The 6 Most Horrifying Lies the Food Industry Is Feeding You

By Pauli Poisuo

If there’s one thing in the world the food industry is dead set against, it’s allowing you to actually maintain some level of control over what you eat.  See, they have this whole warehouse full of whatever they bought last week when they were drunk that they need to get rid of — and they will do so by feeding it all to you. And it doesn’t matter how many pesky “lists of ingredients” and consumer protections stand between you and them.

#6. The Secret Ingredient: Wood

You know what’s awesome? Newspaper. Or, to be precise, the lack thereof. The Internet and other electric media have all but eaten up classic print media, with the circulations of almost all papers on the wane. Say, do you ever wonder what they do with all that surplus wood pulp?

“But Cracked,” you inquire, “what does this have to do with food ingredients?”

For the purposes of this article, you’re kind of an idiot. And we look at you squarely in the eye, then slowly bring our gaze upon the half-eaten bagel in your hand.

Oh, shit

The Horror:

What do they do with all the cellulose wood pulp? They hide it behind a bullshit name and make you eat it, that’s what.

The best part of waking up, is wood pulp in your face!

And everybody’s doing it. Aunt Jemima’s pancake syrup? Cellulose. Pillsbury Pastry Puffs? Cellulose. Kraft Bagel-Fuls? Fast-food cheese? Sara Lee’s breakfast bowls? Cellulose, cellulose, goddamn cellulose.


Et tu, Hot Pockets?

It turns out that cellulose can provide texture to processed foods, so food companies have taken to happily using it as a replacement for such unnecessary and inconveniently expensive ingredients as flour and oil. As the 30 percent cheaper cellulose is edible and non-poisonous, the FDA has no interest for restricting its use — or, for that matter, the maximum amount of it that food companies can use in a product. It is pretty much everywhere, and even organic foods are no salvation — after all, cellulose used to be wood and can therefore be called organic, at least to an extent.

But the worst thing about cellulose is not that it’s everywhere. The worst thing is that it is not food at all. Cellulose is, unlike the actual, normal food items you think you’re paying for, completely indigestible by human beings, and it has no nutritional value to speak of. If a product contains enough of it, you can literally get more nutrients from licking the sweet, sweet fingerprints off its wrapper.


That loaf and the chopping block have an equal wood content.

#5. Zombie Orange Juice

Quick, name the most healthy drink your nearest store has to offer. You said orange juice, didn’t you? It’s what everybody makes you drink when you get sick. Hell, that shit must be like medicine or something. And the labels are always about health benefits — the cartons scream “100 percent natural!”, “Not from concentrate!” and “No added sugar!”


“Less than four thumbs per gallon!”

And why not believe them? When it comes to making the stuff, orange juice isn’t sausage. You take oranges, you squeeze oranges, you put the result in a carton, with or without pulp. End of story, beginning of deliciousness.

But what if we told you that “freshly squeezed” juice of yours can very well be a year old, and has been subjected to stuff that would make the Re-Animator puke?

Packaging Gateway

Tropicana’s bottling room. Not pictured: Anything orange.

The Horror:

Ever wonder why every carton of natural, healthy, 100 percent, not-from-concentrate orange juice manages to taste exactly the same, yet ever so slightly different depending on the brand, despite containing no additives or preservatives whatsoever?

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93 responses to “The 6 Most Horrifying Lies the Food Industry Is Feeding You

  1. Every time I try to explain the food fraud to the sheeple, they just laugh. Ha, ha, ha. I can hear that laughter 20 years from now…boo, hoo, hoo!

  2. Well Randy, sounds like you’re in the wrong business!

  3. i love my garden. thats all i can say.

  4. Very astonishing. Oh, I almost forgot to mention the SYNTHETIC MEATS, that will come in your FAVOURITE Restaurants near where you are.

  5. SYNTHETIC MEATS or IN VITRO; growing animal parts in the Labs, rather than in the Farms, will reduced Animal cruelty. The Human Society loved it. How about you???
    I like real one.

