PA county sheriff race focused on food freedom

Steven Armbruster is running for Sheriff of Carbon County, Pennsylvania. As an Oath Keeper, he promises to fight for food freedom.  Here’s his statement:

Recently, a county judge in Wisconsin ruled that American citizens ”do not” have a civil-right to consume the foods of their choice. In the case in particular,  the judge ruled, “specifically” that the plaintiffs do not have a fundamental right to consume the milk from their own cows.

I was so taken aback by the ruling that I contacted the attorneys involved in the case. I wanted to make sure that I understood all of the issues and also that I was prepared to defend the Ninth amendment “civil-rights” of our county citizens to consume dairy products. Obviously, these rights can never be taken away from them by a judge.

I have made a decision concerning this matter and I will explain it this way:

There are three branches of government, 1) the “legislature” (they make the laws), 2) the “judiciary” (who interpret the laws) and 3) the “executive branch” (who physically carries out the “orders” of the court “).

Our founders created this system and established structural ”constitutional safeguards”. This system is necessary and is designed to safeguard our liberties. Each branch of government has “only” the amount of power necessary for them to perform their constitutionally mandated “duties”. The sheriff is part of the “executive branch” of government and he must defend the constitutional rights of the citizenry by carrying out only “lawful orders”.

This has been established as a final “check and balance” and exists, at least in part, so that we don’t fall into a state of “judicial tyranny”.

This case very clearly represents a situation where, I as sheriff, would refuse to carry out the orders of any judge who would mandate that county citizens be prohibited from eating the foods of their choice. Or in this matter, to drink the milk from their very own cows.

A true “constitutional sheriff” would impose himself in this instance to protect the “civil-rights” of his citizens, the court has ruled that it is not an option for the sheriff to refuse to enforce “clearly unlawful orders”, but a “duty”.
It is truly remarkable that a sitting judge would want ”Rosa parks-the consumer of milk” to be pushed to the back of the bus. Refusing to follow this ”unlawful order” would be no different than refusing to enforce “Jim Crow era” laws that mandated racial segregation.

I have issued a press release and it you can read it here: (enjoy!)

In Support of Food Freedom
By Steven Armbruster| October 12, 2011
American citizens retain Ninth Amendment “civil-right” protection to consume the foods of their choice. This right includes, but is not limited to, using plants and foods as their own medicines.

The Ninth Amendment protects their right to produce and consume dairy products, including milk from cows, “raw milk and cheese” and also milk from goats.

The rights of the American people are protected by the United States Constitution while they possess and consume herbs,use healing therapies as well as holistic and traditional therapies, that they themselves (the American people) consider to be beneficial to maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

These rights are “unalienable” meaning that they can never be taken away from the people by the government. The Constitution is a document that simply states that our rights already exist, these rights ”have” existed long before the establishment of our current government.

Our rights do not come from the hand of our government, they come from our higher power, whereas the number one function of the government is to protect and uphold our self-evident “unalienable” civil-rights.

When the government attempts to establish itself as the higher power, the American people must peacefully place ”their” government back into it’s proper role. The government must at all times operate in respect to “natural rights”, meaning that the government and it’s officials are not the “provider” of our liberties.

It is the job and “individual duty” of every law enforcement official who has taken an “oath” to protect and defend the constitution, to refuse to enforce unlawful orders. This is especially true for the “county sheriff” who is elected specifically for the purpose of protecting the rights of the citizenry.

As sheriff, I will stand with the American people when their Ninth Amendment right to consume the foods of their choice is unlawfully threatened.

I call on all “constitutional sheriff’s” and “constitutional sheriff” candidates across the nation to join with me in what is possibly the time of America’s greatest need.

Let it be said, that if governmental officials come to the homes of our citizens, their farms or their places of business, specifically to violate their “unalienable” civil-rights. That those officials will not be us.

American citizens who refuse to comply with governmental orders to cease eating or producing the foods of their choice are not rebels or lawbreakers; the lawbreakers and rebels are the governmental officials who unlawfully take from them their constitutionally protected “civil-liberties”. As Americans, our liberty has always been our heritage.

Steven Armbruster
Oath Keeper, active duty law enforcement 

Candidate for Carbon County Sheriff
See the worldnetdaily story here:

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