Fluoride-free Flyers at No Cost at Natural Health Journal

By David Augenstein

The Journal of Natural Food and Health is offering new fluoride-free flyers at no cost. This powerful flyer enables you to quickly educate others on the real dangers of artificial fluoridation of drinking water and the importance of freedom of choice in personal health and medical decisions and treatments.

Why is this so important now? Forty-one percent of teens are now overdosed on fluoride water and have permanent white or brown spots on their teeth, according to the CDC, while older Americans suffer from numerous disorders made worse by fluoride.

Despite this shocking statistic, the dental industry, public health agencies and their non-profit partners are spending tens of millions of dollars for grants to install fluoridation systems and to launch massive public relations campaigns promoting water fluoridation based on false science, false economics and false promises.

Dr. Paul Connett, an internationally recognized expert on fluoride toxicity and co-author of The Case Against Fluoride, told the Journal, “Fluoride is not safe and effective. Dentists may believe this, but it is neither.”

These fluoride-free flyers are being given out at events, stores and coops, health fairs and conferences, farmers markets, work, schools, and churches. Many doctors, dentists and other health practitioners are handing them out to their patients and at seminars. The flyer gives the link back to Your Local Fluoride-free Campaign home page so that anyone getting a flyer can print more. The flyer has links to The Weston A. Price Foundation, the Fluoride Action Network and the Alliance of Fluoride-free Advocates websites. Participants can also use the free internet promotional tools to spread the word in their city and within their networks.

David “Augie” Augenstein, M.S., P.E., editor of the Journal and an environmental engineer for nearly 40 years, says “Fluoride in water is a drug; and there is no other single widespread issue in the personal food, environmental and health freedom rights arena so winnable as the fluoride question and to get states and cities to just say no to fluoride.”

See and print the flyers at Your Local Fluoride-free Campaign home page and get updated when the Spanish version and other materials become available. Who knows? —those who get this message could become a local Factivist and spread the message to demand fluoride-free drinking water. It’s F-un!


Learn more about the Journal of Natural Food and Health.


Also see Food Freedom’s Fluoride page for more info including links to videos, books and articles.

9 responses to “Fluoride-free Flyers at No Cost at Natural Health Journal

  1. The best information on fluoride you will ever hear is at the bottom of the website MaeBrussell.com. Dr. Lee, Dr. Yiamouyannis, Dr. Mullenix, and Joanie Greggains give you the history, health effects, origins, and reasons why this toxic industrial waste product is banned in most countries of the world. The audio is 75 minutes long which fits perfectly on a regular audio cd. You might consider burning hundreds of cds and circulating them around your community. The pro-fluoridationists will have a much more difficult time doing their job when surrounded by an informed public.

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  3. Very good article. I appreciate the links of resource and citations to help the fight against fluoride in the drinking water. I will have to add you to my bookmarks for future information. I will also write up a quick synopsis, adding your site to my citations.


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  5. I am a big fan of FAN, but I have to say, this “free flyer” idea is kind of insulting. I hope you didn’t hire some Madison Avenue ad writer to think this up. I mean, how is it free if we have to provide the paper, ink and printer to copy out the “free flyer”? Were you actually thinking of charging for the information on the flyer, which is free on the Net.
    I think you underestimate the intelligence of your membership.

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  8. Can you break it down in a just a few lines – The top 3 reasons why I need to eliminate Fluoride in my toothpaste?

    Food Babe

    • Line #1: Fluoride prevents cavities as much as Drain-o, rocket fuel, or gasoline in your toothpaste does, which is why most countries around the world have banned this industrial toxic waste from their water.

      Line #2: Fluoride accumulates in the brain, causes hip fractures, and is the main reason hip replacement operations are epidemic in the USA, yet practically not-existent in most other countries.

      Line #3: Go to the bottom of the website MaeBrussell.com and listen to the mp3 audio of Dr. John Lee, Dr. John Yiamouyannis, Dr. Phyllis Mullenix, and Joanie Greggains. And while you’re at it, burn a few regular audio cds of the audio and pass them around.

      Good luck

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