Millions of bees die overnight in Florida: Chemtrails to blame?

Excerpts from various sources
Sept. 30, 2011 Brevard County, Florida

CBS: Florida officials are abuzz as to how millions of honey bees were killed in Brevard County. Experts say pesticides might be behind the lost beehives. [Or, it could be a heavy dose of chemtrails. ~Ed.]

“The fact that it was so widespread and so rapid, I think you can pretty much rule out disease,” Bill Kern, an entomologist with the University of Florida’s Research and Education Center, told Florida Today. “It happened essentially almost in one day. Usually diseases affect adults or the brood, you don’t have something that kills them both.”

Florida Today: Charles Smith last saw his bees alive early last week. When the Fellsmere beekeeper checked them Monday, his heart dropped as he saw the mounds of dead bees spilling out of all 400 of his hives off Babcock Street, about a half-mile south of Micco Road near the Indian River County line.

Another beekeeper about a mile south found a similar amount of his bees dead, around the same time, Smith said.

“This is a total wipeout,” Smith said as he opened the green wooden hives to show the destroyed honey. “This is all no good. It’s been sprayed.”

Brevard County Mosquito Control sprayed the area — just south of Deer Run subdivision — by helicopter the night of Sept. 21, said Peter Taylor, an operations manger for the agency.

But that spraying of dibrom droplets wouldn’t have likely killed the bees, he said, because the pesticide only remains active about 30 minutes. They sprayed the area at about 9 p.m. that night, he estimates, when the bees would have been inside their hives.

Bees are crucial pollinators.

Farmers can raise avocado yields by 25 percent, for example, by using bees, according to the Florida Farm Bureau. They increase citrus yields, too, and squashes, melons, cucumbers. Cantaloupe can’t produce fruit without them.

Like canaries in a coal mine, bees also reflect the overall health of the environment. The nation has been undergoing a rapid loss of bees over the past few years that may signal a decline in the health of the planet, biologists say, and a symptom of a much larger environmental problem.

But experts say the recent South Brevard bee die-offs don’t fit the usual signs of so-called “colony collapse disorder.” Usually, no dead bees are left behind in colony collapse.

Adult bees disappear from the hive, leaving behind the queen, boxes full of honey, pollen and a few other bees.

Scientists are studying multiple potential causes of colony collapse disorder, which some suspect may not even be a new phenomenon.

Inquiries have pointed to simple malnutrition, genetically modified crops, a mite that transmits viruses to bees, or some undiscovered pests or diseases.

Bees twitched and struggled Thursday among piles of their dead kin at Smiths lost hives.

“I rolled the dice on my whole life,” said Smith, who switched back to beekeeping from construction and roofing a few years ago after the housing crash. He’s got 32 years experience beekeeping, he said, and he’s had small die-offs in the past, but never anything like this. “I will never get compensated for what I’ve lost.”

48 responses to “Millions of bees die overnight in Florida: Chemtrails to blame?

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  2. Weep for the bees, weep for the planet. This is sad news indeed. May the Goddess take all these sisters into her soul and bring them Home. I’m just devastated any time I hear a story like this. :…-(

  3. Albert Einstein once said: “If the bee disappears from the surface of the earth, man would have no more than four years to live. No more bees, no more pollination … no more men!” He wasn’t an entomologist, but entomologists around today agree that the sudden and mysterious disappearance of bees from their hives poses serious problems!

  4. I’m devastated everytime I hear a commenter declare all bees her sisters in the goddess of wakkatakka or where ever this person dreamed up this concoction. The drone bees are males. The worker bees are females. There is generally one queen per colony. Evidently this commenter is a biased genederist or she doesn’t understand that in the vast majority of nature, it takes TWO, read that 2, to tango and keep everything going. It only takes one male bee keeper like Mr. Smith to face starvation and the inability to support his family, which the space goddess above totally ignored. There are two victim groups here. Bees and “all” humans

    • It’s funny you complained when all members of a species were referred to in the female pronoun but said nothing when Theresa Rivera (the next commenter) referred to all people as men.

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  6. @ Ed: Oh, wha wha, did we huwt you little boy feelings big Man? I keep bees and I know what they are. Notice THE WORKERS are ALL female. And as for your inane insult to my religious beliefs, go get your own life, asshole.

