Suffolk Co. NY to hear proposal to ban chemtrails

Dec. 11 Update: The Dec. 6 public hearing prompted legislators to send the bill to the Suffolk County Health Committee to vote on at the Dec 15 meeting, and, if it passes, will go before the Suffolk County Board for a vote on Dec 20. (Video of hearing at bottom.)

By Rady Ananda
Food Freedom

On Dec. 6, New York’s Suffolk County government will hold a public hearing on a proposal to ban aerial spraying of aluminum oxide, barium, sulfur, and other salts into the air over the county without first filing an Environmental Impact Statement with and receiving approval from the county’s Department of Health Services, Division of Environmental Quality.

Exempted from the proposed ban are aerosol spraying operations for agriculture, and for lyme disease, Eastern equine encephalitis (EEE), West Nile virus (WNV), and other disease vector control operations.

The hearing will be held at the Riverhead Legislative Auditorium, Evans K. Griffing Building, 300 Center Drive in Riverhead, NY at 2:30 pm.

If the public is able to convince legislators of the risk from such geoengineering operations, the legislation will then be voted on at the Dec. 20th session. Otherwise, the proposed ban will be tabled indefinitely.

Initiated by Cindy Pikoulas and her husband Jim, along with Siobhan Ciresi of Long Island Sky Watch (LISW), with the assistance of chemtrail opponent Rosalind Peterson of Agriculture Defense Coalition, the bill was finalized and proposed by legislator Edward P. Romaine (1st District). (Full text below.)

Involved in Suffolk County government since 1989, Romaine is a fiscal conservative who prioritizes saving farmland and protecting the environment. In August, he organized Long Island’s first countywide farmers market, along with the Long Island Farm Bureau.

Romaine has represented the 1st District (eastern end of Long Island) continuously since 2005. He serves on the Environment, Planning & Agriculture Committee, which voted on Nov. 28 to submit the proposed law banning such aerial spraying to a public hearing.

The Piloulases and Ciresi will speak on Dec. 6 and are urging people to “pack the hearing” to show support for the ban.

“If this proposal becomes law in Suffolk County, Long Island, it would be the first in the nation. It would be a starting point for others to follow,” said LISW in a press release. “Eventually, our governments would have to investigate why our trees are dying in record numbers; why our waters contain toxic levels of aluminum, barium and strontium; why 90% of us are vitamin D deficient; why our crops are failing; and where all of this crazy weather is coming from.”

Cindy Pikoulas of LISW spoke with New York Sky Watch radio on Nov. 20, when she advised that tree samples from Suffolk show high levels of barium, strontium and aluminum. She is asking Long Islanders to have their water and trees tested for these chemicals in order to build a body of evidence that would spur investigations by health and environment authorities.

In addition to attending the Dec. 6 hearing, Long Islanders can contact their county legislators via

Are Exemptions Necessary?

Though exempted under the proposed ban, disease vector spraying may be a subterfuge for weather control operations, given the extreme rarity of EEV and WNV. According to the U.S. Dept of Health and Human Services:

“Eastern equine encephalitis (EEE) is a rare but serious viral disease caused by a virus transmitted by the bite of an infected mosquito with more severe symptoms than for West Nile virus. EEE is an arbovirus (short for arthropod-borne, meaning spread by insects). Birds are the source of infection for mosquitoes, which can sometimes transmit the infection to horses, other animals, and, in rare cases, people.

“West Nile Virus (WNV) was first seen in the US in 1999, in the New York City area of Queens. WNV can live in a number of types of birds and is passed bird to bird by certain types of mosquitoes. Occasionally, an infected mosquito will pass the virus to humans or other animals. Most healthy people do not get sick from the virus, but sometimes it may cause symptoms.”

Per the US Geological Survey, two horses caught WNV in 2011 and 12 caught EEE, none of them in Suffolk.  Of humans, 43 contracted WNV in New York State in 2011, four of them in Suffolk County.  Only one person contracted EEE in the entire state.

