Greenpeace Year in Pictures 2011 (video)

By Greenpeace International

2011 was the year the bottom shook the top, the year the ballerina danced on the bull, and “The Protestor” was named Time Magazine person of the year.

The faces in our Year in Pictures pay testament and tribute to our contribution and to the benefit of standing up and taking action.

6 responses to “Greenpeace Year in Pictures 2011 (video)

  1. Awww… from GreenPiece…. the only thing missing is the MISSION ACCOMPLISHED banner.

    Time & Greenpeace have served their masters well.

    • yeah, but it’s a good video, highlighting how bad GMOs and the dead energy industry are for the planet

      • True that… but don’t for a minute think there isn’t some secret coded message being broadcast there. Good enough to give a jolt to the willfully ignorant, perhaps… since it’s coming from a “trusted source”…

        • btw, I bet those seeds got irradiated in the mail, which is probably why they didn’t sprout.

          that metal slogg probably set off some alarms!

          • You should have told me sooner. I send more… although, it wouldn’t surprise me if they’re doing that across the board now. They’ve been doing it to our wheat since the 1940’s, or thereabouts.
            I will also get some sprouted here at home and let you know how that goes. I know they’re viable, so that should not be an issue.

          • yeah, cool; thanks. lemme know if yours sprout.

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