Ontario convicts Michael Schmidt of over a dozen crimes for selling real milk

The Ontario Court of Justice rules against raw milk farmer Michael Schmidt, seen here holding up a glass of his milk prior to Wednesday's ruling.The Ontario Court of Justice rules against raw milk farmer Michael Schmidt, seen here holding up a glass of his milk prior to Wednesday’s ruling.

Oct. 10 Update: Michael Schmidt on Hunger Strike for Responsible Food Freedom

By Tracey Tyler
Toronto Star

DURHAM, ONT.—Lola and the girls ambled close to the barn Wednesday, a bit prematurely. Their keeper, Michael Schmidt, has always vowed to fight until the cows come home for the right to get raw milk into his customers’ hands.

But it looks like his battle will take longer than he expected.

At his farm in Grey County, a few kilometres outside town, Schmidt had a call late Wednesday afternoon from one of his lawyers, informing him he’d been convicted of more than a dozen provincial offences relating to the sale of unpasteurized milk and could potentially face hundreds of thousands of dollars in fines.

“I can’t believe it,” he said, wiping his brow before heading back to his farmhouse to read a copy of the 77-page ruling, which his lawyer was emailing.

The Ontario Court of Justice dismissed every one of his arguments that distributing and purchasing raw milk was a well-informed consumer’s constitutional right. The appeal of the Jan. 21 ruling was the latest chapter in Schmidt’s four-year battle to keep milk flowing from his raw milk operation, which he described as a fight for “food freedom.”

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15 responses to “Ontario convicts Michael Schmidt of over a dozen crimes for selling real milk

  1. I just read the caption but find it incomparably sad that governments are assuming dictatorial powers. It’s seems to be perfectly all right to keep cows in long lines and treating them as milking machines, but when this small farmer who probably treats his cows to pasture and a life is being prosecuted.. For me and I’m sure for you this is frightening. The little guy is picked on while the cruel cafo operators go scot free.

  2. All they are trying to do is make an example out of him, and they know they can milk him dry of money by dragging him through court again. I strongly support Mr. Schmidt and have for years. He is standing up for what he (and countless others) believe in.

    He and his members have every right to have the milk they want and prefer. Those who cannot afford nor have a place for a cow, simply put; cow shares is an alternative for them. Why is it so wrong??

    Sadly, I fear the USA will be following what happens and follow suit–IF things turn out like they are wanting. This means more small-time farm folks here in the USA will be subject to even more harrassment. The squeeze is already being put upon many. 😦

  3. Occupy Durham???

  4. the criminals in this country run the courts and the government.

  5. You’ve got that right, Jake. The criminal oligarchs want to eliminate all that is natural and replace it with synthetic chemical toxins!

  6. Follow this and more about raw milk on: http://thebovine.wordpress.com/

    I will say this about raw milk: I have been drinking my entire adult life. I went for 33 years without needing to see a dentist and still have my teeth. Our kids had no need for dentisty until they got older and start eating more crap. As much stress as I’ve been under from the doings of Organic Valley (they destroyed our dairy farm) and economic hardship and overwork, I don’t suffer from colds or flu, at least I haven’t for since I can remember. I one time got a food sickness from eating away from home about 11 years ago, but that is the last time I’ve been really sick.

    Raw milk. Fresh food. Raise your own, grow your own, Buy from local producers.


  7. Leave this farmer alone. He is doing his best to feed the City, including the Judge who is against him.

    As I witnessed, some judgements in U.S.A and Canada, some of the Canadian Judges are biased and they are simply appointed by the Ministry of the Attorney General, to serve based on peoples ethnicity. It happened many times against my family members, who do have Canadian Criminal Law Book in hand and obeyed the Law.

    When I heard Canadian Judges said,”we go by the Law books”, it is not TRUE.
    Nowadays, food related Bacteria and germs are caused by GMO Monsanto pesticides and artificial fertilization that they use in the farm and food food processing Factories, to gain excessive profits.

    There is nothing wrong with RAW MILK, as long as COWS are healthy.

  8. elena kagan and clarence thomas both represent monsanto. the administration is rife with monsanto and goldman sachs clones. canada can not be far off from the same. they can make all the illegal immoral laws they need to force us all to suffer with substandard diets. so obviously they are occupiers forcing us to act or suffer the occupation.

    who is it that pays and controls the folk at monsanto, goldman sachs, fda, usda, sec, the fed,….? how enslaved are we? at what cost do we receive our freedom to eat decent food?

  9. Accepted for value

  10. Helen J. Powers

    This is a legal attack on organic farming, nothing more than corporate interests who wish to stamp out all that is healthy. I hope some legal expert lawyers like the one who represented Conrad Black, step up to the plate and fight off this illegal government control of our basic foods. Raw milk has many healthy benefits, compared to bovine GMO/Monsanto milk-it is far healthier. So, lawyers, get real and protect our food supply.

  11. reasonable solutions get less likely every day.

    take a look at ratio of judgements of supreme court decisions. as a rule the vast majority of cases are ruled in favor (regardless how inane and obscure the rationale needed) in favor of the larger (as in corporate size) party before the court. think it was joel bakkan who laid it out in “the corporation.” the court system is stacked and always has been to protect the interests of the wealthier parties. that is why and how corporations are now legally individuals in all ways except in terms of their responsibilities to society and their legal liabilities. ever hear of a corporation serving time for manslaughter? plenty of precedents where this would have been the appropriate sentence. all regulation so far in this country has only served to stifle competition and make the industry titans more titanic. it only takes them a minute for the regulated titans to capture, control and weaponize their regulators. ex: monsanto and fda/usda?

    in other words, quit wasting time thinking the courts or the government are going to ever be part of the solution. at least not intentionally. any one have better ideas besides protests?

    • ‘Endeavor to perservere.’

      Nah, Nik there aren’t any real good ideas, none that will cure the problem quickly. This (techno-fascist cultism) is an enormous problem that has been drawn to the ‘life of humanity’, akin to horrible and likely fatal disease or a parasite that has grown to be larger than the victim to which it is attached.

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