Of the other vector-borne diseases of concern to health authorities – St Louis Encephalitis, La Crosse Encephalitis, Powassan Virus, and locally-acquired Dengue Fever – no New Yorkers contracted any of them in 2011. (But 40 New Yorkers did contract Dengue Fever when traveling outside the US in 2011.)

Considering that the population of NYS is 19 million, the application of toxic chemicals purportedly to control for such rare vector-borne diseases where only 44 people became ill in 2011 seems absurd.

US health officials admit that Ugandans and Egyptians, where WNV was first discovered, develop a natural immunity before reaching adulthood.  Using toxic chemicals that pollute the environment, leading to cancer and respiratory diseases, instead of allowing humans to develop immunity to such diseases is an unsustainable and irresponsible control method.

Whether these vector control spray programs are involved in other activities such as solar radiation or rainfall management is uncertain.  But, in addition to the obvious jets laying chemtrails at 30,000 feet, they may be involved in contributing to the high levels of aluminum, barium and strontium found in Suffolk waters and trees.

Below is the full text of Suffolk’s proposed legislation:

WHEREAS, there was duly presented and introduced to this County Legislature at a meeting held on [December 6], 2011, a proposed local law entitled, “A LOCAL LAW TO PROTECT AIR QUALITY IN SUFFOLK COUNTY” now, therefore, be it

RESOLVED, that said local law be enacted in form as follows:




Section 1.  Legislative Intent.

This Legislature hereby finds and determines that Suffolk County is a leader in environmental protection and has several programs to protect soil and groundwater from contamination.

This Legislature also finds and determines that air pollution is another environmental issue that can impact the health and safety of County residents and may also contaminate soil and groundwater.

This Legislature further finds and determines that concerns have been raised that business and government entities may be discharging polluting chemicals, including barium, sulfur, salts, and aluminum oxide, into the air, which may impact weather and other environmental elements.

This Legislature finds that such particulates eventually fall from the atmosphere, exposing the public to these air pollutants and, upon landing, may contaminate soil and water.

This Legislature determines that County residents may be exposed to these chemicals while they are in the atmosphere, which can cause respiratory and other health problems.

This Legislature also finds that, to protect County residents from potential harm, any person who plans to discharge these chemicals into the airspace over Suffolk County should first file an Environmental Impact Statement with and receive approval from the Department of Health Services, Division of Environmental Quality.

Therefore, the purpose of this law is to require any person who plans to discharge sulfur, barium, salts or aluminum oxide into the airspace above the County of Suffolk to file a complete Environmental Impact Statement with the County prior to taking such action.

Section 2.  Definitions.

As used in this law, the following terms shall have the meanings indicated: “PERSON” shall mean any natural person, individual, corporation, unincorporated association, proprietorship, firm, partnership, joint venture, joint stock association, or other entity or business of any kind.

Section 3.  Requirements.

Any person who plans to discharge sulfur, barium, salts or aluminum oxide into the airspace above the County of Suffolk must file a completed environmental impact form, as established in Section 4 of this law, with the Suffolk County Department of Health Services, Division of Environmental Quality and with the Clerk of the Suffolk County Legislature and receive the approval of the Division of Environmental Quality prior to engaging in such discharge.

Section 4.  Form Established.

The Department of Health Services, Division of Environmental Quality is hereby authorized, empowered and directed to develop an environmental impact form to be used by persons wishing to discharge sulfur, barium, salts or aluminum oxide into the airspace above the County of Suffolk.  Such form shall require applicants to detail the nature and purpose of their proposed discharge and any potential environmental and/or public health impacts that may result from such discharge.

Section 5.  Exemption.

The requirements set forth in this law shall not apply to any person engaging in aerosol spraying for agricultural or vector control purposes.

Section 6.  Penalties.

A.  Any person who violates any provision of this law shall be liable for a civil penalty of up to $2,500 for an initial violation, with a fine of $5,000 for each subsequent violation.

B.  Any civil penalty may only be assessed by the Commissioner of Health Services following a hearing and opportunity for an alleged violator to be heard.