  6. Mom2FourBlessings

    When it takes me 6 months to get my baby chicks big enough to lay eggs, yet the chicken/egg companies can get those same chicks laying in 6 weeks.. that is enough to tell me that I do NOT want to eat the eggs those hens are laying…. Same with meat… If more people would visit real farms and see just how long it takes to raise healthy animals up to “eating size” or “reproductive size” on their natural diets, in open, natural settings, they would never again eat meat, or meat “products” from a grocery store shelf. People have become to disconnected from their food. 😦

    • Mom 2 4 Blessings,
      Great response! They load chickens and cows and pigs full of hormones and steroids and who knows what else to increase how fast they grow. To the point that a lot of there bodies will outgrow their legs visa versa, but as long as they can still eat and put on weight they keep them alive, It is extremely sad and disgusting. Not only is eating that crap and animal rights issues, but also think about what you are consuming when you eat it. People are extremely disconnected from their food. 😦 and that’s why there are so many health problems. diabetes, cancer, etc etc the list goes on and on and a lot of it stems from peoples diets.

  7. Dont you know that Cellulose is from genetically engineered trees.. they pruposefully engineer them to contain weak lignon so they can be felled easier… DUMBEST THING EVER… lets get our smart minds together and make WEAK trees for our planet! Nevermind that they give us our damn oxygen. wow, these biotech smarties sure are genius! They just have no common sense is all.

    • You mean those trees that the company planted just for harvesting? If the tree’s are going to be harvested anyway, at exactly the same age as most tree farmers do, then what difference does it make that they have invented a way to make it easier for them?

      Tree farms are privately owned companies that plant trees that latter on harvest them. They do not go around planting genetically altered trees in national forests and in local parks.

      • au contraire — genetically modified crops are grown in the public’s Wildlife Preserves. Several southeastern states have planted thousands of acres of GM trees.

        • genetically modified doesn’t necessarily mean those “weak” trees. that just means its been changed in some way…and despite the crap about anti gmo plants, they can have many good benefits. you can make them hardier, make it so that the plant resist diseases, and therefore don’t have to put as much spray on them, and many other things. its just because of the stubborn ‘i wont eat anything that hasn’t been here since adam and eves’ spreading lies to the misiformed general public that has gotten the word out. if the many many more good sides of gmos would be told, there would not be so many haters!

          • I think the only benefit I have heard of for GMO’s is that they make nature easier to handle. I don’t think human’s being even lazier is any excuse to put the planet through a genetic experiment. The long term effects are completely unknown and diseases and insects have already shown adaptations to the genetic modifications making them more resistant and stronger. Our planet is an eden and needs no tampering. Enjoy the gifts of the earth as they are.

      • Not to mention that birds, animals, water, and wind spread the seeds of the genetically modified trees.

        • Any plant or animal that is “domestic” has been genetically modified by humans. When you cross breed different species or individuals of the same species with desired traits you are modifying that organism at the genetic level. This whole adam and eve idea doesn’t hold up because if you truly wanted to go back to a completely natural food supply, untouched by humans ,any crop or domesticated animal is out… looks like there is going to be a shortage of deer, fish and wild berries. And in any case that wouldn’t sustain the human population on earth as it is because we outgrew our “hunter-gather” societies a long time ago.

          • This is simply the usual spew from media regarding GMO food. In basic Anthropology 101 you can learn the truth: humans did genetic selection, NOT genetic modification. Modern humans are splicing completely unrelated genetic material into our food’s DNA structure(virus and bacterium, animals, etc). Ancient man had no ability to do that. Furthermore, ALL the independent testing done with GMO food on lab animals show HORRIFYING results. Do your homework.

          • That’s industry propaganda you were taught. Breeding is selecting two plants of the same species which both exhibit the same trait you want (taller, fatter, whatever) and cross-pollinating them. Yes, humans have been doing that for 1000s of years.

            Genetic modification is new; released into the environment in 1996, probably a few years earlier. Genetic engineering takes the DNA not only from a different species but from a different kingdom altogether and shoots it into the plant you want to genetically modify. you have to add viruses and other materials to weaken the plant’s DNA defenses so that the new DNA (from a bacterium, usually) mixes with the plant DNA.

            Whole different matter altogether. I bet you attended a public college. They taught me that same crap at Ohio State; and it’s a bold faced lie. Genetic modification is NOT breeding.

  8. Great article! @Randy, Sheeple! My new word of the day! Thanks

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  10. The food industry is among the most deceitful. I’ve known about the orange juice thing for a while, and I’ve been avoiding it. As well, I’m a pescetarian, so I avoid the ammonia in hamburger meat. I also recently caught wind of the ‘free range’ fraud, and I’m going to start buying my eggs organic from the farmers market I just started working at.