  7. We have a huge honey bee hive underneath our shed, neighbor’s have complained but I refused to have them killed and removed, I need a Beekeeper (honey farm) to come to my house and remove them, They have been there for years and are busy from morning to night. They never hurt anyone they are not aggressive and we do not bother them. Now if the gentleman Mr. C Smith whom lost all his bee hives want to pick up the thousands of healthy bees living here underneath our shed (South Florida) he is so welcome or anyone in Soufht Florida with a honeybee farm for that matter. I just don’t want them to be killed.

  8. Rady, thank you this is a great site loaded with info. I appreciate and I already contacted them. Will Bee keeping you up-to-date!
    thanks 🙂

  9. Thanks for the alarmist laughs.

    Man has been in North America since the last ice age and possibly as long as 50,000 years. Plants and animal life have thrived here far longer.

    The bees in this die-off and suffering more generally from CCD are a non-native species imported from Europe, hence European Honey Bees, in 1622.

    There are many native bees. Removing the EHB would encourage native bees and, unlike 400 years ago, we now know enough to draw them to the areas “their” crops are being grown. Here’s one example:

    Oh, and the chemtrails – bullshirt.

    • it’d be nice if you had read what the scientists said before spouting off your CCD theory.

      I’m sure it makes you feel better to believe that all is well on planet earth and there’s nothing to see here; let’s all move along, folks.

  10. Rady;

    You mean like everything here (Pay close attention to the article titled “Blue Orchard Bees Find Favor in Colony Collapse Disorder Peril.”:

    And way more over the years I have been following it?

  11. They did local mosquito spraying on Sept 21st?
    Thats interesting, because there was heavy chemtrailing by jets on the west coast, on Sept 20 and 21st. I personally videoed line after line of chemtrails being laid down on those days on the west coast of FL. I wonder if whatever the mixture in the chemtrail tanks combined with the local mosquito spray to kill the bees.
    Chemtrails are laid down very heavily in the Tampa Bay area and then days or weeks go by with minimal activity. Personally, I curse the pilots as watch them lay down line after line over my community by large jets at high altitudes. These are definitely NOT contrails. They are intentional chemtrails and the stuff they are spraying has to come down somewhere.
    If you see a picture of a contrail, it is a contrail, when you see a picture of a chemtrail, its chemtrail, they are quite different. I hate breathing outdoors on heavy chemtrail days but given the choice of breathing or not breathing, me and the bees do the best we can until we no longer can.

    • hey, Bib ~ In Lake Placid (Highlands County), they chemtrail every 2-3 days. The only time they didn’t was during Hurricane Irene — and that night I saw so many stars, including an arm of the Milky Way.

      Otherwise, they are dousing this ag county to death


  12. I used to get a certain food that was organically grown in Ventura County California. As I live in Florida, I thought I’d Google “chemtrail Ventura county” to see what is landing on my California grown organic food.
    The images and videos are pretty much what I see over my part of Florida.
    Search for chemtrails and your own community. You might be surprised with what you see.

    Of course the people making millions off this evil chemtrail/geoengineering scheme pay professional misinformers to throw in a little disinformation.

    When someone calls chemtrails BS you have to wonder what their motivation is. Since I personally video the jets laying it down (it doesn’t happen on a predictable schedule) I have to go with what I see. There is a clear and unmistakable difference between contrails and chemtrails.

  13. There most definitely IS a difference between con and chem trails. I try to take photos of all chemtrailing here in the Mid-Hudson Valley as well. We too are a huge ag district in NYS.


  15. The truth is very important …

    ChemTrails and ChemClouds Debunked: (video)

  16. That link takes one to a very duplicitous video. If you study cloud formations, you know the difference between chemtrails and contrails and NATURAL cloud formations. Pick up a book and check for yourselves. Just the other day, I walked out on my back deck and as usual, I always first check the skies: there it was, right over my house X marks the spot, the rest of the sky an amazing azure color with NO OTHER CLOUD FORMATIONS. Totally sunny and clear day. And next time you’re looking up, watch planes and you’ll see those contrails disappear in a minute or less. The others, they last all day many times. Paul, you’ll have to show me better evidence than that little bit of propaganda which tips its hat right at the beginning by using the name “conspiracists”. Nuff said.

