Homemade holiday wreaths

By Rady Ananda

It’s not too late to uber-create your holiday wreath… here are some ideas from around the web, including these made with corks and ties featured by The Ecoholic:

The Food Network has several including this cinnamon cranberry wreath:

Or, you can make a bird wreath to help our feathery friends, as Badut shows (you can get the Danish translated by typing into google, Badut Wreath for the Birds):

Barefoot Childhood used peanut butter to make her seeds stick:

A traditional vegetable wreath can also be fun, but Unique Wreaths will make it for you (and this might keep the vampires away, too):

And EcoWomen has a whole list of DIY Wreaths, if you’re really feeling creative — from textbook paper to rags to traditional pine cone wreaths.

6 responses to “Homemade holiday wreaths

  1. These wreaths must be popular! My friend had these on her blog lol! I guess great minds think alike!

  2. Love the cinnamon sticks, very creative and homey-ish!

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  5. Great ideas for wreaths. The peanut wreath stuck with peanut butter …very clever. Thanks for sharing.

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