Confessions of a Lukewarmist

By Rady Ananda

Today, the Wall Street Journal published a letter from 16 distinguished scientists addressed to political candidates entitled, No Need to Panic About Global Warming.

“Perhaps the most inconvenient fact is the lack of global warming for well over 10 years now,” they write, a fact that “is known to the warming establishment…”

The piece directly attacks the notion that carbon dioxide emissions are warming the globe, concluding with:

“Every candidate should support rational measures to protect and improve our environment, but it makes no sense at all to back expensive programs that divert resources from real needs and are based on alarming but untenable claims of ‘incontrovertible’ evidence.”

The term ‘incontrovertible’ refers to a policy statement of the American Physical Society which states, “The evidence is incontrovertible: Global warming is occurring.”

These guys are no lightweights. The group includes a Nobel Prize-winning physicist, the aerospace engineer who designed Voyager, past and present editors of scientific journals; professors from Princeton, Cambridge and MIT, and the president of the World Federation of Scientists.

This letter propels my shift from ardent warmist to lukewarmist, to, eventually, full blown skeptic, it seems.

In 2006, I was amused at the irony of my global warming action on a street corner in frigid temperatures, though I understood that anecdotal data is not a mathematically sound method of discerning trends.  A slick patch of ice at the curb prompted warnings from me that people heeded probably far more than my warmist sign.  My inner sadist was even more amused when people didn’t absorb my ice patch warning, though I still feel a little guilty by the hurt look in one guy’s eyes when he caught me snickering as he slip-slided away.

My own doubts about global warming did not begin until Climategate 2009, when the University of East Anglia was caught publishing false data showing temperature increases.  Significant errors in a report by the UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), where it grossly exaggerated glacial retreat, also raised a question.

But I held fast to the belief that global warming must be real because forests are being denuded, deserts are growing, mass tracts of prairie and wetlands are being converted to asphalt and concrete, and the toxicity of our atmosphere is directly attributable to 150 years of military and industrial pollution.

Please support my work by reading the full piece at Activist Post. Thanks!

25 responses to “Confessions of a Lukewarmist

  1. so are you saying global warming is not happening?

  2. might want to consider antarctica and ice losses so far.
    pretty sure ice has melted faster than predicted.
    the big one that cuts through all tripe is when ross ice shelf calves.
    which is predicted to come soon
    ross is moving too fast and too big for their current methods to be as accurate others in the past
    even so their past predictions of bergs calving have all been exceeded in speed
    predictive accuracy is the only measure of scientific value worth while
    so far their predictive accuracy has consistently weighted to underestimation – in terms of time and quantity
    last heard, when ross calves, sea level will rise 16′ in one day
    that tsunami will change reality, not just perceptions

  3. irony of it all is that neolibs and neocons are using this as their prime disaster capitalist excuse for global dominion, new world order,….
    carbon taxes will be universal and in everything every one does, eats, sneezes,….
    since current history directors will direct that program, we all have a clue how fair and balanced that tax system will be