    • Morgana, i don’t need a book (though i do have one if you’d like a copy). I am a retired air traffic controller. Besides recognizing how the movement of aircraft can affect the sky, i am extensively trained in cloud formations and other meteorological conditions.

      Did you even watch the video? I have a book called “Cloud Studies” published in 1905. Keeping in mind the Wright Brother flew they first airplane in 1903, i’ll guarantee i can find any cloud you see, in this book from 1905. How do you account for this?

      How do you account for persistent contrails in 1945?

      • Paul, 1945 persistent contrails are the first chemtrails we know of — I refer you to the bottom section of my article on the subject, A Brief History of Cloud Seeding.

        Based on Morgana’s critique of the video you linked, I’ll pass… no serious chemtrail researcher claims all clouds are chem clouds

        • Rady,

          I’ll have to bookmark your reference and read it in a bit … i’m starving and need to eat …

          Cloud seeding, for the purposes of creating rain or trying to slow or disrupt a hurricane, is not the same as a chemtrail. Cloud seeding goes way, way back.

          I based my video on some of the more popular definitions of chemtrails i can find. I figured i’d paint with the broad brush used my people like Alex Jones.

          I’m not understanding then how it is being determined which contrails are chemtrails and which clouds are chemclouds.

          My fascination with this topic stems from my former occupation (air traffic controller). Of the millions of pilots i’ve talked with over the years, not one of them ever made mention of anything weird in the sky … including what was coming out of their own engines.

          My curiosity is genuine.


  17. Thank you Paul, I have my own book which I have studied very well. And yes, I watched the entire video. I don’t account for the PC in 1945, I assumed the program has been going on for a quite extensive period from all the reading I have been doing about chemtrails.

    Since you are a retired ATC, can you explain to us all why some “contrails” last longer than others (height at which laid down, humidity etc.)?

    I think that the video is lopsided because it does not give citations for who said that, say, a mammatus formation was a persistent contrail. That is not what the chemtrail side of the argument is about, and I have never heard a “conspiracist” (lol) claim that a natural cloud formation was a chemtrail, whereas the vid seemed to claim, without citation, that “we” say ALL clouds are chem clouds. I objected to that. I see no need for your aggressive attitude in a mindful and sincere discussion, which is what I would like to have. Happy Holidays.

    • Contrails are contingent on temperature and humidity. Generally, they show themselves between 20,000 and 40,000 feet but, if conditions are right, contrails can appear much, much lower. They can even appear as an aircraft touches down on the runway in the form of a wake vortex coming off the wing tips of a large aircraft. A wake vortex won’t show itself for long, but it does demonstrate the dynamics responsible for creating a condensation trail.

      And contrary to some popular beliefs, a contrail doesn’t require a jet engine. Anything that creates a reduction in pressure in the environment can pull the water vapor out of the surrounding air. A propeller for example. As it spins, the front of the propeller blade is creating a low pressure area, this is what moves the aircraft forward (towards the lower pressure) but this is also the same low pressure that can pull the water vapor our of the air, which then freezes in the surrounding temperatures and creates a condensation trail. If you can propel it fast enough, a contrail will form behind a baseball under the right conditions.

      Sorry about my initial abrasiveness. I guess i’ve become exhausted trying to explain what i’ve learned and observed for 25 years. I hear chemtrail advocates say,”Do you remember contrails and clouds looking like that?” and most people say “no” because not many of us have spent our lives looking up in the sky. But people like myself and pilots (notice there aren’t many pilots who believe in chemtrails) made our livings looking up so we DID notice these things.

      Did i miss anything?


      • okay, as far as I know, chemtrails are the deliberate injection of specific aerosols (some nano-sized) into the atmosphere. But, this is the 2nd time I’ve now heard cloud seeding being differentiated from chemtrails. I don’t think that distinction is accurate. Both events lay chemicals, metals and who-knows-what-else into the atmosphere.

        I do concede that the cloud seeding events of the past 60+ years have been about weather modification – where clouds were deliberately seeded. I also concede that what I personally witness is a persistent contrail that then hazes out and forms (along with other PCs) into a general cloud cover — as if they are creating clouds with these more modern techniques (rather than expanding existing clouds).

