12 Easy Gourmet Recipes for a Vegetarian Thanksgiving

By Jerry James Stone

The holidays can be a challenging time for both vegans and vegetarians. But they don’t have to be, especially with these simple and innovative recipes from our Green Wine Guide. They are so tasty, even the most staunch carnivore will want second helpings.

And while we have some really wonderful recipes here, such as Baked Pumpkin Fondue and Persimmon and Basil Pizza, don’t forget to check out our other seasonal recipes here. And don’t worry, we didn’t forget about dessert, like our Beer-Poached Pears with Chocolate Sauce.

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4 responses to “12 Easy Gourmet Recipes for a Vegetarian Thanksgiving

  1. Mmmmm… nice recipes… thank you and have a happy, cruelty free, thanksgiving…

  2. Hello Rady, thanks for do this. I’m from Spain, and I’m writting to about vegetarian options, and pain free.

    Recently I wrote a post about “Farm to Fridge”. This work is Beyond frontiers, beyond countries, beyond lenguages. We must be Mercyfull with all this animals.


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