CDC Director Involved in Swine Flu Hoax Arrested for Child Molestation and Bestiality

By Dr. Mercola

Dr. Kimberly Quinlan Lindsey, a top official with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has been arrested and charged with two counts of child molestation and one count of bestiality.

Dr. Lindsey, who joined the CDC in 1999, is currently the deputy director for the Laboratory Science Policy and Practice Program Office. She’s second in command of the program office.

Prior to that role, she was the senior health scientist in the Office of Public Health Preparedness and Response, an office that oversees the allocation process for $1.5 billion in terrorism preparedness.

According to CNN:

“Authorities also charged Lindsey’s live-in boyfriend, Thomas Joseph Westerman, 42, with two counts of child molestation.

“The two are accused of ‘immoral and indecent” sexual acts involving a 6-year-old …

“The bestiality charge says Lindsey ‘did unlawfully perform or submit to any sexual act with an animal.’”

Between January and August last year, Dr. Lindsey and her boyfriend allegedly involved the child during sex, and DeKalb County police claim they discovered photographs of Lindsey performing sex acts on a couple of her pets.

Some of you may wonder why I’ve chosen to discuss this story. Some may think it’s in poor taste and doesn’t belong in a newsletter about health. However, I believe it’s relevant to be aware that someone in charge of your child’s health is allegedly engaged in child abuse. Her actions raise serious questions in my mind about her level of concern for the health and well-being of children in general.

Dr. Lindsey Played Primary Role in Bogus Swine Flu Propaganda Campaign

As you may recall, the 2009 H1N1 swine flu pandemic turned out to be a complete sham, with a fast-tracked and particularly dangerous vaccine being pushed as the sole remedy. Children and pregnant women were the primary targets of this dangerous vaccine. The H1N1 flu was a perfect example of how the CDC can brazenly distort reality, and often ignore and deny the dangerous and life-threatening side effects of their solution. As a result of this bogus propaganda campaign, thousands of people were harmed (and many died) worldwide.

In August, it was revealed that the 2009 H1N1 influenza vaccine increased the risk for narcolepsy—a very rare and devastating sleeping disorder—in Swedish children and adolescents by 660 percent.

Finland also noticed a dramatic increase in narcolepsy following vaccination with Pandemrix. There, an interim report issued in January of this year found that the H1N1 vaccine increased the risk of narcolepsy by 900 percent in children and adolescents below the age of 19. In the US, the H1N1 flu vaccine was statistically linked with abnormally high rates of miscarriage and stillbirths. As reported by Steven Rubin on the NVIC’s blog, the US H1N1 flu vaccine was SIXTY times more likely to be reported to VAERS to be associated with miscarriage than previous seasonal flu vaccines.

The only “winners” in this game were the pharmaceutical companies that received millions of dollars for this never-proven-effective and highly reactive vaccine, while being sheltered by our government from liability for any harm it caused.

Dr. Lindsey played an important role in that campaign, which ended in tragedy for countless many—not from a killer flu (statistically, the 2009 H1N1 flu was MILDER than usual) but from the dangerous and expensive “remedy” to this oversold non-threat.

All of that said, I do want to stress that Dr. Lindsey has not yet been found guilty, and there are still many unanswered questions relating to this case. But this is not the only shocking story raising questions about the ethics of those involved in creating the CDC’s health recommendations.



13 responses to “CDC Director Involved in Swine Flu Hoax Arrested for Child Molestation and Bestiality

  1. Is it not possible that Lindsey is being framed to discredit her?

  2. Even if it were a “frameup”. Would not you fight back against if even within your agency your child was killed by this evil. Ya can’t kill em you loose. So research and act on whatever Jesus leads you! Wake UP to the King James bible.

  3. Perhaps we have reached the tipping point… the tables are turning.

    I like to view it as a sign from the heavens that the separation of the wheat from the chaff is begun. Bring it on !!!!!!

  4. Dr. Mercola, I believe that you are infinitely more trustworthy than the CDC. I think the fact that you brought this knowledge to our attention is a great thing. The CDC as well as the other gov’t agencies need to be reigned in strongly. They need to work for us instead of spewing lies.

    • Very poignant Susan. We are indeed grateful to those like Dr. Mercola and the Health Ranger… the vaccine activists and all activists everywhere, the big and the not-so small… from the bloggers to the local-newscasters (the people who refuse to just shut up)… all of the brave and beautiful souls who bucked the system to bring truth to us all… and not least of all Food Freedom…

      We just flipped the switch to a world full of hope… and today is the first day of the tenth wave of the Mayan Calendar… it’s quite awesome, really… the guys who used to carry the signs “the end is near” will be changing it up to “the beginning is here”.

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  6. The CDC is also responsible for promotion the harmful practice of circumcision. Violating men bodies and rights but cutting off parts of their sexual organs as children in the fear that they might have a problem when they are adults is ludicrous. The CDC is like any other political group with agendas motivated by ego, money and power and are influenced by special interest groups. I work in medicine and I wouldn’t trust them- good advice – do the research and trust yourself!

  7. It seems like the American Law, started to serve everyone equally, unlike the Canadian Criminal Code Law, to serve/ not to serve based on ETHNICITY.

  8. I doubt it is a frame up, unless someone broke into her house and put photos of herself, and the child on her computer, without her noticing it. Hardly possible. This just shows you the level of morals, ethics, and seedy characters that are ruining the health of Americans, especially the children. It is a disgusting display of the caliber along with Thorsen, who stole a few million dollars, and he is the one we are to believe -that there is NO relationship between mercury and autism? This is the tipping point, the CDC, FDA, NIH all have to clean house, no lobbyists are to have access, no former pharma executives running the govt agencies that are supposed to protect us. This charade all has to end now. The taxpayer footed the bill for a phony H1N1 hoax, the vaccines made 4 billion dollars profit for a deadly vaccine. Wake up people. Your not only being conned, your being vaccinated to death.

  9. There was recent research into the qualitative side effects of anti anxiety and antidepressant class drugs. One of the issues was the loss of trustee competency in users. The concern involved drug-induced “conflict avoidance” was selecting for failure of trustee duty. The drug-induced need for “harmony” and relativism caused the user in a trustee position to betray their trustee duty in direct relationship to the prospective hostility of the corrupting influence demanding the trustee duty be betrayed.

    What meds was this poor woman on? Google her booking picture. Look at her posture, expression and eyes. She didn’t get that way overnight.

    What’s the chance she was an inadequately supervised psychiatric outpatient in need of inpatient treatment?

    If so, the alleged ‘sexual improprieties with a child’ and the other bizarre sexual behavior noted are a result of medical malpractice.

    Then there is the matter of a key upper level federal employee in apparent crisis disclosing bizarre behaviors to coworkers. To ignore these warning signs is managerial malpractice.

    A crisis of failed trustees. What is the chain of command, the network of persons, and what drugs have they been prescribed?

  10. They have had a great reputation for a long time now as our protector from disease, even movies push that baloney. Now that Wizard of Oz curtain is opening up to reveal who they really are and even their Navy uniform can’t protect them from the truth. Doc Blake

  11. What is the status of case against these perverts NOW?

  12. Dr. Smith asked this question in 2013. So.

    WHERE is this PERVERT now and WHY won’t the CDC tell us why a confirmed sex predator is walking around with impunity?????

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