        But, in all fairness, I can’t see from the ground if a jet is laying anything on top of a cloud — so I ask you to concede that that may be happening along with what we’re describing.

        I do know – from a recently published NOAA study – that the amount of atmospheric particulates has tremendously spiked in the past decade. I submit this is a result of chemtrails being laid in earnest in the past ten years. When did you retire, Paul?

        The difference in cloud shape and color is obvious to anyone who has studied clouds (even as a hobby). No doubt, you know much more about clouds than I do and I will try to get a copy of that book (I see it was republished in 2009 — I’d really like an original version just to be sure),

        In fact, I’ve been looking for old books on clouds. I recently bought one at a book sale for 25 cents – but it was from 1974. I want pictures from before WWII. Funny thing, it did talk about cloud seeding as a theory but denied it was happening — Shortly before that book was published, in 1971, Jack Anderson exposed Operation Popeye in Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia, so the book loses credibility.)

        • rereading what i just wrote, i’m beginning to wonder now if chemtrails are laid when clouds were seeded — I don’t know. i’ll have to look that up. If not, then you are correct that when we refer to chemtrails, we’re talking about something other than simply dumping silver iodide on top of clouds.

          and then if that’s true, then chemtrails ARE distinct from cloud seeding (maybe not morally, but certainly from a chemtrail watcher’s point of view)

  18. Thanks for taking my back, Rady.

  19. You are forgiven of course. I have spent my whole life looking up, and have been studying flying in hopes of at least taking a few lessons. also, I am a member of CWA (Cloud Watchers Anonymous), I photograph cloud formations all the time, they fascinate me. Anyway, I understand all the stuff about the pressure recudtion zones created in flying. But honestly, I have to tell you, I have seen planes laying down these trails in deliberate patterns, always criss-crossing each other; this happens on especially sunny, cloudless days, and the trails seem to last mostly all day, and hardly spread out into the surrounding atmosphere before a 3-4 hour timeframe at the least goes by. You could play tic-tac-toe in the sky. What can you tell us about these flight patterns? And I would advise you to go back and read Rady’s article as linked above. Yes, I notice not many pilots are engaged in this discussion here, but I have seen many videos where they A

  20. oops, where they ARE engaged in the discussion and they happen to be most favorable to the idea that chemtrails do, in fact, exist.

  21. Morgana,

    The criss cross patterns are simply the flight paths of the aircraft. Generally speaking, aircraft don’t fly direct routes to their destinations, they are assigned flight paths very similar to how you and i drive to the grocery store. We can’t drive straight to the store, we must take roads that intersect or run parallel to other roads. If you could make every car leave a contrail, our roads would look like the skies and vice versa.

    I also hear people remark on contrails running parallel to one another but spaced apart … like a grid of parallel lines. This happens when an aircraft flies a flight path, the upper winds then begin moving that contrail, another aircraft comes by on the same flight path as the first aircraft and lays down a contrail on the same flight path, but, because the upper winds moved the first contrail, the second contrail is laid down parallel, and some distance, from the first. Does any of this make sense? It’s not unusual for the upper winds to moving at 100mph. Here on the east coast of the U.S., it’s not unusual to look up and see parallel contrails drifting to the east.

    I will read Rady’s article. I haven’t eaten all day and i’m REALLY hungry.


  22. Yes, that makes sense. Not sure I buy it, but go eat, and we’ll continue on as we do.

  23. Rady,

    I finally read through your article. Very well written. There are a number of sources i’d like to read for myself and i don’t seem able to find links to a downloadable reference. Like the symposium held in Ghent, i wish i could read the source of the quote cited … who said it, their credentials, that kind of thing.

    I’m looking at “Weather as a Force Multiplier: Owning the Weather in 2025”, aside from the opening disclaimer which makes clear this is more or less an academic exercise and the views contained therein don’t reflect the official policy or position of the United States Air Force, Department of Defense, or the United States government, i’d love to see some more specific references.

    I’m afraid this can all bog down in a battle of links and references. I think the only way for chemtrail advocates to prove their case is to get in the sky and sample what is coming out of the engines. I don’t mean to be overly simplistic with my burden of proof, but there are very smart people on both sides of this issue insisting they’re correct. If this were a situation on mars i could understand why we would be limited to analyzing circumstantial evidence. But if chemtrails are surely to be proven, somebody needs to either get in the sky behind a plane and determine the chemical makeup of the contrail – or – catch the aircraft as soon as it has landed and take a sample of the jet fuel and have it tested.

