Barter Market: Self Help Solution to Economic Disaster


In 2001, with the mainstream economy collapsing, thousands of working-class people in Argentina joined barter clubs to survive.

Hat tip NextWorldTV.

6 responses to “Barter Market: Self Help Solution to Economic Disaster

  1. Argentina had an economic collapse in 2001. Once considered one of the richest countries, their corrupt government kept buying votes with inflated currency until they had hyperinflation and poverty. Fernando Ferfal Aguirre is an author who experienced it first hand. The fact money is in short supply during our Great Recession is what inspired me to create a barter website, as well as my hope of collaborating with other homesteader/preppers in my local area. Barter is a beautiful expression of the human spirit.

  2. Great stuff. I’ve actually been doing it myself on It really works!

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  4. The only solution to the world economic problem is to call for a Jubilee, which means that all debts by all countries are cancelled.
    Doing away with credit cards. By this means the world can start on an equal field to usher in new economic growth being careful not to follow old patterns that led to this crisis, but rather structuring the world with alternative energies, rebuilding highways, bridges and housing. There is no other way to make the economy work.

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