Stop Smart Meters film trailer

A film by Josh del Sol

Here’s the trailer for an upcoming community-based film about the “No Smart Meter” revolution, gathering steam in British Columbia, the US and around the world. Find out why it is critical that we occupy our power, and take a stand now at this key time in history.

Our mission is to create mainstream awareness of the smart meter issue, and help our communities Take Back Our Power. The feature film will be a 100% grassroots-funded project.

We need to raise $7,500 for completion of the feature film. Every single donation helps, no matter how large or small. Please take a moment and offer your much-needed support, via via here.

Resources: documents

How the actual smart meter radiation compares to safety standards:
Measured smart meter radiation vs international RF safety standards [pdf]

More than 100 scientific studies summarized:
Published research summary – RF power density effects [pdf]

Resources: links

Protect Your Analog Meter:
Smart Meter Locks – $25 (BC)

Replace Your Smart Meter:
Order Safe Analog Meter w/ Kit ($49 + ship)
• Kit:
• Info: Replacing A Smart Meter (video)

Sign the Petition:
Official Petition for Referendum (BC)

Subscribe, Download Signs & Learn More:
Citizens For Safe Technology (BC)

Join, Download Signs & Learn More:
BC Coalition to Stop Smart Meters)

Resource Library:
EMR Health Alliance of BC (BC)

5 responses to “Stop Smart Meters film trailer

  1. When you rely on government subsidized, quazi-goverment owned electricity, what do you expect? EVERYONE can produce their own power. It is just a matter of financial priority.

  2. Actually, monitoring your energy use in detail is an important aspect of living an environmentally friendly, green lifestyle. Knowing how much electricity each appliance and device is using is the first step in making changes to cut your energy use. So often I see things left on when no one is using them. I worked in an office and no one turned off their computers and monitors when leaving work. Every evening I would turn off seven computers and monitors that would have been running all night otherwise. Most people probably don’t care. But some would change if they actually realized how much they were spending unnecessarily each month on electricity. One lump-sum electric bill is too vague to help people see what and how they can change. But if we had a computer program that would show us what each device and appliance is using at the moment and what the cost is for each for the entire year people might wake up and stop being so wasteful.

    LEED-certified buildings (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) seem to be a good thing. However, one criticism has been that the system only deals with design and not the actual energy usage after occupancy. The problem is a lack of required monitoring that would actually prove that the building is actually green in daily use. Or it would show that a building that was supposed to be energy efficient can in fact not be any better than other buildings if the occupants of the building are lazy and wasteful.

    Every user of energy needs not just an energy monitor but also an easy-to-use computer program that shows them what each device uses every day, week, month and year. Give the consumers of energy the knowledge they need to make the necessary changes in their lives and work habits to use much less energy. The technology exists. Let’s use it. It will benefit everyone of us. The consumers will save money and it will cut down on pollution.

  3. Nice to see there are so many people ready to profit off of people’s concerns with smart meters.

  4. Smart Meters do NOT give the necessary information to reduce energy usage.

    So-called smart meters tell us by the hour (if you take the time to sign up and sign on to their web site when you come home tired from work) how much electricity we used by the hour 18 hours ago, but we can NOT identify which item cost what, so the information is USELESS.

    Smart meters are like gas gauges that tell us how much gas we had in our car YESTERDAY. And Smart meter cost about $300 EACH.

    Energy Monitors cost 10% of that and they tell us exactly what we need, but they don’t make the utility companies money so they don’t sell those to us.

  5. In the movie, Josef Tyls, environmental engineer, says, “The smart meter basically watches everything that goes on in the house down to the micro-second. It tells them what was turned on. When it was turned on. How long it was used for. And that is all data.”

    I just called our not-for-profit electric cooperative that has installed electric meters that they can read from their office. They get the energy use data hourly through the electric wires that deliver electricity to each meter. I was told that they only get the total energy used and can not determine what appliance was used. Only their technicians can see the hourly data. We can get the previous 24 hours’ consumption after 1-2 AM on their website. This seems to coincide with what robertwilliams22 stated above. So I’m wondering if Josef Tyls’ statement is inaccurate. If Josef’s statement is not true then this is a bad movie to make public because it apparently is scaring a lot of people with talk of big brother and power-hungry government.

    As a member of a not-for-profit electric cooperative I’m happy to no longer have a meter reader coming on to my property every month. With a one-time installation of the new meters the cooperative saves monthly recurring labor costs for the meter readers. Their wages increased annually.

    The movie also broached the subject of privacy. I’m very happy not to have someone walking right past my window every month and getting a close-up view of my home and what I have outside. And quite honestly, does the government really have the money or incentive to analyze what appliances and equipment I use, when and for how long? Do you really think that they’ll contact you and say, “We’ve seen that you watch TV every night after work until 2 AM and have been drowsy at work. Starting next month we’re going to shut off the electricity to your TVs at midnight. We want you in bed at a reasonable time so that you can work productively.”

    Personally I believe this movie is needlessly exagerating things and alarming people for no good reason. I would encourage you to listen to it with a critical mind. Check the facts and don’t be naive or gullible.

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