Vandana Shiva wins Calgary Peace Prize

Interview by Raz Rydstrom-Paulsen

Physicist, human rights activist, ardent opponent of patents on life, and author Vandana Shiva was in Calgary on September 24 to receive the 2011 Calgary Peace Prize.

Raz Rydstrom-Paulsen sat down with Shiva at the River Café for a one-on-one interview to discuss global food production, food sovereignty, economics and democracy.

Shiva was awarded the Peace Prize by the Consortium of Peace Studies which operates out of the University of Calgary. Shiva was originally set to accept the award in March, but Canadian border officials denied her entry into the country because of an expired travel visa.

2 responses to “Vandana Shiva wins Calgary Peace Prize

  1. Vandana Shiva is one of the greatest Souls on Earth who has a common sense answer to the food crisis that shines a light on the lies and foolishness of government and big business!

    Doc Blake

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