CDC calls Morgellons’ nanoworms a delusion, protects DARPA

By Rady Ananda
Activist Post

Imagine having the mental prowess to be able to create living filaments heretofore unknown, that can reproduce themselves, some of which come with identifying letters embossed on them, and then to make them extrude from beneath your skin, all against your conscious will. [Image]

Sound like science fiction?  It’s not, says the US Centers for Disease Control.

Despite having spent four years and $600,000, and using the world’s largest forensic database, the premier health agency reports it is unable to identify the source of the fibers emanating from those suffering with Morgellons. [1]

The CDC suggests that four out of a hundred thousand people, the rate of infection in Northern California, are imagining these filaments into existence.

Comprising an array of physical and mental symptoms [2], Morgellons is distinguished by novel fibers that protrude from the skin, causing lesions and sores that do not heal, or that heal very slowly.

“We conducted an investigation of this unexplained dermopathy to characterize the clinical and epidemiologic features and explore potential etiologies,” the paper explains.  The only potential etiology suggested was that the patients were delusional:

“No common underlying medical condition or infectious source was identified, similar to more commonly recognized conditions such as delusional infestation.”

The CDC provided more information in its press releases [3] hyping the study than it did in the 300-word study published last week.  Its Unexplained Dermopathy webpage goes beyond what was reported in the actual study, saying there is “no evidence of an environmental link,” and promised to do no further studies. [4]

“People who suffer from Morgellons disease are NOT delusional no matter what the CDC or the mainstream press would have you believe,” says Jan Smith of  She’s suffered with Morgellons for over 13 years.

The image above is on her home page.  “Ponder why a person with Morgellons disease would have tissue coming out of their body with embossed letters on it.  This photo is real and the sample has not been altered in any way.  It is available for research and DNA testing.” [5]

The CDC study reported, “Most materials collected from participants’ skin were composed of cellulose, likely of cotton origin.”

One of the specimens extruded from Smith’s body was found to be composed of cellulose and GNA, the synthetic form of DNA. [6]  Glycol nucleic acid does not occur naturally; it is used to create synthetic life forms. [7]

But why would the CDC not know exactly the origin of the cellulose, instead saying it’s likely from cotton? And what about the rest that was not cellulose? The study provided no details.

The CDC sent the cellulose and unnatural fibers to the Armed Forces Institute of Pathology, reports the Associated Press. [8]  AFIP has been collecting fiber samples and other forensic material for 150 years. [9]  Its 2011 budget was $65 million. [10]  Surely, if these novel fibers are natural or lab-created, the AFIP would know.  Apparently not.

AFIP is the same group that collected all the forensic evidence of the 9/11 attack on the Pentagon and at the Pennsylvania crash site, under code name Operation Noble Eagle. [11]

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21 responses to “CDC calls Morgellons’ nanoworms a delusion, protects DARPA

  1. Robin Carpenter

    Interesting that it started to show up around the time that GMOs were being introduced into the American diet. We have already had unexpected genetic transfers from GMOs such as the poisionous Bt protein toxin being manufactured in the intestines of livestock and humans who’ve ingested Bt corn.

    • yeah, GM crops are definitely an alternative vector. Dr Mae Wan Ho of I-SIS has produced a couple reports on the topic of the agrobacterium protein being horizontally transferred.

  2. At the risk of repeating myself – again; GMOs are destroying the planet and the people!

  3. Wow, that is really disturbing. Just one more reason why we try to eat organic and grow our own food. Thanks for sharing.

  4. I guess a world that drinks the koolaide of global warming/cooling/change and man-mades contributions would buy something such as this!!!!????

  5. “After a weekend after intense spraying I woke Monday morning around 7:30 AM CST to find this incredible substance just on parts of my fence. NEVER BEFORE have I seen such a substance. They clearly are NOT spider webs and they’re NOT simply associated with dew. TAKE A LONG HARD LOOK AT THE CLOSEUPS.”

  6. Rady- May I recommend you contact Mel Freidman, in Reno Nevada. He has found a way to eradicate Morgellons from his body. He had it for over 3 years and he figured out how to eliminate it using natural methods (radical natural methods). He created a website: and has been offering his services of coaching people all over the world on how to eliminate it from their bodies, and does not charge for his service (although he would accept donations to his non-profit foundation he just created). He literally will walk a fellow sufferer through the healing process for over 6 months (coaching them by phone, on his dime, anywhere in the world), and ask nothing in return. He is truly an amazing guy. The protocol costs about $100 a month and it will take about 8 months to eradicate it from your body. He himself, does not sell any of the items needed to induce healing, so he has no direct financial gain by doing so. He made a promise to the universe if he could find a way to heal himself (and not die) he would pay it forward for the rest of his life. And he is holding up his end of his promise.

