The Idiocy of the October AIDS and Cancer Walks

By Andrew Davis

It’s October and the time for unbelievably naive “Walks” for … cures?  Who are we kidding?

There has been an almost complete cure for AIDS for years.  It requires only IV vitamin C.  This past Christmas as a gift to pharma, FDA issued a Warning Letter to McGuff Pharmaceuticals claiming that certain injectable Vitamin C products were unapproved new drugs.

Walks for cancer cures?  Again, who are we kidding?

The pharmaceutical industry in concert with the NIH and FDA has done everything short of execution to stop doctors and scientists who are coming up with actual cures.  Perhaps people need to be reminded what became apparent to Burzynski: Cancer is a serious business. Perhaps they need to be told that the government only recognizes three treatments for cancer – Cut, Poison, Burn.

The same companies giving people cancer are the ones then making money on treating it by the cut, poison, burn methods.  This brutal situation is so absurd, they made a documentary about it and named it the Idiot Cycle.  They cycle is worse than it appears because those giving cancer and treating cancer are also the ones stopping cures for cancer.

But as crazy as all that is (as well as sadistic), it pales in comparison to the idiotic cycle that occurs in October as people go in circles to collect money for the research by the the very companies that have been keeping cures from people for decades.  Doctors and nurses get it that pharma can’t tolerate cures because cures would shut down the cancer industry (so many new cancers, so many new markets!) or the AIDS industry.

Renee Zellweger is in an ad for Stand up to Cancer.  Is she so out of touch?  She should be standing up to pharma and the FDA.  She should be demanding cures that are being denied – cures that do not hurt, make people vomit, destroy their brains and organs.

One example – IV vitamin C.  An NIH study proved Linus Pauling was right – they said it gives “unexpected long survival times” to terminal patients.  They said it “should be reassessed” as a treatment for cancer.  But the results are more stunning than NIH lets on.  24 times longer survival time.  One has 6 months of hell from chemo at the point an oncologist says you’re terminal.

With vitamin C, one has an average of 12 years.  And that is 12 years without agony from chemo, surgery and radiation.

So why are people walking in circles?  Why are actors not informed enough to be leading campaigns for IV vitamin C, just at a moment when pharma and the FDA are working to remove access to it and other supplement necessary for life?

Why are people going on walks to raise money for the drug companies who have hidden the fact of vitamin C being a simple and effective and cheap treatment for AIDS from them?  Or worse, walking for money for the drug companies that gave them AIDS in the first place (just as they are giving people cancer)?

Maurice Hillerman, who was once the head of vaccines at Merck, admits on camera their vaccines caused AIDS in the US and that all their vaccines have multiple cancers and other viruses in them.

This might seem outrageous to believe but it’s exactly what Larry Palevsky, MD, a board certified NY pediatrician says of the vaccines – that they are contaminated with viruses – and that’s the reason he won’t give them anymore.  And Donal Scott, editor of The Journal of Degenerative Diseases and co-founder of the Common Cause Medical Research Foundation, relates the vaccines to AIDS and says they contain mycoplasma which takes apart cells.

He’s not alone in that.  Garth Nicolson, editor of the Journal of Clinical and Experimental Metastasis, and the Journal of Cellular Biochemistry, one of the most cited scientists in the world, has published over 600 medical and scientific papers, edited more than 14 books, and served on the editorial boards of 28 medical and scientific journals, says the same about mycoplasma contaminating vaccines and that people are being damaged.

It is one thing to let corporations give us cancer, and another to pay the same ones to treat it with things that are deadly, not curative, and another to let them subject small children to that, and another to let them use their power to lie about and smother the truth about actual cures and to destroy professionally and even imprison those who create real cures, and another to let them work now to remove the country’s access to vitamins and mineral and herbal treatments, but it is really astoundingly stupid to join in on hoax walks to raise money for these monstrous companies to “find cures.”

The cancer and AIDS walks have become their own little industries.  People make money putting them on, getting others to think they are helping out.  But a lie, no matter how dressed up as humanitarian and clothed in T-shirts, is still a lie.

From Robert Cathcart, MD, who has been treating HIV and AIDS successfully for years with Vitamin C:

“To put it bluntly, all this has to be kept secret from the public because it would become obvious to any thinking person that if ascorbate can cure Ebola, Marburg, West Nile, and bird flu, what about all the other inflammatory diseases and conditions? This is the reason that Klenner’s curing polio that was published in 1949 was kept secret. This is why a Google search on vitamin C will yield 6 to 12 million links (Yahoo 33.5 millionAsk Jeeves 4 million) depending upon the day but that the annual indexes of JAMA (the Journal of the American Medical Association) or the annual indexes of the New England Journal of Medicine most years does not have a single reference to vitamin C.

“If everyone knew about how to use massive doses of ascorbate orally and intravenously, it would be a financial disaster for the drug industry. The big question is whether the vitamin C secret can be kept secret now with the internet screaming the truth all the time. TV, radio, magazines, medical journals, doctors, pharmacists, lawyers, politicians, and science editors can be kept in line by hugh financial interests but the internet cannot. This vitamin C secret is costing trillions of dollars and millions of lives over the years.”

Every step people take on these cancer walks and AIDS walks are in the wrong direction, because there are cures NOW, and there should millions on the street making sure they are become available to everyone here and to the world.  October should be a time of exposing a truth that will save millions of lives.