    As for bullshit health claims, I know that humans actually know very little about nutrition, and our ideas about ‘what’s good for us’ keep changing. (See: butter vs. margarine.) I cook almost all my own meals, avoiding pesticides whenever possible. I don’t eat as well as I’d like, but I try. I want to start my own garden, and I’d love to raise my own chickens, though I don’t see it happening any time soon.

    Cellulose I largely avoid, since I largely avoid processed food and food with preservatives.

    The fake berry thing comes as a shock. Though I already know muffins (even bran) are bad for you, my resolve to eschew them just grew more robust.

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  12. That much cellulose means if your haven’t crapped a splinter yet – consider yourself lucky!

    Im so glad that we have moved into farmer marketing in our home and are getting our meats from local growers as well!! We still get some grocery stuff – but a good 50% comes from the local sources (where I have mostly visited their farms!)

  13. When I want to avoid crap, I make my own lemonade from squeezed lemons and bake my own muffins from flour. Even then, it’s hard to avoid cancer-inducing, sodium nitrite pumped meat at the grocery store.

  14. hmm, surely you must know that pollen travels. And by more than one method. Birds, wind, bugs, squirrels. whatever… and surely you know that tree dna most certainly communicates with other tree dna… and certainly you must know that Genetically engineered plants have contaminated or spread to natural non engineered plants? surely!!!!!!

    • Surely you know that the GMO plants are engineered to be STERILE. that means they CAN’T reproduce. that is among themselves and among wild, non-GMO trees. Surely you know this? Surely!

  15. I bought some vennison from the local supermarket. It was in a plastic tray wrapped with cling film. The meat itself looked strangely chemicalised. But still I made the purchase. The ingredients list (surely only meat ?) contained lots of E numbers, flavour enhancers, etc. But hey, thats ok, they wouldn’t put harmful stuff in my food would they ? I mean, they care about us, it can’t all be about profit. Can it ?
    One strange pounding headache later (a coincidence), and plastic tray chemical food is off the menu.

    • wow — the only time I ever ate venison was from a freshly shot deer which my bro then stewed with veggies for about 5 hours

      it was delish

      no pounding headache, either


  16. That certainly made me feel vomititious (yes, I DID make up that word). Even though i knew about most of it, I have to say, people would be better off eating their Sunday NY Times, and they could save money too. Yech. I’ll eat what I can grow or find on local farms or in the woods, or I’ll fast.

  17. Rady – you have my permission to use as needed 🙂

  18. Just a word of caution – I used to eat the apples, strawberries, raspberries and blueberries from my garden (fooling myself that if I grew it myself and used no growth agents or herbicides, pesticides or fungicides that it was organic) until I read a report that any land in the city I live in was extremely toxic, too toxic to grow food in, due to urbanization. Unless you live on a farm that whose soil has been tested as uncontaminated… odds are, you are worse off. Get your land tested and buy certified organic from trusted farmers until you get the results back.

    • Wow that’s depressing! So much for urban farming. I did just discover a fabulous little all-organic store in Westmount on Victoria that has apparently been around for 2 years already – glad I finally walked in there. Everything in this store is completely organic and the meat from local farms only. I asked the owner if she had in fact been to the farms. Indeed she had and told me she’s never seen happier cows. Happy cows roaming free in the fields, chilling out in the fresh air, only eating what they were meant to eat: grass! Not corn or other grains that are used to fatten up the cows and actually end up producing meat that is higher in saturated fat than it should be. I bought a piece of fresh lean sirloin and can tell you it was delicious. Happy cows. Happy grassfed cows from a farm run by a lovely young family…their picture is behind the cash register in her store. You can visit the farm if you want to. They have nothing to hide. It’s funny…I gave up Tropicana years ago because without fail it would always give me heartburn. What I noticed though was that when I had a large glass of freshly-squeezed orange juice I feel perfectly fine. Now I know why! Thanks!

  19. I’ll bet there are no lands anywhere that are truly contaminant free, esp. with all the radiation flying around the world, etc. I think that now, the best we can hope for is to build our soils’ health back up but composting etc., and then simply do the best we can. I think if we treat the soils as a living organism (which they are) then alot of the chelating work will be done for us.

