care system medications (FDA, Medical Science and Pharmaceutical Industry).

    Doc Blake

  7. What can we as people do to overcome this blatant misuse of the medical system?

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  9. the way we can overcome so much of this stuff,, is believe in the conspiracy theory – don’t be in denial and accept that the Govt, Health Services Industry & Big Pharma do not give a shit if we are healthy or not, unhealthy keeps the grindstone $ ON, if you think otherwise you are living in dream time – so take control and question everything, get on the arse of your political reps in local govt, state and federal – They are all making decisions, but breathing in their own atmosphere of self interest – just hacks, answering to their political party’s directives – CERTAINLY NOT TO YOU, THEIR CONSTITUENTS
    There is only two things all these movers and shakers, who are screwing us big time, think about while focused on their work !
    Is it legal or illegal, stuff the masses
    Stuff ethics,, anyway what does that word really mean, it is not in my “manual”–duty of care is not there either, precautionary principal is also not there ?
    There are obviously two “manuals” – A BIG PROBLEM PEOPLE

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