Guerilla Gardening @ OWS


This social and cultural EVOLUTION is taking root in hundreds of cities across the planet and showing little sign of losing momentum. In Zucotti Park (NYC), site of the first OCCUPATION, there are inspiring stories emerging. At every corner of the park is the exchange and the fomentation of ideas.

Over the coming months, One Pack Productions and Seismologik Media will showcase some of the amazing people who are creating actions which can inspire people to practice being the change they wish to see in the world.

6 responses to “Guerilla Gardening @ OWS

  1. Is there a link missing?

  2. What a pathetic distortion of truth!
    These people recite what they have been told about growing things and supplying food for; “not just those who can afford it” they denounce wealth as if it was something that just happened to a few.
    I cannot afford much of what I see at this demonstration, first I work for a living, second I do not have money for all the electronic toys they take for granted, third I grow much of my own food in my yard, I can it and freeze some and NEVER would I expect that someone owes me anything – UNLESS I had an agreement to work and they would pay – you know – like having a JOB!!!!

  3. Please take a look at my WEED OUT HATE Initiative. It is the ultimate spiritual guerilla gardening exercize for expressing the desire to root out hatred..the root of greed and exploitation.

  4. Marc Daniels, I cannot discipher where or what is the intent of your posts except that they are pretty sounding words and using someone such as MLK to make yourself sound lofty!

  5. Ann Francis….The weed out hate initiative has one major objective: To ask the President of the United States to stage a symbolic Weed Out Hate event on the White House grounds and gardens and from this venue to call upon every child in the world extract one symbolic weed of hatred…the root of greed and expolitation. It is a global civic prayer to the Creator for cleansing our hearts and souls and gardening each other’s spirits. I spent 6 years researching and analyzing the cultural, ecological, and spiritual roots of gardening.. What I learned was that the 19th century pedagogues were on the right track when they invented the kindergarten concept. They felt that by exposing young children to gardeingat a young age, their spirits would be exercized as well as mind and bodies. Weed Out Hate is an exercise in scapegoating our inner weeds vs. external ones. I realize this is a radical departure from the Occupy Message. Instead of occupying the streets I advocate occupy the dream..

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