Cantaloupes and What Polio Tells Us About Disease Scares

By Andrew Davis

As cantaloupe contamination makes the news, following on peanuts, meat, eggs, cookie batter, and sprouts in Europe, it is time to realize that food borne illnesses are invaluable.   They produce fear, the sine qua non of industrial agriculture, the food industry and the pharmaceutical industry which itself depends on disease.

Little Red Riding Hood noticed something was wrong with the picture, and the public should be able to see the Wolf in things as well, once it notices its pattern:

Outbreak –> relentless corporate media focus on it – corporate-driven laws with regulations used not against corporations but against small farmers and other food producers –> the more to require more industrial processes destroying those producing safe natural food –> greater centralization and consolidation of monopoly power over food.

All the solutions – irradiation, chemical washes, injected ammonia, antibiotics, pasteurization, vaccines for animals – are antithetical to healthy food and to the very existence of local organic farmers.

Michael Pollan once warned that “Our highly centralized food system is very vulnerable to contamination-both deliberate and accidental.”  The connection to the cantaloupe deaths is blatant.

“We just had a horrifying illustration of the dangers of centralized food … This is not to say you couldn’t get sick from eating [cantaloupe] at your farmer’s market. But if you did, it would be contained in the food chain. You’d know who was responsible.

“Instead of seizing on these threats as a reason to decentralize our food supply, the government is bringing in more regulation and technology.

“Progressive senators are proposing that we begin to regulate farms the way we regulate meat plants. [They did just that with the Food Modernization and Safety Act.] That will put small farms out of business. [It is being used to do just that.]  So you see what happens as industrial agriculture fails and sickens us. The solutions promote more industrialization of agriculture. And that’s what we need to resist.”

How much of a risk is there of dying from food borne illnesses?  The CDC says that 5,000 people a year die from it.  In a population of 308,000,000, that is extremely rare.  It is so rare that it become clear something fishy is going on and that we are looking at an excellent example of the sharks and peanuts threat.

What, one may ask, does this have to do with polio?  Everything, it turns out.

Polio was a previous big public fear.  Seeing how it was dealt with shines a light on what is happening now.

The story the public has been taught is that polio was a dread and massive epidemic and only thanks to the Salk vaccine, was the country saved.   However, even a cursory look at charts of polio incidence starts immediately to undo this “pharmaceutical industry as hero” story, for polio was already disappearing long before polio vaccines came on the scene.

It becomes clear that the polio vaccines were not responsible for stopping polio.  The reality is that the vaccine caused polio and deaths.

“There is no doubt … that the risk has been, for some years, vastly exaggerated, seemingly to prepare the public mind to accept the new vaccine more readily; as an article in Time (May 30, 1955), in commenting upon the Cutter incident, stated: ‘In retrospect, a good deal of the blame for the vaccine snafu also went to the National Foundation, which, with years of publicity, had built up the danger of polio out of all proportion to its actual incidence.’”

How great was the actual threat from polio?

“ONE should bear in mind, as Dr. C. H. Andrewes, M.D., F.R.S., and Dr. W. L. M. Perry. M.D., have stated (Picture Post, May 7, 1955):  ‘Polio is a rare disease. In most years, your chance, in Britain, of catching paralytic polio is less than one in twenty-five thousand…. Your children are much more likely to be killed or maimed on the roads than to be killed or paralysed by polio. If the money which will have to be spent on vaccinating the whole population were spent in improving road conditions instead, more lives would probably be saved~ and more crippling avoided.’

“The actual figures given by the Registrar General show that during the years 1943-1953 the average annual number of cases of poliomyelitis notified in England and Wales was 3,328, giving a monthly average of only 277 in a population of 42,290,000, or 6 per million.