  20. Guys… you can always build above ground (raised) beds for your gardens. And build them in cities! You can go to most nurseries and get good, organic soil and compost until you can get your own compost going. Dont give up growing your own food! It is such an important thing to do! This article rocked, I am so thankful that there are so many paying attention and informing others! Let’s keep it going 🙂 All this information is vital to the health of our race!

  21. “That loaf and the chopping block have an equal wood content.”
    So you are saying that an 8oz loaf of bread has just as much wood as a 16oz solid wood cutting board? Who is stupid now? Who cares if food has some wood in it if it isn’t harmful. It isn’t like Americans are skin and bones because they aren’t getting enough calories. I think you make that point because at first glance, it sounds shocking. But really, I’d rather wood than something carcinogenic.

    • Americans aren’t skin and bones because of all the crap that is put into our synthesized food.

    • Did you read all the captions on all the pictures in the whole article? “Although we have it on good authority that chickens prefer Jay-Z.” “We don’t know if we could handle Mr. Peanut lying to us.” “All but three of these are made of plastic.” “One muffin, you greedy bastards.” Please, please, please wake up and smell the sarcasm. Common sense is our best friend, and shouldn’t be underutilized.

    • Well, given that the source of the article is – the web presence of a magazine whose target audience is teenaged boys and which is usually right next to MAD magazine on the shelves… I’m just not too shocked that some of this stuff is a tad over-the-top. 🙂

  22. Lauren Startrelle Cantrelle

    We’d be better off making our own meals from scratch as best (organic) as possible. Fore go anything that’s processed (loaded with sodium, High Fructose Corn Syrup, and other plastic ingredients). We also need to be aware and not fall for the B.S. claims of nutrition in a bowl or a spoonful by these food company pimps! If you can grow your own or at least buy local organic, then go for it!

  23. The info in this article was very informative. I, didn’t, however appreciate the use of foul language throughout. It is my understanding and belief that an educated person can clearly communicate information without the use of such language. It clouded the message of the information and was not the least bit entertaining…if that was the intent.

    • I think it was more for tone. It wasn’t laced with expletives. I think the author was speaking on a level with a younger crowd. The rabble-rousing tone gives it a character some people, who are often bored with an academic style, might appreciate and follow longer.

    • Fourteen. A good sized article, didn’t want to count the total words. One “big one”, one gd. Mostly bullshits, shits, even an apeshit. You found it “very informative” so the message couldn’t have been TOO clouded. The article would have it’s tone sans expletives, it’s written with a lot of “tone”. Attention-getting, protester, jump on this bandwagon tone. I think the expletives used add emphasis. They carry emotion in a concise way that the language you refer to can not.

      • I agree that the expletives retracted from the message. It made It feel less professional, I felt like the author sounded more like he was throwing a fit than trying to get across the gravity of the situation.

    • Let us not forget that it is the same people who bombard us with what is academically sound that run our major food markets. They’re also the same people who invented money and have made us prisoners of civilization. They are also the same people who profit from our families illnesses. I do not fault someone for writing anything that is slightly emotionally charged because it all angers me too. The smallest of our worries is academic correctness.

  24. i LOVE MY CHICKENS, AND THEY ARE TRULY, FREERANGE. They give me the most golden eggs available.

  25. You are an idiot. No one cares about this crap. If you don’t like it go buy a farm and grow your own f*cking food.


    • Actually sir you are silly and inflammatory. Quite clearly a large percentage of the population cares about issues relating to this topic. Your inability to determine this from the changing landscape proves your ability to form a logical thought. Furthermore, that you got this far with such passionate thoughts against an issue of knowledge and awareness speaks to your character.
      However, I do support your thought that, people who are truly worried about these issues need to gain knowledge that is hard to come by with out first hand experience.

  26. Look at it this way, look at how massive height and weight the kids of today are, not the parents genes i don’t think. espically how they look so old at such a young age, and as well, how some are deformed, and brain under developed.

  27. One aspect I was surprised the author didn’t mention was the term Natural. FDA defines “Natural” as minimally processed. Any whole cut of meat with any amounts of junk dumped on it will be minimally processed. Any animal, fed a diet of fether-meal protein pellets (ground up chicken feathers is sometimes used as a primary substance in animal feed), confined to a pen in a factory farm feed lot, could be labeled as “natural” by FDA standards.

