Occupy Together boosts permaculture

By OccupyTogether

This social and cultural EVOLUTION is taking root in hundreds of cities across the planet and showing little sign of losing momentum.

In Zucotti Park (NYC), site of the first OCCUPATION, there are inspiring stories emerging. At every corner of the park is the exchange and the fomentation of ideas.

Over the coming months, One Pack Productions and Seismologik Media will showcase some of the amazing people who are creating actions which can inspire people to practice being the change they wish to see in the world.

3 responses to “Occupy Together boosts permaculture

  1. This is no grass roots movement, it is an extension the most radical element of the Democrat Socialist Communist Party, and many other radical elements of society. They are the takers, leeches and parasites who all want something for nothing. A distraction started by the Democrat party. They claim they want freedom, but they would empower those who would take our individual freedoms for the greater good of society. History has shown us that these forms of government and society does not work but take us down a path of tyranny. Remember freedom is not free. When good men do nothing evil men prevail. Give me liberty or give me death. (Patrick Henry)

  2. Geeoge Anastopolis

    We can tell by this comment from texas that the tea party is a little upset, this is not a political movement, it is a movement of the people, real people who have been damaged by the greed of corporations. As it relates to food, this includes GMO, antibiotics, viruses and vaccines now in our food supply and it will be stopped. People want wholesome, naturally grown foods without harming animals, or human beings. IT is not a democratic party movement, it is a people’s movement and as of yesterday it is a global movement not just the USA. Although, most of the problems originated in the US, with Wall Street, big oil and corporations based in the US that pay no taxes. Get informed about Occupy Wall Street, and get involved for your own future.

  3. Well I support OWS (with all my heart), yet I agree even with the radical right that government is part of the problem! After all it has been compromised by the real parasites, who are sucking it (and the rest of the planet) dry. Proof that OWS is bigger than bipartisan politics should be evident from the fact that it is going on in almost 100 countries, most of which don’t even have a “democratic party.” Anyway, this post is about permaculture! I would like to share this article about some inspiring efforts to make OWS more sustainable (hopefully in both senses!) http://www.occupy-wallstreet.com/permaculture/

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