“According to Dr. Dennis H. Geffen, O.B.E.. M.D.. D.P.H., of every 100 people who become infected with the virus, 90 per cent remain symptomless, 9 show some slight sign of disease, such as sore throat or stiffness of the neck, whilst only 1 develops definite paralysis. He is reported in Public Health (March 1955) to have told the Metropolitan Branch, Society of Medical Officers of Health that:

‘[W]e are apt to forget that poliomyelitis is the least serious of all infectious diseases with the exception of that one complication or extension of the disease which destroys motor cells in the brain and spinal cord and causes paralysis. Apart from this it appears to be a mild infection lasting a few days, the symptoms of which are probably less serious than a cold in the head, and from which recovery is complete and immunity lasting. If we could be sure that an individual contracting poliomyelitis would not become paralysed then there might be much to be said for spreading the disease in order that a community might develop natural immunity.’”

What happened when the vaccines were introduced, other than the financial advantages?

“Only thirteen days after the vaccine had been acclaimed by the whole of the American Press and Radio as one of the greatest medical discoveries of the century … came the first news of disaster. Children inoculated with one brand of vaccine had developed poliomyelitis. In the following days more and more cases were reported, some of then after inoculation with other brands of the vaccine. Then came another, and wholly unlooked-for complication. The Denver Medical Officer, Dr. Florio announced the development of what he called ‘satellite’ polio, that is, cases of the disease in the parents or other close contacts of children who had been inoculated and. a[f]ter a few days’ illness in hospital, had returned home: they communicated the disease to others, although not suffering from it themselves….

“But with regard to the ‘satellite’ cases the situation is far worse. According to Dr. Florio, children when inoculated with a faulty vaccine may become carriers of the virus. He estimated (Daily Express. May 16. 1955) that all of the 1,500 vaccinated Denver children had become carriers. ‘We have created a group of carriers,’ he said, ‘and then there will be another group and so the cycle will go on. It is very distressing.’ Some of the contacts acquired the disease in its deadliest form.

“The interval between inoculation and the first sign of paralysis ranged from 5 to 20 days and in a large proportion of cases it started in the limb in which the injection had been given. Another feature of the tragedy was that the numbers developing polio were far greater than would have been expected had no inoculations been carried out.”

The polio vaccines also included a cancer virus, SV 40.

“A cancer-causing monkey virus–SV-40–was discovered in polio vaccines administered to millions of people. SV-40 has been found in brain tumors, bone cancers, lung cancers and leukemia. SV-40 is transmitted through sexual intercourse, and from mother to child in the womb. Monkeys that were used to make polio vaccines were infected with simian immunodeficiency virus (SIV), a virus closely related to human immunodeficiency virus (HIV), the infectious agent associated with AIDS. Some researchers question whether HIVs may simply be SIVs ‘residing in and adapting to a human host.’

“Polio vaccines also contain calf serum, glycerol and other parts of the cow that may have been infected with bovine spongiform encephalopathy (BSE), or mad cow disease, a fatal brain-wasting ailment that some researchers link to Cruetzfeldt-Jakob disease (CJD), its human equivalent.”

But the medical disaster the pharmaceutical industry caused with the polio vaccines when polio was a rare disease to begin with, or the cancers the polio vaccines caused, are far from the most stunning aspect of the polio story.

For while the pharmaceutical industry was greatly exaggerating polio’s danger, and coming up with technological “fixes” that maimed and killed as well as caused new diseases, in a little town in NC, a doctor name Fred Klenner was curing all cases of polio brought to him and with a single vitamin.

Klenner’s studies showing that he was curing polio was published in 1949 but this vital medical information was kept secret from the public in a stonewall that rivals what was done with Linus Pauling‘s news that IV vitamin C was a cure for all early cancers and could turn terminal cancer into a chronic disease.

“This is the reason a Google search on vitamin C will yield 6 to 12 million links (Yahoo 33.5 millionAsk Jeeves 4 million) depending upon the day but that the annual indexes of JAMA (the Journal of the American Medical Association) or the annual indexes of the New England Journal of Medicine most years does not have a single reference to vitamin C.”

The pharmaceutical industry made and continues to make billions on damaging vaccines for a rare disease easily cured by IV doses of vitamin C, while it simultaneously did all it could to suppress knowledge of that cure, and today is working to remove all access to it.

