Remote Control Round Up (video)

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Hummer says the video got a million views in the first few days of it being posted.

With remote control cars, we don’t need no stinkin’ animal ID, eh?

6 responses to “Remote Control Round Up (video)

  1. I think this is even funnier if you have cows & understand their behavior.

  2. Funnier than SHIT !!! – LMAO ! Thank you XOX

  3. ROTFLMAO! Poor cows…they probably are thinking the same thoughts we think when we see something like a drone! Gotta love cows – but not on the barbie, mind! 🙂 Whoever thought this up was a genius (by cow standards).

  4. yeh. now we know what factory farms are coming too. drone kelpies? drone borders? so when the livestock id program is no longer voluntary and no small farmers can afford to ranch, the same folks who operate the drones in third world oil countries and u.s. borders will be running ranches, right?

  5. For the truly lazy rancher!

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