    • re Antarcicas ice shelf,,,sorry thats a no brainer Nik,,its a? SHELF the volume of ice wether solid or free floating has NO extra displacement possible, shelves break, its what theyre there for, they are the sign of heavy Masses and boy do I MEAN masses of heavy ACCUMULATING Ice pushing outwards..which means the ice volume on the LAND section is actually GROWING.
      the warmist focus entirely on opne small western edge and claim temp rises off of ONE sensor,,bit suss.
      while they are willfully oblivious to the fact the snow and ice is growing massively on the EAST side which is admitted by the less alarmist more honest researchers,
      Gore and a bunch of his henchment are going sth right now, I note they chose SUMMER!!! to go in, as the ice makes it impossible to get there for a good 6mths, and they can find some meltwater pics to try and scare the gullible with.
      Note: the oppostie of Sceptical is???
      re this gem==========
      nik really?
      predictive accuracy is the only measure of scientific value worth while
      so far their predictive accuracy has consistently weighted to underestimation – in terms of time and quantity
      last heard, when ross calves, sea level will rise 16′ in one day
      that tsunami will change reality, not just perceptions
      its plain IMPOSSIBLE!
      and so far their Predictions..(.crystal ball ?)and modelling which so far has and continues to be proved woefully WRONG on so many counts,
      Mann still refuses to provide data and Not one of them can actually hand EVIDENCE,..seriously if you had PROOF and Factuial evidence and the PUBLIC purse funded and continues to do so…then FOI would be “no problem” here look read it and weep. but…theyre still doing their damndest to stop anyone at all seeing it, saying I lost my data? is like “the dog ate my homework:’
      when Lives and economies are affected by what this mongrel says that is NOT GOOD ENOUGH!
      theres are actually LESS cyclones, its just more idiots moved and built pricey homes in areas likely to be hit, hi rise hotels/condos on beachfronts?
      bloody insanity!
      your Last comment actually shows some sense, but I am doutful you realise why?
      the GREEN and seriously sane people who started the lets show some care for the planet and clean up the REAL pollution, have long since woken up to the fact the ONLY goal of the UN IMF ICLEI Agenda 21 etc is ALL about control power restricting freedom and making mega bucks. and UN funded and created IPCC via our Mate( hear spitting sound) Maurice Strong..oil for food blackamil strong, man who went to live in China and keep meddling, bankers buddy etc etc and revell ,gores hero, who wasnt as idiotic as Al is by a long shot., the Eugenicists like Ehrlich, Love warmist agendas it provides them another platform to tell us all how nasty we are and how we all need to die off and leave a pristine planet??? for what? or whom?
      not us thats for sure. Just finished Ehrlichs update top POP bomb, Pop Explosion and its crap! sweeping statement of shortages and famine and floods and diseases etc etc at a possible 5.3 Bill pop.
      well weve hit 7!!! billion and bugger all of any predictions are correct.
      CO2 is NOT a pollutant, you drop it below 250 and crop growth will slow down a lot, bloody GM CRAP didnt provide most of the increases, the higher co2 more likely did, ie trees here that Hate fertiliser in spite of droughts are growing so fast their trunks have Vertical splits. nature did it,:-) its good.
      a warmer climate is adaptable a cold one is not, Ice ages tend to be times of? yeah LOW co2.. mass die off famines and diseases, more so than warm.
      go read some archaeology and serious history. Ian Plimers heaven +earth is a good start.

  4. hi, nik ~ shoot, I should have been more clear – the question is anthropogenic global warming specifically caused by CO2.

    I have read many reports on increasing drought from around the world.

  5. There’s no need for there to be a debate on global warming. Coercive central planning tends to be a poor strategy, regardless of the veracity of the underlying motive.

    If we proliferate grass-based agriculture the carbon sequestration will do as much if not more than a geo-engineering, cap-n-trade, high tech solution; there’s also no catastrophic risk to proliferating rich grasslands, and it’s not only economically viable, it’s economically imperative.

  6. The problem with humans is that they aren’t able to comprehend processes which happen in slow time, and this one is spread over a couple of centuries. Global warming isn’t something which will affect this or maybe even the next few generations significantly. The operative word here is significantly!! so people of this generation, backed by vested corporate interests (which are interested in ‘profits at any cost’) want to believe that they can get away doing nothing and they definitely will. But history is replete with examples of whole societies vanishing time and time again due to similar factors. Despite all kinds of data available, humans WILL NOT learn from history. If that means we are, make that our descendants are, doomed to tragedy, so be it.

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  8. Is Rady warming up to the cold hard facts?
    @ Sumant Joshi “The problem with humans is that they” keep getting in the way of us people.

    Happy Trails, . . .

  9. for interest, pop over to real science .com and find some of the TROVE reports, theyre OLD paper and news reports of past events, you WILL be surprised to see the 1920s drought ie dustbowl was worst, ditto huge floods in india china etc etc,
    so much of the current scare stories are just that!
    and is pure gold IF your’e willing to really learn science, not Modelling and predictions.
    I do NOT ignore the past, the past climate had both higher and lower co2 without OIL or many humans..
    it had massive variations on heat and cold too.
    what we have is?
    natural cycles and we humans are but a speck of dust in the eye of the planet.
    it blinks we vanish, One huge volcano like Tambora killed millions by massive dust in atmosphere cooling the planet killing crops, search.
    the year without a summer, it was more than ONE year it affected the entire planet.

