Australian Land Regeneration: The Peter Andrews Story (video)

By Australian Story

A short documentary about Peter Andrews, a former horse breeder, using permaculture land regeneration techniques to rehabilitate his salt affected and degraded land.

4 responses to “Australian Land Regeneration: The Peter Andrews Story (video)

  1. so now after you see how good Peter Andrews methods are..
    consider this
    the Conservation groups Pulled ASLL Willow trees out of our river banks areas cos they weren’t “natives” regardless of the fact they hold banks together, provide shade, shelter and cooling , and stop erosion wonderfully, and have end use for craft building etc.
    the plants Peter uses are NOT allowed in many cases. same stupid govvy and ecotard reasoning prevails.
    the ABC Bush telegraph had some fool on who was supposeed to be reviewing Peters work
    He ADMITTED! the water was purer the land was able to cope in drought, it did NO Harm and a LOT of good
    ah BUT he diodnt think they could call it successful or adbvocate the methodology because it doesn’tr Comply…with preconcieved idiots in offices demands of what were allowed to do to reclaim and save land.
    AUSTRALIAS going DOWN the drain.
    and today one of The Blackest days ion decades!
    JuLIAR Gillard and Bopb Browns watermelons managed to push 18 carbon Tax bills through parliament AGAINST! the wishes of majority of aussie voters.
    we have an UNelected fool and a group of misguided goreite ecowarriors running the country.

    the heavens wil have to help us all.cos the govts trying to kill what little farmers and industry we have left…not much!

    • yeah, when I read Sepp Holzer’s story, I was shocked at the level of bureaucracy that criminalized his land treatment.

      the one idea that sticks out is Australia required him to prune his fruit trees before winter, but he found that unpruned trees survived heavy snowfall because the long branches sloped to the ground and were more elastic than the shortened pruned branches, which broke from too much snow cover. all those broken branches led his trees to die. NOT pruning the trees allowed them to survive winter.

      “ecotards” !!! funny term

      • Ecotards, its a fiting descr[ptor for those who talk green and landcare and have no bloody idea how the land in that area works, and get into legislative areas.
        we have wentworth group seemingly normal people, but linked to UK funding, with nasty agendas for those who dont follow their thinking.
        they link into our radical green party, supposed funding to help you keep some scrub a bog etc, BUT the caveat is you then basically lose self determination and have to allow access and their say in your management, we have DPI dept primary ind, and similar outfits govvy funding very invasive very very able to trespass and dictate. some are honestly well m,eaning, some are on power trips, whatever their motive the landowner is in trouble.
        our greens are supposedly greenpeace type campaigns ie wildrivers the franklin, lake pedder being drained after it was used to make Carbon free bloody power!! supporters for many goals, yet theyre IN a part ruling govt and have done thing NONE! to stop GM foods here.
        theyre endorsing and supporting this idiot woman who is a lawyer and a union rep who was NOT elected- to control the food and livelihoods of aussies. that includes NOT labelling GM foods, funding GM companies to the tune of millions inc labs and ramming GM approvals into states before moratoriums were expired ie WA and Vic,
        now Bayers screaming to get GM Canola into sth aus.
        because the rain and floods that aus was never going to get again thanks to cretins like Tim F advising our govt-meant dams werent built and water containing GM seeds and material flooded across 3 states.
        cotton from nsw and canola and god only knows what else,
        BNut they can harrass and pillory and stop people like Peter andrews from actively contributing to real land care.
        australia your’e standing in it- was a comedy show
        what IT is is now shit! and its neck deep smelly and rising!

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