Mutated vegetables | Fukushima Diary

By Fukushima Diary

Having the harvesting season, more and more mutated plants are found.

↑ From Sankei newspaper, Ibaraki 12/17/2011. The man who runs his Soba shop grew these “carrots”. He is “happy” to find them. He thinks it looks like paper, scissors, rock. He has no question to serve them at his shop.

Location unknown.  Ms. Miwae (79) grew this from her farm. It’s 40cm long. The bottom is split into 5 parts.

She says she has been growing plants for decades but she has never seen a Japanese radish like this.

In Kyushu, they grew a tangerine colored half orange and half green. It was harvested in late November. This is a kind of mutation called chimera.

And one more… notice the two-headed beast.

10 responses to “Mutated vegetables | Fukushima Diary

  1. Why are they doing this to us? Is power everything? I know freedom is.

  2. Which is creepier? The mutated carrots or the fact that someone has taken the trouble to hide the pictures of them from the rest of the world by breaking the links to this site?

  3. click on source at top of article.
    some of the pics still show up.
    ironic to hear folk argue that ptb have too many well informed in the public to pull off anything worse.
    public is starting to get dumbed down fast enough to notice how dumb we are.

  4. In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act. –George Orwell

    Right now we are up to our eyebrows in universal world wide deceit. The type of deceit that will kill you if you are not aware of the lies and the liars.
    Doc Blake

  5. To see the blocked pic, you can right click it, click properties, copy the url address, and then paste it in the address bar of your browser.

  6. I fixed the link… you should see the pictures now

  7. Thanks for fixing. One picture still doesn’t show–just so you know. (So much gets hidden or filtered in media–glad to know I overreacted.)

    • oops… well, I have a limit on pix, so if folks want to see a half orange, half lime, they can hit up the Fukushima Diary website.

      thx for letting me know, Anna

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  9. stoopid “engineers” who sold themsevles to filthy greedy pigs “businessmen”! makes you vomit on their heads!
    put them in boiling excerment!

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