  10. about those Bears up Nth being a bit short of Ice?
    I think NOT…
    The Bering Sea ice this year is in early, and it’s thick. Not only that, it’s moving south fast. The crab fleet has some $8 million dollars of gear in the water, and the ice is moving south at twenty miles a day. Usually ice comes in later and thinner, and moves south at three miles a day. Boats are tied up to the Dutch Harbor docks. At St. Paul Island, out of the photo to the left, the crab boats usually sell their loads to the processor boats. It is also totally iced in. Millions of dollars have already been sunk into moving the crab boats and the processor boats and the crab pots to Dutch. If this cold continues, the season will likely be a total bust.

    My point in this post? Awe, mostly, at the damaging power of cold. As a seaman, cold holds many more terrors than heat. When enough ice builds up on a boat’s superstructure, it rolls over and men die. The sun can’t do that. The Titanic wasn’t sunk by a heat wave.

  11. thx, oz, for your continual hammering at us


    • 🙂 hi rady, yeah I DO make like a sledgehammer sometimes…but after so many years reading up on claims and finding them so often bogus or halfassed my irrit factor is getting to be waaay low i guess:-)

      what gets me the maddest?
      is the fact that sceptics have to listen and read endless reams of crap,
      and then go find whats real before the data got “adjusted”
      and read reams more.
      NONE of this timewasting- life wasting effort should be happening and
      i do so wish reality would hit the sheepies who accept and do not question.
      what it IS doing is taking serious time from REAL issues like GMO/ real pollution, ie I see the EPA isnt acting on Dioxin spewed out by usa manufactories but IS?? declaring CO2 toxic.

    • Bert Rutan a rather clever chap with his feet firmly planted in FACT which enabled him to achieve some speccy Aerial feats, ie private space shuttle type stuff:-)
      Specifically, the theory of CAGW is not supported by any of the climate data and none of the predictions of IPCC since their first report in 1991 have been supported by measured data. The scare is merely a computer modeled theory that has been flawed from the beginning, and in spite of its failure to predict, many of the climate scientists cling to it. They applauded the correlation of surface temperatures with CO2 content from 1960 to 1998 as proof, but fail to admit that the planet has cooled after 1998 in spite of the CO2 content increasing.========
      snipped from here…

  12. @ozspeaksup – well thats a big fat lie.

  13. oz,
    the biggest cred factor found in the hammering is how easily sheepified it is for many to be penned in on so many other no-brainers:
    building 7
    vaccine induced disease
    nutritional lies fed as common knowledge
    cafos vs organics
    fossil vs renewables
    suppression of infinite lists of technologies by fossil oligarchs
    homeopathy vs allopathic cut burn poison
    and on and on and on

    am heartened to hear of ice building up arcticly
    will look more later
    oddly enough personal concern here with prospect of global warming is not warmth and various issues
    it is about climate change with magnified and accelerated rates
    figuring on another small ice age like the one that hit europe a few centuries back
    figuring if ross breaks free (regardless of shelf or not – it is a big chunk freeing much more low saline water into sea suddenly) it is expected to raise sea level more than the 3″ the last shelf did.
    15′ more
    besides tsunami we are looking at the atlantic current stopping
    it is already slowing down

    agreed that regulation and geo-engineering will only be used as they ever have been used:
    to crush small players while centralizing control and power aka forwarding agenda 21
    and yeh that realization is far clearer from here that you obviously guessed

    just the same the zeitgeist is clear
    even though the corporatists protect their agenda21 with blame-the-victim tripe about how they are only doing what is needed to keep 7B alive,…
    in reality the 7B do paltry damage to the planet compared to the industrial and military pollution that is decimating (derrick jensen usage and definition of the word intended here) ecosphere

    yep ted turner and friends want to cull the herd by like 80%
    they may do it too
    irony is that they will justify it with pretense that wild places will grow larger and wilder and more beautiful and provide more and better resources to the remaining
    ironic because their industrial piggishness will bring further ruin on what remains both in the process of culling and in their further development
    places like belarus and chernobyl provide their experimental evidence
    fukushima will do so more

    einstein and others might not have been this terse
    to paraphrase:
    in order to resolve mucked future wet dreams (rather nightmares), we might need to stop using the folks (and their logic) who mucked up the current wet dream in which we find ourselves.

    guess the point to reach for is that gw or not hardly matters
    the history directors live by scaring the sheep (or just killing them outright)
    they can do that even with truth badly applied to science
    and lies applied to same
    either way we have a clue as to their direction
    might be more pertinent to focus on technologies and bets we know will pay off and make us stronger for dealing with such predators

    here’s to becoming less sheep and more sheep dogs
    and better sheep dogs regardless of how many sheep are lost to wolf induced panic/mania

    thank you
    any clues on how to grow stronger sheep dogs and weaken the wolves?