    I also think it’s important that anyone buying organic understand the term and what it means. It is a complicated set of regulations and handling procedures that must be rigorously followed. Also every step of the process an auditor has to be paid to assure these claims and the FDA has to get paid to allow it on the package. This is an exorbitant expense for animals. For plants, simply buying from a trusted grower can be a better option. Organic is great but know what it means and what it doesn’t is all I suggest lest you have unrealistic expectations.

  28. For those worried about the quality of the soil on their plot, you might want to try square foot gardening with quality potting soil.

  29. i’m in the HealthCare industry. The Food Industry is good for us. We have a steady flow of customers. And the future is getting brighter. So please, keep eating this food. My families economic growth depends on it

  30. Sorry you lost all credibility with the cellulose bit. Cellulose is found in EVERY plant cell. It is the backbone of the cell wall in plants.

    So bread, tomatoes, apples, oranges, rice, pasta, green peas, ect. all contain cellulose naturally.

    Saying that Cellulose in only wood pulp is in itself an outright lie.
    What ever happened to journalist checking their facts before writing an article?

    • It’s a re-appropriated Cracked article, so that’s to be expected.

    • someone_who_knows_better

      Thank you! Someone else who knows what they’re talking about!

    • Hence the reason why human beings are unable to digest every part of those. It’s better to have a little in our regular foods than to have a massive amount artificially put into almost everything we eat.

    • You beat me to it on the cellulose. Also ridiculous was the inclusion of “yoghurt” in the foods that are supposedly good for you list without mention of the difference between pasteurized and active-culture.
      The bacteria that cause milk to become yoghurt are the same bacteria that help your tummy break down the raw materials you throw into it into forms your body can use.
      Yoghurt in which all those useful critters have been killed has no therapeutic value I can think of, but when they’re still alive, they can me mighty good for keeping the digestive track working at its optimum efficiency. Remember how taking antibiotics usually gives people the trots. The antibiotics kill bacteria indiscriminately, whether they’re helping you digest your food or causing that abscess around your wisdom tooth.
      Unfortunately, a lot of the active culture yoghurt in the supermarket has been pasteurized at the beginning for easier handling and processing and then some active culture is thrown in at the end for labeling. But some of it’s active from the cow to the tummy. I don’t know which brands are which.
      If I have a batch of yoghurt going, I eat my own. If I don’t, I take a cap of acidophilus every day.
      The blueberry part of the article was a bummer for me. For decades, I’ve known that corporate muffins and such that contained bits of fruit labeled blueberry didn’t contain any blueberries, but the old dishonesty was to use bits of dried apples with blue food coloring. At least they were using real fruit.

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  32. I’ve found that many people don’t WANT to know, because then they’d have to change their behavior.

  33. I’m sharing this with as many people as possible. Thank you for writing about this!

  34. You should probably make it a little clearer that you copypasta’d this from Cracked. Judging by some of the remarks in the comments section, most of your readers don’t know what a “Cracked” is (let alone sarcasm.)

  35. Cinnamon is from bark and, apart from having beneficial effects on blood sugar, is good because it is a source of fiber (aka undigestible cellulose). Most people don’t seem to get enough fiber in their diets to begin with, so I’m not convinced that wood pulp is necessarily bad. No type of cellulose fiber can be digested and that is precisely why we need it. It moves through the gut and sweeps away crap along the way. It would be worthwhile determining what processes were used, however, in order to pulp said wood. If it were processes employed in your standard wood pulping mill, well, that would probably be bad given the chemicals that are employed. If you’ve ever lived near a mill, you’ll know what I mean. Whatever is being used smells utterly toxic.

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  37. So glad I just picked up all my groceries for the week from my farmer’s barn. I spilled a little milk when I poured it from the bucket into my jar, and I felt bad about it–I never felt bad if I spilled at the grocery store. But you know… the personal relationship with the person who produces my food is worth the chagrin. 😉 (My winter garden pretty much rocks too. Strangely, I forgot to plant the cellulose, and stranger still, my diet is still really high fiber.)

  38. woo blatan plagiarism from nice!

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  40. makes me want to work from whole live food.

  41. someone_who_knows_better

    this article is complete bullshit. has the author even researched cellulose? good grief — a simple college A & P course would tell him he’s completely wrong in his depiction of cellulose. LOL….self educate, people! don’t believe everything you read because you WANT to believe it! look up cellulose and find out what is really is. it’s fiber. hahahahah!