Section 7.  Rules and Regulations.

The Commissioner of the County Department of Health Services is hereby authorized and empowered to issue and promulgate such rules and regulations as he or she deems necessary to implement and carry out the provisions of this law.

Section 8.  Applicability.

This law shall apply to all actions occurring on or after the effective date of this law.

Section 9.  Severability.

If any clause, sentence, paragraph, subdivision, section, or part of this law or the application thereof to any person, individual, corporation, firm, partnership, entity, or circumstance shall be adjudged by any court of competent jurisdiction to be invalid or unconstitutional, such order or judgment shall not affect, impair, or invalidate the remainder thereof, but shall be confined in its operation to the clause, sentence, paragraph, subdivision, section, or part of this law, or in its application to the person, individual, corporation, firm, partnership, entity, or circumstance directly involved in the controversy in which such order or judgment shall be rendered.

Section 10.  SEQRA Determination.

This Legislature, being the State Environmental Quality Review Act (SEQRA) lead agency, hereby finds and determines that this law constitutes a Type II action pursuant to Section 617.5(c)(20), (21), and/or (27) of Title 6 of the NEW YORK CODE OF RULES AND REGULATIONS (6 NYCRR) and within the meaning of Section 8-0109(2) of the NEW YORK ENVIRONMENTAL CONSERVATION LAW as a promulgation of regulations, rules, policies, procedures, and legislative decisions in connection with continuing agency administration, management and information collection.  The Suffolk County Council on Environmental Quality (CEQ) is hereby directed to circulate any appropriate SEQRA notices of determination of non-applicability or non-significance in accordance with this law.

Section 11.  Effective Date.

This law shall take effect immediately upon filing in the Office of the Secretary of State.



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48 responses to “Suffolk Co. NY to hear proposal to ban chemtrails

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  2. Every county in America needs to do this.

  3. Very well laid out case. Waiting with high expectations of justice for the earth has no voice for court, only attentive ears can hear pain.

  4. YES finally Someone Is taking Action I appauld youy !

  5. It is the grassroots response that can force the government to reveal what they are up to and eventually knock the legs out from under their little bureaucratic pin headed ideas, well done Suffolk County, NY.

    Doc Blake

  6. They are hiding Planet X from the stupid sheeple and they will not stop. the day of the next false flag to invade Iran, America will be annihilated by the SCO.

  7. Why the Chemtrails ? What is the goal since even the ones who sprays are affected ?

    • i guess the spayers are so dumbed down and paid well so they dont even realise what they are really doing plus they have been fed the bullshit excuses from the geo-engineering saps who after being questioned at a conference about the long-term effects, call it ‘free-riding on our grand-children’ as they dont know what the long term effects are, and about how its a good thing for our protection and the planets,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, bla bla bla bla bullshit, if i can find out how toxic and fatal these geo-engineering substances are then why cant they ??????? mmmm a little suspicious

  8. I used to live in Suffolk, and you CAN get exemptions from spraying for disease vectors, I had them for years. I am going to send this to all my old comrades!

    • cool. thx, morgana

      • Please send people here as well it is urgent people see this what is involved in our food, also get your free Farm to Fridge Dvd On me Please share this and help get these free cards out in your Communitys our Seniors must now decide between their next meal and their medication , help as many people as you can and thank you keep posting these cards WOLK !

  9. Not to get to elated about this because it could very likely be DOA if this public herring does not generate a real response of concern but it’s great to finally see people taking some affirmative action on this obvious ongoing spraying / geoengineering program(s) that have been going on in earnest since the mid 1990’s,the local political level is exactly the place to get things started which will hopefully lead to some serious answers being discovered as to the “WHY” and “WHO” of all the spraying that been going on right before out eyes for so long now, lets hope that this effort to get the truth out of our government is just the beginning of many such efforts.

    Well done to all those involved and a big thank you from this old Chemtrail observer here in Maine, I’m with you 100%.

