Indiana Sheriff rebuffs FDA; protects farmers

John Moody at Food Clubs & Coops notes that the second Raw Milk Freedom Riders event will ride from Wisconsin to Chicago.

He also reports that Elkhart County, IN farmers David Hochstetler and Richard Hebron were subpoenaed by the US Dept of Justice at the behest of the FDA. But, Sheriff Brad Rogers stepped in and notified the DOJ that if they wanted to have any dealings with those under his protection and jurisdiction, they would have to go through him.

Moody writes, “Even in the face of severe coercive pressure (the DOJ threatened Sheriff Rogers with a FELONY ARREST for doing his job and fulfilling his oath of office), Sheriff Rogers stood tall and did not back down.”

Sketchy on the details as to why the farmers were subpoened, the piece reports that Hochstetler was released from the subpoena. No word on the action against Hebron.

“Rogers is a member of the County Sheriff Project, an organization founded by Richard Mack and friends, dedicated to training and supporting sheriffs to enable them to fulfill their constitutional oath. Mack is holding an event in Las Vegas and encouraging people to ‘Sponsor a Sheriff’ so that they can reach as many local sheriffs as possible.”

Read the full post here.

18 responses to “Indiana Sheriff rebuffs FDA; protects farmers

  1. Sheriff ROGERS, You are my HERO!!!


  3. Good on you, Sheriff Rogers! Thank you.

  4. States Rights protecting individual rights from the overstepping Federal Government, thanks Sheriff Rogers.

    Doc Blake

  5. I feel that what you did is wonderful. I also feel that if they come into your county, arrest them immediately and throw away the key. It is time that Americans take back America away from these corrupt agencies. Get rid of FDA, USDA, Dept of education, EPA, Osha, Imminent domain. Anything that is against our rights. AS long as their is no problem with safety, and I feel we are all big boys that know the difference between right and wrong.

  6. so tell me how is milk related to Hemp For Victory. I don`t understand the connection

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  8. Where are the priories of the to investigate child molestation or murders, with the public’s level of minimum professional competency?

  9. Great job sheriff we need our farms to be safe from the international laws being given to Federal bureaucrats ,UN agenda 21,

  10. Great check and balance there, of I did ask the Sullivan County Sheriff Mike Prozzo of Newport, New Hampshire to attend that May Day 2007 meeting that I had scheduled with the County Commissioners, but that he conveniently went on an extended vacation of “out to lunch” in more ways than one. The list of states and who is required to file what and where over at: Compare for example: of the Federal agent by 40USC255 to 3112 “shall” file papers with the Secretary of State in N.H. as compared to the governor in Florida, and to: ______ in Indiana (page #____) proving by the evidence that “they” will NOT let any jury see by exhibit, of thus continuing their unlawful and illegal jurisdictions by their militant action of from the word militate = force as evidence. This blockage has got to be un-blocked! Here in N.H. to take the governor to the Executive Branch Ethics Committee to reprimand him for his failure and refusal to be BOTH the sword AND the shield of Article 12 “protection” by Articles 51 + 41 for which he “shall” be held responsible! as pre-scribed in his RSA Ch. 92:2 oath of office and U.S. Attorney Manual 664: end.

  11. Brad Rogers is overstepping his authority and he knows it. The federal government has every right to subpoena any decision. And you raw milk people are nuts.

    • America was founded on individual rights within state jurisdiction. Federal law does not mandate what people eat and drink. Period. -(spoken from a person whose health was healed from drinking raw milk and cutting out the processed profit-driven chemically poisoned food you apparently partake in.)

    • Yeah ok, and we have a right to drink raw milk in peace, and be on our merry nutty ways, bit fascist are we?

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  15. THANK YOU 4 some HOPE!!!

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