  14. forgot a couple items for list of no-brainers sheep are penned in with:
    haarp elfs
    weather adjusters
    seismic adjusters
    bio warfare pandemics
    chem trails

    alright time to stop
    this list goes on too long already

    • 🙂 agreeing and smiling, yeah I also am looking at soalr charts and past history and also see the cooling is going to be the killer, this week in EU is the 3rd yr in a row to be killing people and millions of farm and wild animals,
      Rady knows I am into bees.
      well in -28 in serbia ukraine etc, and a mate in Russia said hes got -30 currently, most of the bees wil be dead and so will other species, some bad some vital. hell snow in egypt and nth africa is not unheard of but damn rare event like 33yr ago..they lost MILLIONS of cattle in Mongolia last year then more a bit later.
      the Nome snow in early by weeks should also be a heads up.
      crops here in aus just took another hammering from second year floods in a row, La nina, its great for the recharge of artesian waters and inland and the dried rivers after 10+ years! of drought(texas under 12mths is a blink event)
      we have a better chance of fast recovery EU does’nt long while to thaw melt the soils frozen and biota to recover, crops late in less time to ripen and wham..more snow possibly earlier too. it IS how ice ages begin. plus we do have Magnetic reversal to consider, its underway.
      re how to stop sheepies going to slaughter?
      mate ,I try, you try ,rady and coto and others all try damned hard to get people to stop-think-question- but until they have the selfinitiative to WANT to read listen and see, theres little in truth we can do.
      The daily- continual -subliminal- drip feed of DISinfo, is a planned and targeted intentional method to create pattern responses and inertia in the masses. It works best in close packed crowded places where adverts music and screens are unavoidable. another reason to bottle the herd like CAFO stock. apart from vax issues the immersion of tiny babies into TV educational??? crap at days old..its like sticking strobes onto a epileptic, and I strongly suspect its the root cause of most add adhd.. remember Max Headroom? the uk version..they TOLD us what they had planned, folks thought it was just a show. it wasn’t.
      First move is getting TV turned off or better thrown out!
      then breaking the busy every moment routine with no time to think… thats very intentional too.
      its also why we rural folks are a BIG target for the NWO assholes, we do see and think and arent brainwashed and are NOT co operating as they wish:-) and the net allows sourcing of otherwise ignored real info, again its why they want us halted tagged and tracked.
      annoying the f..outta friends sending links and trying to share whatever you can is about all we can do. grab land, get trees and food crops in animals if you can handle that, stock up, and make sure you have OLD tools appliances etc. we need to survive o be able to save others later and to educate and teach, whats left after the shit hits the fan.

    • figuring if ross breaks free (regardless of shelf or not – it is a big chunk freeing much more low saline water into sea suddenly) it is expected to raise sea level more than the 3″ the last shelf did.
      15′ more
      besides tsunami we are looking at the atlantic current stopping
      it is already slowing down======================

      uh uh, remember the huge A and B shelves that snapped off some years back/ NO tidal effects at all, not a one. no tsunami. and as the ice melts -slowly- breaks up and travels all over the place there is NO sudden dump of freshwater like in the Lake Agassiz event up canada way.
      sealevels have DROPPED since 2009, theyre now back to what they were before the not so massive 6mm rise globally.
      and acid oceans is another bullshit tactic, slightly ever so slightly less alkaline does NOT mean acid…and thats got huge variations depending where and what season they check it also.
      our supposedly dying Great barrier reefs are actually doing rather nicely thanks:-)
      the only real crap they copped was influx of silt n crud from recent years flooding.

  15. “Perhaps the most inconvenient fact is the lack of global warming for well over 10 years now,”

    Patently False. Read what NASA ACTUALLY says on the matter:

    You people seriously lack fact-checking abilities.

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