  7. This is like something out of the X-Files.

  8. HOW I CURED THIS DISEASE! scarredangel
    @ morgellonsgroup.proboards

    “I find it’s the alkaline change that gets them.
    I rubbed apple cider vinegar on my arm and watched as they jumped out of my skin, no longer a gooey root but now a seashell like crystal. It was killing them.

    I soaked in a tub of apple cider & water (a half bottle did it) and watched them emerge for over an hour.

    Infrared sauna helped alot! Apply apple cider after and watch more emerge.

    Started a body cleanse using Psyllium Husk Powder and Bentonite Hydrated Healing Clay.

    My mother basically cured herself of 16 allergies this way. she used to not be able to eat anything, but now eats everything. She says it’s all in the food. I’ve been eating crap food for years, never put the two together until she said it.

    I have cut out soda and sugar and gluten. A body cleanse, apple cider drink and the alkaline change is forcing them out of me. I can feel them falling out even as I type this!

    My skin is healing, I feel better knowing what this is. If it is environmental, then yes – I would say we will never rid ourselves of it….but at least we know through good nutrition (oh my God I never thought I’d be saying these things! HAHA!) – we can keep it away.

    I’m willing to stick around and try!!!!So far so good. I’m excited it’s going away! I have had remissions too in 18 years….and each one is a small victory. hang onto those! Now that my skin is smooth (we’re talking two days, people!) and my scars are no longer angry red (they are pink/white!).

    A little hope is better than none…..right? I’m getting rid of these, I don’t care what anyone says. LOL!”

    • I hope they’re using raw, organic apple cider… man; I’m gonna try the bath just to see what it does for some sores that have never healed (but they don’t extrude anything; just every now and then they itch)

  9. Rady, cider vinegar is an old Vermont remedy. …esp.good for chronic urinary track infections. …best taken w/ a glass of water @ the first discomfort….drink several ounces, bolt a swig & chase it w/ the rest of the glass. also excellent for scalp conditions.
    this is a good info. site.

  10. Here is a brillant piece of work by Dr. Lorraine Day from her article, “What is Mad Cow Disease?” It is about how the government handles diseases like AIDS, Mad Cow, Chronic Fatigue and now Morgellons.

    1. First, they deny that there is ANY problem.

    2. When the evidence becomes overwhelming that there is a BIG problem, they admit that there “might” be a problem, but they say they’re not sure, they are studying it and if there is a problem, it’s not a serious problem and there is no reason for alarm. Keep eating what you’re eating, they advise.

    3. When people start catching on that there really is a problem, the government will admit that at first they weren’t as vigilant as they should of been, but the people who were then responsible for investigating the problem are no longer with the government (blame those guys – they’re gone) and now the problem is “under control.” And there is no cause for alarm. Keep eating the stuff, they advise you.

    4. A number of years later they say, “Oh, we’ve found out that there really has been a pretty big problem all along, but NOW we’ve got it under control. So there is NO cause for alarm.” Keep eating the stuff, they advise you.

    5 Then a year or two later they admit that it’s in ALL the different breeds of animals, but it’s “low risk” and you probably won’t get it so NO cause for alarm.” Keep eating the stuff, they advise you.

    6. When the problem continues to grow, they start dividing the Prion diseases into different categories so no one specific category has too many people in it.

    7. When the problem becomes outrageous, they admit there’s a small, but controllable problem, and then they start covering up the true statistics – the REAL number of people who have the disease or who have already died from the disease.

    Doc Blake

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  12. Thanks Rady, I have been watching Morgellons for about 5 years now and your article is the most indepth, study backed article I have seen so far on the subject. What ever the cause of Morgellons the CDC is very afraid of this one because it would tax the paramatures of their one demential thinking beyond where it can go.

    Years ago I was listening to a Hindu Guru answer questions from students about the Universe. He said, “anything you can imagine exists somewhere in space and time?”

    • between nanotech and genetic modification, it’s really true that whatever can be imagined can be created.

      Now, if I can just get people to stop reposting this article in full, which steals money from me. 😉

  13. my pal works at a CDC type place & she says its easy to put letters/numbers on worms.

  14. It’s hard to find educated people in this particular subject, but you sound like you know what you’re talking
    about! Thanks

  15. I believe that i have this because i have all the symptoms n ever since I’ve had it alot of odd things have been happening in my life….not at liberty to discuss here

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