Medical Marijuana Mayhem


When Matthew Cohen’s crop of medical marijuana became the object of a great tug of war between Mendocino County and the United States of America, many paused to ask…

>Which government should be in control: local or federal?

This Saturday at 9am Pacific, the Food Chain Radio show with Michael Olson hosts Matthew Cohen, Mendocino County Medical Marijuana Farmer and Allen St. Pierre, Director of the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws (NORML), for a conversation about who should control medical marijuana.

Topics include how the “medicalization” of cannabis has led to its implicit legalization in some states and counties; why the federal government is enforcing its authority over those states and counties; and whether anyone will ever be able to make cannabis a normal crop, again.

Listen on your radio, computer or IPOD: Food Chain Radio

3 responses to “Medical Marijuana Mayhem

  1. We must say, NO DRUGS!


  3. NO to GMO weed!!! Damn cant even have a natural plant that is not poisonous to us!! RIdiculous!

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