Why You Absolutely Must Personally Treat Your Own Water

Mike Barrett
Activist Post

Why do we need to worry about the water we are consuming each and every day?

When referring to a group of people or someone acting different, the phrase “it must be in the water” is often used as a response. While this phrase is always used comically, you need to know that many of your health problems may indeed be result of what is in the water you are consuming every day.

Why You Need to Personally Treat Your Own Water

Many people are unaware of the vast amount of chemicals lurking in nearly all public water supplies. If you are using tap water to cook your food, or drinking it straight from the faucet, then you are exposing yourself to these substances. One of the most commonly noted, controversial substances in the water supply is fluoride.

It was only a few years ago that if you labeled fluoride as a dangerous substance, you would be laughed at and scorned.  For years, a select minority of individuals were the only ones raising the awareness of this health concern.  Their cries have been and continue to be met with dissonance, despite the fact that the public’s opinion on fluoride has changed much in just a short time.

In fact, even the United States government has called for lower levels of water fluoridation following a study published in Environmental Health Perspectives, which found that increased fluoride consumption led to decreased IQ in children.

Check your city’s fluoride levels.

Fluoride is not the only thing in your water. Cocaine, various hormones birth control, pharmaceuticals, and other toxic pollutants are often found in the drinking water across the United States.

Other pollutants typically found in the drinking water:
  • Lead, which can enter the water supply through corrosive pipes or improper water treatment
  • Pathogens that cause disease and are especially crippling to those with weakened immune systems
  • By-products of chlorine treatment such as trihalomethanes and haloacetic acids, which have been linked to cancer and reproductive problems
  • Arsenic, which may cause cancer, serious skin problems, birth defects and reproductive problems
  • Radon, a carcinogen linked to lung cancer
So what do you do about it? One of the best options to prevent against exposure to these chemicals is to purchase a high quality water filter, and one that filters fluoride. Two very good options for this would be the ULTRA Countertop, and ULTRA-uc Undercounter water filtration systems from PureEffect.

The Ultra Models are  “all-in-one”, high performance water revitalization systems.  They raise water’s PH and negative ORP (antioxidant potential). In addition, natural minerals and electrolytes are supported while the systems filter out radiation, VOCs, drug residues, and heavy metals such as mercury, barium, lead, copper, aluminum, and others. It does all of this while not requiring electricity to operate.

The units also successfully filter out herbicides and pesticides, which is becoming a growing concern. New research has confirmed that Monsanto’s best-selling herbicide Roundup has been found to be contaminating the groundwater in areas it is being applied in.

What does this mean? It means that toxic glyphosate is now polluting the world’s drinking water through the widespread contamination of aquifers, wells and springs. If you want to filter this toxic herbicide out, these units will do it for you.

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10 responses to “Why You Absolutely Must Personally Treat Your Own Water

  1. It would sure be nice to find a filter that doesn’t cost so much to filter fluoride.

  2. Typically found where? I find this entry rather lacking sources and sicentific methodology. Even if assuming you mean the USA, each city or district will have their own water sources, you may at least cite a report where the prevalence of such dangers is quantified.

    I’m at the moment not sure that fluoride is bad. It is certainly found in the natural supply of some locations, however the interests of the nuclear industry in the matter do make it look suspicious anyhow.

  3. Gina, the Berkey fluoride filters aren’t expensive.

  4. I’m looking for a whole house filter and couldn’t find one with this company. I don’t want to just filter the water at our kitchen sink but what comes out of the tap throughout the whole house. Any suggestions?

  5. you need one for the kitchen and something for the showers – why should you clean water you are going to flush down the toilet?

  6. I have a kitchen sink, two bathrooms and two faucets outside used to water the garden, wash garden produce and feed livestock. The toxins in tap water also get on clothing washed and get absorbed by the skin. Why exactly would it make sense to pay more to get a filter for every single faucet just to avoid also purifying the water that get’s flushed? That’s why I need a whole house filter. Maybe you shouldn’t assume you know what I need.

  7. MM, I am shopping for a water filter myself, but not a whole house one.
    I have been looking at this website for PureEarth Technologies, Inc., in the city where I live, but I have not done business with them yet. I noticed that they do sell whole house filters: http://www.pure-earth.com/index.html?

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