    I think there is definitely a difference between cloud seeding and chemtrails. Cloud seeding is done using cloud seeding equipment. Current day chemtrail theorists insist the particles are added to the jet fuel of the aircraft. I’m not an jet mechanic, but i know a jet mechanic (seriously, i do), and he says you couldn’t burn the alleged particles in a jet engine.

    “But, in all fairness, I can’t see from the ground if a jet is laying anything on top of a cloud — so I ask you to concede that that may be happening along with what we’re describing.” I can’t concede the point because i don’t have any evidence to substantiate such a concession. I’m not begging hard-headed, i just don’t have a reason to believe what you are saying, especially given what i did for a living for 25 years of my life.

    “I do know – from a recently published NOAA study – that the amount of atmospheric particulates has tremendously spiked in the past decade. I submit this is a result of chemtrails being laid in earnest in the past ten years.” I would say the amount of contrail cloud cover has definitely increased. Definitely!! I can’t go so far as to say i think it’s a chemtrail issue. Did they say what kind of atmospheric particles? I know in the 70s there was a great deal of concern due to pollution in the air. If you look at global temperature from 1946 through 1976, there was a great DECREASE in temperatures. It is hypothesized that global pollution was interfering with the amount of sunlight reaching the earth. Which i think could be the same concerns people have with the amount of cloud cover we see these days.

    You can get a copy of “Cloud Studies” (1905) here: The book is out of copyright, so downloading is free.

    I think i’ve made my points. Hope i haven’t forgotten something.


    Oh, i retired 3 years ago from air traffic control. It was/is an awesome profession.

    • okay, good. thank you for this — and I agree that the links are of primo importance.

      first, the anonymously submitted report link:

      Click to access case_orange-5-10-2010-belfort-chemtrails.pdf

      But, after reading that, there really is no need for the authors to have signed it since all they’re doing is citing other people and making the suggestion that more experiments be carried out (they DO believe chemtrailing is already underway.)

      what my piece does is find the sources they cited and provide links to them (among other things).

      As to the Owning the Weather in 2025 piece ( — yes, you are correct that they assert it is mere discussion. As a non-scientist, non-expert, who has seen chemtrails being laid several times (dozens), I find it too coincidental that 2025 suggests starting with particulate matter now (as in 1996), moving into ionic mirrors in 2000, nanotech clouds in 2004… and then a 2011 study by NOAA confirms that atmospheric particulate matter has doubled in the past decade.

      btw, i have the pdf of OTW2025, if you would like a copy. I can email it to you, if you don’t want to go thru all the FAS pages.

      Add to this, of course, all the videos capturing chemtrails being laid, the rise in Morgellons Disease where patients protrude a fiber that the Denver police lab could not identify (from a body of 80,000 known samples), and the 2007 condemnation by the UN’s World Meteorological Org that research is being abandoned for operational projects, well, I gotta say, while this is all circumstantial, it’s pretty obvious the USG is spraying us.

      As far as I know, among serious researchers, William Thomas, Cliff Carnicom, Rosalind Peterson and a few others have been testing — but I have not yet seen results from testing the sky immediately in the chemtrail. I would love for that to be done; that would be the cincher, I agree. (they’ve tested goop found after a spraying episode, fine filaments that drape over bushes and the lawn, and they’ve tested water, soil and trees) I can’t speak to chain of custody; I really haven’t followed thru on any of those leads yet — but a huge body of evidence is being developed — serious people have been working on this for at least ten years.

      You suggest, “or – catch the aircraft as soon as it has landed and take a sample of the jet fuel and have it tested.” My understanding is that the stuff is not coming out of the jet exhaust. It’s not in the fuel. It’s coming from specially loaded tankers or sprayers. There are several videos that clearly show these trails being laid from non-jet sources on the aircraft. (lemme know if you wanna see one and I’ll hunt one down)

      okay, so maybe some do say it’s in the fuel; they’re wrong. I agree with you.

