This Food Blasts Your Body With up to 180 Times the Fluoride in Drinking Water

By Dr Mercola

One of the primary sources of fluoride exposure is not fluoridated drinking water but non-organic foods, due to the high amounts of fluoride-based pesticide residues on these foods. Non-organic foods may account for as much as one-third of the average person’s fluoride exposure.

Foods particularly high in fluoride include non-organic fresh produce, breakfast cereals, juices (particularly grape juice), deboned meats such as lunch meats, and black- or green tea (even if organic).

Fluoride has the ability to affect other chemicals and heavy metals; in some cases making them even more harmful than they would be on their own. For example, when you combine chloramines with the hydrofluorosilicic acid added to the water supply, they become very effective at extracting lead from old plumbing systems, promoting the accumulation of lead in the water supply.

Studies have shown that hydrofluorosilicic acid increases lead accumulation in bone, teeth, and other calcium-rich tissues. This is because the free fluoride ion acts as a transport of heavy metals, allowing them to enter into areas of your body they normally would not be able to go, such as into your brain.

In a previous interview, Green delved into the sordid history that made water fluoridation a reality in the first place. If you missed it, I highly recommend taking the time to watch it now.

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9 responses to “This Food Blasts Your Body With up to 180 Times the Fluoride in Drinking Water

  1. All the more reason to produce your own food. When you control the inputs…you control what you are ultimately consuming too. Thanks for a great post.

    • I too grow almost all of our food. I am concerned about the stuff that may be falling onto it from those trails in the sky, also the possibility of GMO contamination from who knows where upwind.

  2. I can’t grow all of my own food. Some politicians think we should deregulate everything and that’s real freedom. In food and water we need more regulation and involvement in it. I like this website and I love people who do grow their own food. It would be wonderful if the entire food and beverage industry would evolve to be safe for consumers and the earth.

  3. I’ve been listening to the 1st video; now that’s very interesting on the history of how fluoride got in our water — it was a byproduct from the Manhattan Project!

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  7. Fluoride kills brain tissue and stops the brain producing phosphatidylserine which is vital to produce new brain tissue, so stopping the brain’s natural ability to repair itself. See ‘Phosphatidylserine Depletion Caused By Fluoride’ on ‘Mothman777’s Blog’.

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