Chicken of the Sea’s Tuna Recipe for Disaster

By Greenpeace USA

Check our newest video by Pulitzer Prize winning cartoonist Mark Fiore that takes a closer look at the industry’s destructive practices.

Take one random floating object, attach a radio beacon so you can find it later, drop it in the ocean and return later with a giant net and scoop up everything in sight. That’s how Chicken of the Sea catches tuna using fish aggregating devices (FADs) and it’s a recipe for disaster for our oceans.


Ed. Note: Also see this chart showing how oil-intensive is the fisheries industry — small operations are much more efficient and less eco-destructive:

From Permaculture ends meat-vegan debate, promotes anarchy

2 responses to “Chicken of the Sea’s Tuna Recipe for Disaster

  1. What your chart does not show is the number of people fed by each means of fishing.
    And, if excess catch is used for animal feed, fertilizer etc. is that a problem?

    If fewer people can feed more people that leaves more people for other occupations.
    If fewer people use machines to farm and feed more people, that also leaves more people for other occupations, This can add up to a well fed people, developing a better life – there is no reason to destroy what we’ve accomplished, if we had fewer restrictions we’d have freedom to produce, and freedom to REJECT what is not properly produced thus not supporting the BAD ways.

  2. Hi Ann – what you’re describing is factory fishing, which is widely regarded as an ecological and social disaster, not to mention a public health crisis.

    Take each of your arguments back a step to it’s roots – for example, why do we need to breed so many other domestic animals that would require being fed with ‘excess catch’ in the first place? There are far too many unloved pets put down each year, and yet we keep breeding more to feed – this is not an argument for the usefulness of by-product. It’s a cycle that never ends by your rationale.

    And what “other occupations” are you referring to? This is the first time I’ve heard an argument for REDUCING jobs in this economy!

    I believe in well fed people, who can educate themselves and fulfill their lives as well, but are you suggesting that we achieve that at the expense of the diversity of our oceans? Is there no other way? There is! Animals – whether rare, wild, abundant or farmed – do not need to suffer pain or exploitation simply to feed humans in this volume and for this cheap price. We can change our consumption behaviours to ensure our animals are protected AND our friends and family are healthy.

    We need restrictions on fishing so that corporates have checks and balances, preventing them from exploiting our oceans, otherwise greed easily takes over. Automated fishing, as with other factory meat production, cannot account for the welfare of the animal, the environment, or the community it feeds. It’s anonymous and cares for no one. By getting back to smaller production, we can take more CARE – it’s not about efficiency – it’s about what’s right.

    You obviously care about this industry dearly – I hope you can read more about it from all angles, gather information and think critically about the practices being described here. We have a heavy responsibility to take care of!

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