      As to that 2011 NOAA study, here’s what’s interesting (okay, I haven’t yet read the actual scientific paper, but this is the press release):

      The reasons for the 10-year increase in stratospheric aerosols are not fully understood and are the subject of ongoing research, says coauthor Ryan Neely, with the University of Colorado and the Cooperative Institute for Research in Environmental Sciences (CIRES).”

      They come up with hypotheses: The rest of the quote is: “Likely suspects are natural sources – smaller volcanic eruptions – and/or human activities, which could have emitted the sulfur-containing gases, such as sulfur dioxide, that react in the atmosphere to form reflective aerosol particles.”

      I have to check that against the public record: e.g., volcanic eruptions. Well, my Q then is if atmos. particles doubled in amount in the last decade, did the number of volcanoes?

      (I admit I’m in the middle of all this research and haven’t answered all the Qs that come up.)

      When they say “human activities” to me that leaves chemtrails IN the picture. You say you can’t concede that jets may be laying them above the clouds (which we can’t see from the ground), but you can admit this is a possibility, right?

      I recommend Cliff’s site — he has been at this the longest and has the most credible info, imo.

      There’s a whole lot of other circumstantial evidence — when you’re building a criminal case, one thing you look for is opportunity — the question then is, Can the USG do something like this? Yes. The technology exists. We have dozens and dozens of patents spanning decades. (here’s a link to one article which lists several of them — not even all the ones I have:

      Has the USG ever done anything like this before (sprayed the population without their knowledge and lied about it)? Yes. We have books on the subject of aerial biological operations against unwitting civilians in the US and UK (no doubt Russia and China, too, but I haven’t looked yet.)

      I have no hard evidence yet, nor have I seen any (but I suspect Carnicom and others do have it). I think the real way to prove it is to bring the jet down immediately when we witness the chemtrails being laid and have forensic investigators (that we hire and trust) study the aircraft. I seriously doubt the USG will let us do this; I imagine they’d shoot us if we tried to force one of their jets to land.

      So, we the public are forced to rely on this body of circumstantial evidence. But, as I’m sure you know, men have been hung on circumstantial evidence; this is not a weak argument.

  24. P.S. I hate my autocorrect … it screwed up a few of my words. 😦

  25. oh, one more piece of circumstantial evidence. In Oct. 2010 the UN voted to ban environmental modification programs (this follows the 1977 ban on hostile ENMOD ops).

    The US refused to sign the 2010 agreement to ban ENMOD. Why? Because they have no intention of stopping the program.

    • Rady,

      “The US refused to sign the 2010 agreement to ban ENMOD. Why?”

      Honestly, i haven’t read nearly enough on the topic to know. I’m assuming the US (and other nations) would like to keep the option of weather-as-warfare as an option. I’m assuming, i don’t know.

      I’m currently working on some JFK conspiracy theories. See what happens when you retire? Your mind wonders!


  26. and thank you SO MUCH for the link to the 1905 book!!!

    that is sweet!

  27. wow, yeah, I’m looking at some of these cloud pictures in that 1905 book and they do resemble some of what we’re seeing. Authorities admit some of today’s technology will create clouds — cirrus was mentioned. But I am somewhat relieved to learn that those top wisps are a result of high winds — in other words, that shape is natural (even if the source of the cloud isn’t).

  28. Rady,

    You break me up! LOL!

    “… I am somewhat relieved to learn that those top wisps are a result of high winds — in other words, that shape is natural (even if the source of the cloud isn’t).” LOL! You’re not far from saying they are natural formations having nothing to do with human actions. Yes, those are cirrus clouds. The other odd looking ones are alto clouds. This is some of the stuff i had to learn for my job.

    I’m glad you have the book. The scans are super high quality.

    Keep in mind, the same book was republished in (i think) 1925. So when i point to this book some people try to tell me the photos are not from 1905. The copy you have is the 1905 copy! It’s NOT the 1925 reprint. So there is no disputing the year of the photos.


  29. years ago my uncle and I kept bees. then the mite came in to beaning and hives were lost. as to the spraying and government involvement – who knows. we send space probes far out trying to contact other planets looking for a return answer from inhabitants. charles krouthammer gave the best answer – their civilizations advanced to the point where they self destructed. aside I do have observatory with scope big enough to detect movement of pluto. alan babcock-exeter center-otsego co. ny

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