Regulatory Cooperation Commission decides what North Americans will eat

Cross-Border Deal’s Grave Threats to Canadian Food Security
By Nelle Maxey
The Canadian

Nowhere will Canadians be more personally affected by the Regulatory Cooperation Commission than at their own dinner tables, writes Nelle Maxey in this third installment of a three-part investigation into the wide-ranging environmental and socio-political implications for Canada of the recently signed US-Canada cross border security deal and ancillary agreements. Also see part 1 and part 2.

EXCERPTS: The Security and Prosperity Partnership met with significant public opposition on both sides of the border when it became known. Then it seemed to disappear. The Border Security deal and the RCC are simply a continuation of the SPP under new names.

These policies have been transacted by government bureaucrats and private business leaders behind closed doors with no involvement of parliament or public debate. This excellent background video, End of Nations, from Global Research in Toronto gives a great overview of the subversion of the SPP into the current Harper Border Security and RCC policy deal.

Please do not kid yourselves. This deal IS about national sovereignty and the formation of a North American Union.  Nowhere will Canadians be more personally affected by this deal than at their own dinner tables.

The first section of the Agricultural initiatives concerns “Food Safety”. The justification for this portion of the deal is stated as follows:

“Food produced under the regulatory systems in both countries is some of the safest in the world, and it should usually not be necessary to apply additional inspection or testing requirements, simply because it is crossing the Canada-U.S. border.”

While many Canadians may take exception to this statement about the safety of our food supply as teenagers drop dead from energy drinks, the elderly keel over from their listeriosis-laced sandwiches, and obesity and illnesses like cancer and diabetes rage in the general population, the fact remains that the government is sold on its business-friendly policies regarding food additives and contaminates, GMO crops and foods, lax food labeling, lax inspection procedures and opposition to natural supplements and locally-produced foods.

Here are the specific initiatives in the Joint Action Plan and its supplementary document, the Consultation Report (emphasis added) :

  • Develop common approaches to food safety, in light of food safety modernization efforts in both countries, to jointly enhance the safety of the Canada-U.S. food supply and minimize the need for routine food safety surveillance inspection activities in each other’s country;
  • Enhance equivalence agreements for meat safety systems to streamline, simplify, and, where possible, reduce import and administrative procedures, while maintaining public health outcomes;
  • Establish mutual reliance on jointly acceptable food safety laboratory recognition criteria, test results and methodologies to ensure that food safety laboratory testing conducted in one country is acceptable to regulators in both countries and facilitate cross-utilization of laboratory results by industry and regulators;
  • Streamline the certification requirements for meat and poultry, including, where possible, the reduction or elimination of redundant certification, data elements and administrative procedures for shipments flowing between Canada and the U.S.

The second section concerns “Agricultural Production”, with the following initiatives listed (emphasis added):

  • Further align crop protection product (e.g., pesticides) approvals and establishment of maximum pesticide residue limits/tolerances in both countries.
  • Further align marketing application submission and review processes for veterinary drugs, including efforts to establish identical maximum drug residue limits/tolerances in both countries.
  • Develop a perimeter approach to plant protection with a view to leverage each country’s efforts to mutual advantage and, where possible, streamline certification requirements for cross-border shipments.
  • Work towards a common approach to zoning of foreign animal diseases.

Read the full post at The Canadian.

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7 responses to “Regulatory Cooperation Commission decides what North Americans will eat

  1. I read an article on this in the local paper, online (Sun, Province of Vancouver) and I could see everything coming that was reported in this article – especially the rBGH and the ocean of chemicals; as well as GMOs (what; enough of are food isn’t GMO, already?) It’s such a shame that 90% of the population can’t see the obvious. I’ve lived in Canada for over 60 years and I’m actually ashamed now, to call it my country. Our sovereignty is dead and the country has fallen into the abyss.

  2. This is totally sick and ridiculous.

  3. As a matter of principle, it should be okay to harmonize legislation and processes to promote trade. The problem is that it is merely a way to harmonize production by branches of big companies operating across borders and “disharmonize” i.e. strangle by regualtion their smaller mom and pop competitors.

    The fact that it is all done below the radar is scandalous. I am convinced that the only solution is for liberals to wake up. Liberals generally believe that they are the party of civil liberties and the little guy. But by delegating all power to centralized bodies, they have allowed corporations to wield power behind the scenes. Ron Paul is the only hope for eliminating the regulations of the small independent shops, farms, businesses that liberals claim they love.
    I was a big Obama and voter fan until I saw that he was for GMO’s, the Patriot Act, war-in-libya, Monsanto headed FDA and the list goes on. I have voted straight democrat all my life, but will vote Ron Paul or libertarian unless things change.

  4. This will put more organic farmers in Canada out of business, it is the duty of the Canadian govt to protect food, even if it comes from what was once a great ally. The US is corrupted both in their agriculture, drugs and consumer products. GMO’s are not labeled but you can assume that 80% of what you buy is Genetic fake food. Don’t buy it, keep supporting your local organic farmers and tell your politicians you don’t want GMO in your food. If you don’ t speak out- you lose -Monsanto wins. Too many people are sitting on their couches, complaining, but never do anything about it. Its your family, your life we are speaking about here, fight for your rights to organic food, and don’t stop until you succeed.

  5. Good news Rady. BASF leave Europe, They close in Germany, they go to USA”. They are not profitable in Europe. They leave their gmo crops in Europe….
    The issue now is: Now you in USA have to work for that industries close too in USA.
    GMO crops are not profitable, only survive with the grants of USDA…

    This is the post I have posted, I hope you will find more information about this victory for “food freedom” in the world: We hope we all conected, Europe and USA and all the world, we will work to this GMO industries will close, we will do it. This is the post with google translator: it is in spanish.
    In spanish:

  6. Hi Rady!

    I don’t often comment here, mainly because once I get started, I’d probably comment on everything lol – but this is my exception…

    Even so nearly as 5 years ago, NAU was “conspiracy” – rather like 15 years ago when the Council on Foreign Relations garnered the same ridicule.

    Thankfully, people are finally waking up – though we need them to start awakening their families and neighbors in ever higher numbers even as we speak.

    One stark reality even the “awakened ones” don’t seem to grasp is that this is not an isolated situation… While we must fight in our own countries to maintain sovereignty, we must STOP looking to the UN and its progeny (EU, WTO, WHO et al) for answers to ANY problems.

    This is a DOMINO effect, not a follow-the-leader (into hell) style take-over. It was planned. It has been and IS being implemented. Any ties whatsoever to the “world” organizations must be terminated, or there is no use in fighting this, even at home.

    The PEOPLE of Canada don’t want NAU. The PEOPLE of the United States don’t want it, nor do the Mexican people. Why does it continually slither forward? BECAUSE WE KEEP THE SAME IDIOTS IN PLACES OF POWER. Then, we don’t hold them truly accountable for their actions.

    Where are the Mama Bears viciously protecting their young? Off joining the UN council’s Congress for the Advancement of Women or some other such NONSENSE. Where should they be? PROTESTING IT

    So long as we remain stupid enough to ask the wolf for a handout, he will continue to fish out the rope we are hanging ourselves with.

    Noble causes are a dime a dozen if the pay is that good but nobody is looking at the ramifications past what they see on paper. COMMUNISM looks good on paper, too – but would we want to live the way the Soviets or the Chinese did?

    Dig a little deeper people – and then remember to keep your hands on those pitchforks. We just might be needing them.

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