Occupy Together: California Nurses and Farmworkers Demand Justice

Back during his first turn as governor, Jerry Brown signed the 1975 historic Agricultural Labor Relations Act that established collective bargaining rights for California’s farm workers. It was the first time that farm workers were given the right to organize themselves, having been left out of the National Labor Relations Act enacted in 1935. In signing California’s law, Gov. Brown became an icon of the farmer workers movement.

Flash forward to June 22, 2011, when Gov. Brown vetoed the “Fair Treatment for Farm Workers Act” just before the bill would have gone into effect, going against his history as a champion of farm workers.

Now, the Occupy Together movement has taken to the streets.

What’s the Fair Treatment for Farm Workers Act? It would’ve made it easier for farm workers to organize into unions, providing them an alternative to the secret ballot, letting unions organize them instead through signed petition cards.

In his veto statement Gov. Brown said the bill is a “drastic change” to the state’s agricultural labor relations act, although he “appreciate(s) the frustrations that have given rise to it.” The effort to ease unionization has been thwarted for years under Republican Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger and surely the United Farm Workers thought they had an ally in Jerry Brown.

Listen to the June 2011 Southern California Public Radio (89.3 KPCC) interview of Giev Kashkooli, national vice president of the United Farm Workers, and Tom Nassif, president & CEO of the Western Growers Association.


4 responses to “Occupy Together: California Nurses and Farmworkers Demand Justice

  1. The unions are no longer for the people, they are a from of legalized mob. They support the powerful bosses who in return funnel much of the union dues to the radical Democrat Socialist Communist Party. The unions along with over regulation are the ones who have destroyed and driven the manufacturing jobs from our nations. Their once useful purpose no longer exist. Remember freedom is not free. When good men do nothing evil men prevail.

  2. I agree with Glenn. But do not discount the role of federal & state government policy/regulation in the destruction of manufacturing (and farming) in this country.

  3. Unionizing farm workers will only increase the cost of food. If it’s not expensive enough already, just wait a year or two.

  4. Jim Bruggenschmidt

    Re: Corporate GREED / Kickbacks to Realtors…

    You can find Yield Spread Premium on the settlement statement in your mortgage documents. It will be listed as P.O.C. or paid “outside of closing.” This shows the dollar amount of the kickback your broker received for inflating your interest rate. This HIGHER interest rate will cost you thousands of extra dollars over the life of the loan.

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