    • Hi lou Just a little of topic , I have not been to Maine in a while I have had family in Bangor, Sanford I have a flyer I post every where I go about Chemtrails if you are Interested I can send to you by email and you can Post them .I noticed one day I posted so mnay and Taped them on so Heavy I guess the Local Supermarket was geting so Much attention the rfemoved the Community bulleten Board so I guess I must have Scared someone So please let me Know if you would Like it .I wil just send me an Email and I will find a way to send it to you .I do this for our Childrens Future we are all they have My best to you and your Alp

  10. You know, I looked up at the sky as the sun was setting, thansgiving day, and it was full of chemtrails, here in Minneapolis.They send men up, to spray, keeping them from family and Supper.Just because it was thankgiving, it was not unnoticed.I for one am sick and tired, of getting my lungs messed up all winter by them doing so, and they have been doing it at least here, since the fall of 1999.

  11. I’m choking as I type, from the chemtrails laid recently and I’ve been seeing them since 1997. I’ll be there.

  12. Also go to TRUE WORLD HISTORY and Watch what In the world are they Spraying Just scroll Down to the link when you land over 200 Free Movies Documentarys on The Occult = hidden Knowledge Please share this site I thought It was Great a lot of Knowledge Amazing ! share

  13. If it should pass, how do you enforce it?

    I once lived in Suffolk county, left because of radiation leaking from Brookhaven labs – has it been cleaned up?

    • There is no language in the legislation that enforces it. What it has are civil penalties for spraying without the approval of the health department. But it does not discuss enforcement…hopefully we can amend the legislation in the near future to include specific language regarding criminal enforcement. We may need all the help we can get. People get ready 🙂

  14. I cannot believe this is actually taking place! I thought chemtrails were some crazy thing thought up by overly imaginative folks. It seems nothing is too outrageous to be true.

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  16. Thanks for posting this article.. I linked to it from

  17. i attended a meeting w/some political folks who were pushing their agendas and so i asked some local representatives why all the aerosol spraying in a purposely, very nonchalant manner to get a reaction…. the first guy barked rudely, “I have no idea what you are talking about” and walked away. Second response from another individual, “Do you use hairspray in your house?” He also walked away. Now let me get this straight….spraying the planet vs using hairspray on my own head!!!! It’s quite frightening and troublesome that people in positions of power can be so pathetically ignorant to the degree that an actual analogy of hairspray and geoengineering could somehow be related. It is a sick, sick country that we live in~ Glad to see some action on this…hopefully we can see more of it throughout the states. Maui is also working on an ordinance as well.

    Occupy Wall Street!!!!

    Fill the room and beyond on Dec. 6. !!!!! others will follow!!

  19. Was just thinking about this today… Great News.. I will be there. It will shock a lot of people… I hope they don’t deny it’s happening.

  20. The trails in the sky are contrails…nothing more. Banning “chemtrails” won’t change anything. You will still see the trails in the sky.

  21. @ Bill – Normal jet contrails and aerosol (chem) trails differ completely from one another. Identifying the difference is extremely simple. Observe the trail for a few minutes – and if it dissipates – it is normal jet engine steam. That’s what normal jet contrail steam does – evaporates into the atmosphere. Chemical aerosols do not evaporate – and stay in the atmosphere for hours. The trails plume outwards and can then be observed over the course of hours falling downwards. Again, easily observed. The military admits it (see What in the World are They Spraying – You Tube). Weathermen report on it as being small aluminum chafe pieces (again – see What in the World Are They Spraying). Finally, geo-engineers admit to creating the method and it’s method of application. Their premise is by spraying aluminum and barium particulates into the atmosphere, one can perhaps achieve some small degree of slowing the rate of global warming. There is no ‘conspiracy’ here – nor are there theorists in this case. Geo-engineering practices are an admitted method of practice. Geo-engineers at the Calgary Summit Meeting some years ago were looking forward to applying their methods and talked about it excitedly with other scientists. The scary part is that toxicology studies of these particulates were stated as being ‘unknown risk hazards’ and one scientists even said, incredibly ‘We may discover something terrible about it in the future.’ Wow. We watched a jet spray aerosols over the Pacific Ocean recently off the west coast of Vancouver Island, It was the first time we ever watched just at the time the jet was turning completely around to head back in the opposite direction, but not before blasting out an amber/brownish spray for about 5 seconds, just prior to turning off the aerosol completely. It looked as though he just ran out of the particulates he was spraying, and then headed back towards the Oregon coast. The documentary above will give you all the evidence and information you, or anyone else, needs to convince them.

