How to fork Wall Street over

By Woody Tasch

I’ve been watching the protests on Wall Street for the past few weeks with some interest. I’m all for speaking out and, on occasion, for putting your feet to the pavement and taking to the streets in peaceful demonstration. There is more than a little to demonstrate about today on Wall Street and in Washington. [Image by Will Etling]

But when it comes to anger, scapegoating, and class-warfare-baiting, I say: Put a fork in it. No, better: Put your hands in it. Put your hands in the soil — literally and metaphorically: the dirt from whence your dinner comes, and the soil of the economy, as in the small, local businesses that are vital to the economy.

How do we do this? We take some of our money out of ever-more-complex and volatile global financial markets and put it to work in things that we understand and that contribute to our communities.

If we get over a little of our fear and frustration and look around our hometowns, we will find plenty of entrepreneurial opportunities to begin fixing our economy and our civil society, from the ground up.

I’m talking about the prospect of a million Americans taking 1 percent of their money and investing in small food enterprises, near where they live.

I’m not proposing this because local food is the next trend after organic, or the next stop for Prius drivers who’ve just joined their local CSA. This is not just about a libertarian impulse to take our food supply back from corporations that seem eager to fill our food with GMOs and to empty our Main Streets of small food enterprises.

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5 responses to “How to fork Wall Street over

  1. I believe the solution is to re-claim power from Wall Street and the Feds. The states created the Federal government and now for the most part are beholden to the creature. As the state of North Dakota has shown by its Bank of North Dakota (BND), one way of doing this, without reinventing the wheel, is to establish state banks where the tax receipts are deposited. Then the state bank can encourage favorable business climate, especially helpful to local businesses, without being dependent on the private banks.
    North Dakota has low unemployment rate and no debt. Protests, I believe, are a waste of time. You have to starve the beast by keeping your money home or local. When you give your money to the beast, you become beholden to it. I understand that after the flooding last Spring, North Dakota took care of their own, without requiring any assistance from the Feds. In other words, local empowerment, as the author of this article recommends, becomes more likely when locally there are the financial resources for that empowerment. To learn more, click here:

  2. I just wanted to add: And the creature, i.e., the Federal government seems to have become beholden to the multinational corporations, without any apparent regard for the best interests or welfare of the people.

    • yeah, I agree, Eric. While I also see protest as a waste of time, because this one is spreading, it may actually spark into something bigger.

      the US federal government has morphed into the most genocidal institution in human history and needs to be brought down.

      relocalizing everything is the way to go

  3. The Secret behind Wall Street is that they have stolen everything and profited from Free Labor of Indgenous people Moorish Americans , that are now called Blacks , and reclassed as Indians , Blacks , Negores , Colored . You will never hear of a Negro National , Black National, or a Colored National WHY ? Because their birth right has been stolen ! The Slaves help build this country for Free we all have wealth and are not even aware of it ! Every Ethnic group had been discrimanated against ! Shame on the Vatican , The Queen Of England , The Bushes who are related to the Queen and see is no Queen But an Imposter , W arren Buffet, Bill gates , The Clintons , Rothchilds , Arnold , Warbergs, Blommbergs all members of congress 545 who are part of the BLOODLINE AS WELL ! aND THERE MORE !

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