Thanks to pioneering work by Klenner and others (Irwin Stone, Linus Pauling, Cathcart, Thomas Levy), it’s now clear that vitamin C is a cure for ALL viruses (it is an absolute viricide) as well as for all toxins, and all infections.   Ebola and Marburg virusavian (bird flu)West Nile viralpolio, and all acute infectious diseases can be cured or ameliorated by massive doses of Vitamin C.

This has bearing on all forms of food borne illness because IV vitamin C is highly effective as an antibiotic and anti-viral.  One can see just how rapid and stunningly effective IV vitamin C is in this 60 Minutes documentary of a man whom doctors were planning to pull the plug on, since conventional treatments had failed.  This documentary went “viral” internationally, and shortly after the FDA blocked firms from mass producing Vitamin C for IV on behalf of Pharma understands the threat vitamin C poses to all disease and thus to itself.

For those who are truly concerned about food borne illnesses – or about viruses, or pancreatic cancer, or prostate cancer, or mesothelioma, or leukemia, or AIDS, pain with bone cancer, or any cancer, (etc.) or Alzheimers, or Parkinson’s, or heart disease, or addiction, or infertility of different origin, or much more, perhaps it’s time to realize we have all been royally and intentionally duped about disease.  Word of this is leaking out, film by film by film.

We are left facing the mind-boggling fact that the polio vaccines were not a miracle of modern medicine at all but were a long-orchestrated pharmaceutical industry scam to sell vaccines for a rare disease which was disappearing on its own, and that those vaccines caused polio and an epidemic of soft tissue cancer, and are still causing polio worldwide.

This awakening needs to be quick because at this very moment, the pharmaceutical industry via the FDA and with help from Dick Durbin, is pushing hard to remove access to essential supplements of all kinds, no matter their incredibly broad, nontoxic and life saving effects, including vitamin C.

Perhaps the best response to cantaloupe contamination is to reach friends and family and ask them to reach everyone they know and they to reach those they know, since we have a choice between everyone’s life being threatened or being finally at a place where we no longer need fear diseases.

Contaminated cantaloupes, the endless drug ads, the hoax of cancer and AIDS walks, and the annoying flu vaccine inducements, all become reason to join those working to stop the FDA and pharma‘s threat to your and your family’s life.

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3 responses to “Cantaloupes and What Polio Tells Us About Disease Scares

  1. Thank you Andrew Davis, well done you pinned it all together in and excellent fashion. But will the truth break through the very through brain washing that has been done to the public and the very doctors who practice this lying quackery is the question? Like the very epitome of the liars Adolf Hitler said, “If you tell a big enough lie and tell it frequently enough, it will be believed” and “How fortunate for governments that the people they administer don’t think.”

    This is what naturopaths have been saying for years about this lie, “modern medicine is a system of disease, suffering and death.” It has nothing to do with health and never did that is why the FDA is rushing to stop the IV use of vitamin C and has always opposed health supplements and herbal medicine. It is also why the FDA spends so much of its budget on trying to suppress, put out of business, and jail naturopaths like me.

    Modern medicine in just the last few years has passed heart disease and cancer as the number one killer of human beings. In 2001 deaths caused by conventional medicine 783,936, heart disease was 699,697, while cancer was 553,251.5 (“Death by Medicine”

    When I discovered this for myself 20 years ago I went into a culture shock that lasted for weeks. When I tried to tell my friends and family what I had discovered they could not understand what I was saying. In comments I have made in the last few years about medicine one woman commented back that “what I had written had caused her to cry and sob she was so upset.”

    Doc Blake

  2. at least you’re not alone Doc Blake.
    no where near as alone as the ptb try to have you believe.
    might help to know (and look up while it is still available to find on the net) what Jonas Salk felt about his work after its implementation.
    also might help to understand who founded and still control big pharma and their agenda for the last few hundred years.
    try looking at rockefeller biographies to start.
    so consider who it is that is and has been messing with our lives in proceeding.
    it is at least big pharma, big oil and their wholly owned subsidiaries – including most forms of government.

    thank you Rady and Andrew.

  3. Excellent article. Thanks guys!

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