    • Hello cruel world, let me explain how Chem trails really work. MOST ALL contrails are Chem trails, as you watch the smaller evaporating trail realize I watch them stack those chemicals on top of the white lines that they leave witch are easy to see yet the small Chem trails are nano poisons also ! Here in the north west we don’t get clouds unless a jet brings them or accompanies them everytime everytime everytime ! I believe the government has allready taken complete control of the weather, for I watch them make it every day with jets !
      Passenger jets “zero” Chemtrail all others are spreading poisons, and controlling the weather !!! Watch the sky’s closer now, it will truly make you sick !!!

  22. Very encouraging development – but given that government is probably (and military possibly) involved, is the definition of “person” in sec. 2 broad enough to cover them?

    Also, is there an advantage to singling out a few specific compounds, rather than restricting spraying of all foreign substances?


  23. I applaud the efforts being made with this legislation. If you require additional reconnaissance work, I would be happy to contribute any part of my time-lapse. seen here,
    Just get in touch and I’d be happy to submit the hi-res material.
    Good luck with the hearing!

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  25. just left hearing in suffolk very positive must make chem trail more known when i first heard of it i was in the dark but we have to wake up history was made today very glad i was there all the testimonies i actually got teary eyed a few times, upset that we have to defend ourselves against our own government people can make the difference there should have been 10000000 people there maybe next time god bless america i mean god help us

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  28. Very heavy chemtrails over Tampa Bay on Thursday Dec 8 2011. The sky was bright and clear and blue, they came along and sprayed their fake clouds and I had to stop my morning run as I didn’t want to breathe it in.
    THey started doing their spraying before 8:30 am over the CLearwater Largo area and by 1pm it was and amazing display over Tampa Bay itself.
    Any commercial jet pilot flying into Tampa would have seen amazing long lines being laid out, one after the the other. I saw and videoed 3 at a time laying down their crap right over Tampa bay. It was the heaviest and most obvious I have seen in a while. At the same time, I was watching commercial jets with normal contrails : short tails evaporating quickly.
    I watched every “Cloud” in the sky over Tampa Bay around 1-2 pm being made . The Chemtrails expanded and persisted, unlike evaporating short contrails which I also observed at the same time. There is a HUGE and unmistakable difference.
    THe amount of money being thrown into their project is staggering beyond belief. I sat there in awe of the expen$e involved in just a few hours of fake cloud production.
    I videoed the beautiful blue natural sky then I watched them make every “cloud” in that otherwise beautiful blue sky. I was planning on exercising then I thought “I really better not breathe too much of that stuff in “and left. It was the heaviest I’ve seen in a while. I mention this in case there is some collateral damage to bees or agriculture noticed in the next few days.

  29. And on Dec. 10,2011 Saturday, around 1-2pm over Tampa Bay’s west side (Clearwater ,Largo, ) unbelievable amounts of chemtrails being made.
    Interestingly, today, it was made OVER natural clouds that were present around 1pm, then those natural clouds blew away and they just laid it out in the open.
    I showed a neighbor ( a retired engineer for a well known military contractor) and he said the usual “oh that’s just a contrail” .
    So at the risk of being branded a crackpot conspiracy theorist, I took the time to show him a jet in the sky with a real contrail (short and fast dispersal) while we watched , AT THE SAME TIME, several jets laying down chemtrails right over his house. His engineering mind is now engaged, he is awakening, and very surprised he never notice it before.
    I write this in case there is some collateral damage to bees , agriculture or someones respiratory system in the Tampa Bay area in the next few days.

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