14 responses to “The Idiocy of the October AIDS and Cancer Walks

  1. I like Burzynski’s idea – anti-neoplastons

    And Cut Poison Burn shows several other effective treatments for cancer.

    More recently, Scientists discover virus that kills all grades of breast cancer ‘within seven days’

  2. I had a Stage4 throat Cancer in 2003. They did a Massive neck Dissection as it went into my Lymph Nodes. They gave me the Most Radiation Legally possible. 3yrs later It came b ack, They originally told me this was the Most Aggressive cancer they had seen at Harbor-UCLA.Luckily for me, the same month it recurred I met a girl in Venice who asked what kind of Cancer DIet they had me on.I told her they didn’t. She told me she was going to Save The Rest of My Life and opened her computer to CANCERTUTOR.COM and I started a Vegetable Juice Diet immediately along with other Supplements and Herbs. I am CANCERFREE since 2006, the doctors ask me twice a yr WHat ARE YOU DOING, and I try to School them as Harbor- ucla is a Teaching Hospital . They are AMAZED. I spread the word every day to someone about the Cancer INDUSTRY and Big Pharmaetc,etc,etc Watch Out as Codex Alimentarius is coming here through the FDA[fatal drugs approved]. REVOLT,REBEL,RESIST,DEFY

  3. I know os three gay men days from dead who were taken out of hospitals by friends and taken to clinics where they got IV C and are alive and fine today. How can the gay community be so out of touch? And now they are falling for AIDS vaccines (when the HEP vaccine gave them AIDS) and the first AIDS vaccines had to be withdrawn because it caused AIDS.

    Thanks for this. Needs to be tweeted and posted everywhere. We get it the corporations can’t be trusted with homes, jobs, manufacturing, money, food, etc. Should be no surprise they can’t be trusted with health since disease is the biggest money maker of all.

  4. “If people let the government decide what foods they eat and what medicines they take, their bodies will soon be in as sorry a state as are the souls of those who live under tyranny.” ~Thomas Jefferson

    This lunacy with the FDA and their withholding vitamin C is the ultimate in crimes against humanity and makes them guilty of the deaths of millions. To make matters worse it is childishly simple, your body has one weakness that can kill you when you contract a virus (same for cancer or any disease). Humans cannot create vitamin C like other mammals we are forced to maintain our own levels of C by bringing it in ourselves through our food, supplementation or IV. The virus/chronic disease causes the loss of massive amounts of vitamin C through the stress of the disease, cell destruction and replacement. If the patients levels of C are not kept at normal through out the disease that can lead to death much like scurvy. In the case of a deadly virus like Bird flu or Ebola look up the symptoms of scurvy and hemorrhagic fever you will find an almost perfect match.

    Doc Blake

  5. Ohhhh. It gets worse. Now there are pet cancer walks. Sponsored by pet insurance companies. Yikes.

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  9. Why are people going on walks to raise money for the drug companies who have hidden the fact of vitamin C being a simple and effective and cheap treatment for AIDS (and cancer) from them?

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  11. Vitamin C therapy also works for all infections diseases as well such as Swine, Bird, Hong Kong, Ebola the whole vaccination ploy is a joke. Read below to see just how much we have been fooled by AMA, HHS, FDA, CDC, WHO etc.

    During the worst of the polio epidemic a small town doctor in Reidsville, North Carolina, was getting complete cures for polio (a virus). In 1948-9, Dr. Frederick Robert Klenner MD cured every polio case he saw a total of 60 by using massive doses of vitamin C (see HIDDEN IN PLAIN SIGHT: The Pioneering Work of FREDERICK ROBERT KLENNER, M.D., by Andrew W. Saul, Assistant Editor, Journal of Orthomolecular Medicine).

    Here is one case taken directly from the above article:
    In 1951, “In an especially incredible case,” Levy says, “Klenner (9) described a five-year-old girl stricken with polio. This child had already been paralyzed in both her lower legs for over four days! The right leg was completely limp, and the left leg was determined to be 85% flaccid. Pain was noticed especially in the knee and lumbar areas. Four consulting physicians confirmed the diagnosis of polio. Other than massage, vitamin C was the only therapy initiated. After four days of vitamin C injections the child was again moving both legs, but with only very slow and deliberate movement. Klenner also noted that there was a “definite response” after only the first injection of vitamin C. The child was discharged from the hospital after four days, and 1,000 mg of oral vitamin C was continued every two hours with fruit juice for seven days. The child was walking about, although slowly, on the 11th day of treatment. By the 19th day of treatment there was a “complete return of sensory and motor function,” and no long-term impairment ever resulted. Vitamin C not only completely cured this case of polio, it completely reversed what would undoubtedly have been a devastating, crippling result for the remainder of this girl’s life.” (4) For such elegant results, in the days before widespread use of either antibiotics or vaccination, one may wonder why Klenner was not awarded the Nobel Prize for Medicine.

    We all know why Dr. Klenner did not get the Nobel Prize as that would have turned Medicine on its head and destroyed a very big business that depends on disease not cures. Suffering and disease are a business and the more there is the more money that is made and the more personal power that some people will get from this business. You either take charge of your health or someone will take charge of it for you and treat you right off of this planet while they drain your families bank account.

    Doc Blake

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