Breaking video: Obama promised to label GMOs

The Great Deceiver is caught on film during his 2007 campaign trail promising to have genetically modified foods labeled.

Food Democracy Now has prepared a petition, where you can add an extra comment.

(Mine was: “And dump Michael Taylor, Tom Vilsack, Kathleen Sebelius and Islam Siddiqui.  We control our food, and our food CHOICES, not the federal government.”)

5 responses to “Breaking video: Obama promised to label GMOs

  1. Geeze has it been four years of this hell already? I used to think hell was impossible because you can get used to anything… i was wrong.

  2. Well then that means they will never get labeled. He lies about everything and does the exact opposite of everything he promises. He tells you what he thinks you want to hear. You know he’s fighting for the middle class, right, and we’re all doing so much better because of it, right?

  3. Even BEFORE obama was potus he was a lier!!! so whay should be beleive him[obama] now about the American Job Act of 2011?

  4. Gee, and they made such a fuss about Michelle growing an organic garden. Isn’t that special.. Hypocrites.

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