World Peas Expo in Toronto Feb. 11

By Occupy Gardens Toronto

The WoRld PeAs ExPo is a celebration of peace, food, love, art, and soilidarity!

The purpose of this gathering is to build community, to share and learn with one another, and to begin plotting for the mass seeding of the city.

Through this event we wish to emphasize and celebrate the connection between peace and food; and the incredible power of food to bring people together, bridge differences, reduce conflict and promote peace!

It is a spontaneous festival potluck – you are encouraged to bring :

– friends
– loved ones
– art and art supples (think banners/posters/tshirts/edible containers etc)
– music – strings, wind, song & dance
– FOOD – small healthy dish of food to share (think raw, veg, local, organic + bowls/utensils)
– information and educational materials on gardening and all things pertaining to food
– passion for community, mutual fulfillment, and co-creation

This is a FREE & Open event for any and all to participate. There will be space for information & artistic displays, workshops – skill/knowledge sharing, and themed discussions.

It is happening on Saturday February the 11th between 11-5pm at OISE, UofT in rooms 2214, 2211, and weather permitting, outdoors in the Parkette next to the building. For more info contact

It’s Thyme,
Lettuce Occupy Gardens for World Peas!

252 Bloor Street West, Toronto, ON M5S 1V6


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