  42. Unfortunately, the human population of the Earth has become to high to feed sustainably and economically without the food industry resorting to these types of production methods. It may be possible to feed first world countries without these procedures, but at a price that a large portion of the populace can not afford.

  43. Wow, it amazes me just HOW MUCH of food fraud there is! Some of this I have heard.. and what worries me, is that I am sure that there is much more than is being said here… what are we all going to be anorexics because we are afraid to eat our food? What is wrong with the FDA? Weren’t they put into effect to stop this and protect the general population? Yrs. ago we did not have this problem… wondering if this has to do with a shortage of supply in food verses demand and overgrowth in population? Maybe they speed up the processes and do these fillers for that reason ..besides just the marketing effect?

  44. I am not surprised by the food fraud. The more people touch your food, the more it gets altered. Thank you for such a wonderful article.

  45. I loved Daniel Quinn’s book ISHMAEL where he made the argument the more food we grew… strangely, the more people died of starvation.
    Makes sense to me.

  46. You think THIS is horrifying? Remember, it’s the Food and DRUG Administration. Having worked in the pharmaceutical industry, and having direct contact with the FDA taught me that this government agency has NO concern for your health and well-being. Their only concern is the almighty dollar! I quit that industry after leaning that many “medicines” sold are never really TESTED for their adverse side effects. Many of them do nothing but cost big bucks! Most of them cover up symptoms of a disease rather than treat the cause, so you FEEL better, think you ARE better, and still walk around with a disease! The government should NEVER be trusted, and we should all learn to take care of OURSELVES!! They’re killing us!

  47. Trolls should stay in their caves….

  48. Surprised you left out the yummy prospect of transglutaminase.

    Far more horrifying than the inclusion of cellulose — which, while not tasty, can also be derived from corn husks. As for many of the rest of these items, you can avoid most of them by avoiding processed foods.

    “… not that it would do any good, as the number of blueberries you’ve eaten within the last year that have actually come from such a field is likely pretty close to zero.”

    Unless of course you eat actual blueberries and not some processed blueberry flavored muffin or cereal or something. Yes, real blueberries are expensive, but they are readily available. It’s very easy. If you don’t want to eat this stuff, then DON’T EAT THIS STUFF.

  49. Can’t help but smile when I see these people debunking cellulose as wood. I once opened a bag of Sunbeam white bread and the slice I took had a chunk of wood in it, over an 1″ in length, and about 1/2″ wide. The next week I saw the Sunbeam man stocking the bread on the shelf in the supermarket and asked him about it. He said the wood was used for fiber in the bread. I was aghast and jokingly asked him why it didn’t say this on the bag. He said it was listed in the ingredients as ‘cellulose’…so, for all of you who think this is all a bunch of hooey…you are wrong!!

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  52. to all the idiots that think we can not feed the world with out these types of practices. We would just have to eat more vegetables instead of so many grains and meats. If done with a little bit of knowledge you can feed a family of 4 or5 on about one acre. and they would not have to be vegan to do it!

  53. Well “Not an Idiot” or whatever you believe, since you appear to be the brains on the site, I will point my question in your direction. We all know that tomatoes and corn and lettuce have never looked as good as they do now. The tomato has no juice and is not developed inside, the corn tastes a little like cardboard and the green lettuce is now yellow and in some cases white. So, is this what you and your idiot friends that support genetically altered foods call progress?

  54. First of all , i wish you all “Salaam”, and best of health.
    Happy to see this human awareness drive. Its a service to every living thing
    on earth

    sooner or later , we ought to adopt a village life, that our forefathers once led.
    Otherwise these evil demons are going to destroy the race of Adam and Eves.
    until then, try as much as possible to avoid these large-corporate-chemio brands.

  55. How about we propose a solution? Not simply present a problem?

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  58. I’m sick and tired of people who put GMOs in a good light, although they obviously haven’t done much research on the topic; or perhaps they are affilliated with Monsanto! Monsanto’s own website will tell you that they are spraying more and more chemicals on the crops, in order to try to kill the SUPERWEEDS and SUPERBUGS that persist. By the time they’re done, the produce in the store will have more (toxic) chemicals on them than actual food. No matter what any of you “smarter than thou” people say about GMOs – they WILL end up destroying this society and we don’t have that much further to go! Corporations = fraud, lies, deception and illusion!

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