Sitting in Starbucks, eating GMOs

By Robert McCollough

Across the country rage is growing about GMOs and their being unleashed one after another on the country.  While Europe, despite immense pressure from the Clinton administration, initially banned them, the FDA hid 40,000 documents indicating their extreme toxicity, to get them introduced in the US.

Ten years after Monsanto’s Bt corn was first planted in 1996, diabetes had increased 90% with the highest incidence among Hispanics for whom corn is a sacred and central part if their diet.

Those GMOs are being kept unlabeled.  A Monsanto official once said to label them would be like putting a skull and cross bones on them.

The vast majority of the country believe people have a right to know what is in their food and that GMOs must be labeled.

Meanwhile students and professionals, most of whom  agree that GMOs  should be labeled, are complacently eating unlabeled GMOs daily at Starbucks.

The GMO situation has become starkly clear.  They do not even qualify as food. Food, by normal definition, supports life and fertility and heals.  But GMOs are in fact causing infertility and spontaneous abortions in animals and are destroying reproductive organs.  This comes on top of studies indicating a relationship to diabetes, cancer, asthma, and birth defects.

The Starbucks clientele purchasing elegant looking items believes what they are eating is nourishing food but the pesticides and GMOs, aside from being toxic in themselves, bind to the crucial micronutrients in soil and in the plants, preventing them from being accessed for use by micro-organisms or animals or humans.  What matters in food; what makes food, food – is unavailable.  It is not by accident that the corporations have actually gotten food redefined as “stuff.”

If they contain corn, soy, canola oil, sugar or cottonseed oil, present in most processed “stuff” in the US, the tempting pastries at Starbucks include GMOs.  Those pastries contain GMOs developed by Monsanto which also developed the nuclear bomb, PCBs (considered the most toxic substance known), chemicals weapons, Agent Orange.

If one were to be more accurate about GMOs not being food, one would say that the “stuff” actually meets the definition of bioweapon.  This should not be startling since Monsanto has made its fortune in creating weapons of destruction, and with GMOs they shifted to biologic ones (that are patented) that people are tricked or trapped into being exposed to.

It is no wonder that people hate Monsanto and consider it the most evil corporation on earth – it is conducting a war against them, albeit a stunningly surreptitious.

Every day students and professionals who likely have signed petitions against Monsanto sit at Starbucks eating Monsanto’s “stuff.”

Starbucks could easily label the GMOs there (their food offerings are standardized and quite limited) if its educated clientele demanded it do so.  It could also let its customers know how artificial (and potentially GMO as well) its syrups are.  It could tell the truth and begin to sell real food.

Starbucks has a quality image but since it is selling GMOs, it is solely image.  The reality is the company is buying cheap “stuff” and serving Monsanto toxins to their customers.

They also sell the New York Times – more “quality” image – which in response to the surging national demand for GMO labeling, said there was no evidence that GMOs are harmful.

No evidence.  Strange.  The evidence is overwhelming.

Just as Monsanto hid documents showing the extreme toxicity of their PCBs for decades even as people in Anniston, Alabama were dying, but the truth finally came out, so, too, is the truth coming out on the hidden FDA files,  the disturbing early studies by  Puszstai, the subsequent studies by Seralini and scientists in Argentina and elsewhere, the reports of abnormal reproductive organs by midwives in Asia, along with highly disturbing evidence from agricultural bioweapons expert Don Huber.  Revelations of GMO toxicity is pouring out from country after country.

Meanwhile as people learn the truth and seek organic food, at the FDA, the same Monsanto executive who unleashed GMOs in the US in the first place, who designed the “food safety” bills and then became Czar of “food safety” at the FDA, having given himself power over all food and farms, is now sending out armed FBI agents against farmers and buying clubs involved with organic (the only actual) food.

Customers at Starbucks are paying to eat GMOs, thinking they are getting actual food, while the Monsanto executive at the FDA has his agency arguing in court that the public has no right to choose its food.  And, tipping off how serious this all is,  no right to their bodily and physical health.

As students and professionals consume unlabeled GMOs at Starbucks here, in Europe GMOs must be labeled.  And then they don’t sell. So Starbucks is forced to serve real food in Europe.

Here, whether customers drive through or come in, “Welcome to Starbucks!” is the cheery prelude to Starbucks selling its American clientele GMOs.

30 responses to “Sitting in Starbucks, eating GMOs

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  2. I’ve mentioned many times that the “food” at Starbuck’s is full of GMOs…even the breakfast sandwich is full of GMO corn, soy and canola! 99% of the time, I get the same response – a big grin, or outright laughter! Yup; destroying people’s health is soooooooo amusing!

    • yep and i just read the starbucks napkin that claims they now serve real food since they took out some artificial ingredients and corn syrup. theyre crafty arent they!? sadly gmos are so pervasive that its hard to get ppl to avoid em

    • Among their long list of ingredients for for some of their sandwiches I have seen: TITANIUM. There is no cellular function that requires TITANIUM. So add some heavy metal toxicity to your GMO caffeinated sugar slurry. (& if they don’t filter their water throw in Chlorine & Fluoride to boot! – heck why not)

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  4. Just another reason to grow and raise at least some of our own food. Thanks for the thoughtful post.

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  6. I always know when I haven’t done a good enough job avoiding GM food: I get chest pains as my heart tries to stop. At first I ran to a cardiologist who ran every test known to man and finally told me that “Whatever my problem was, it wasn’t my heart.” If I my heart does stop one of these days, my death will be attributed to heart disease because the real cause can’t be traced.

  7. So often i hear the response, well, we’ll just grow our own food… and it makes me wonder. We are all just to go off and grow our own food? Assuming that is even feasible for everyone to do, what happens when the government next disallows that? That is a distinct possibility, isn’t it? A government that would sanction and even enforce the mass poisoning of its populace wouldn’t do such a thing?

    When comes the time when we get really pissed? According to my watch, that was over five years ago. There is not a lick of intellectual honesty in these grow your own food apologetics… one would think you don’t have the ability to think yourself out of a paper bag. And here’s some news, it also shows a total lack of concern for your fellow man, for the future of our children and the future of our world.

  8. This article did not mention WHEAT. I do not know what role Monsanto played in geo-engineering wheat, but I recently read an article about this. Very little of the wheat planted in this country comes from natural seed. Wheat has been geo-engineered for so long, we do not even know about it. But wheat is causing many ‘gluten related’ health problems, such as food allergies.

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  10. Here’s some more food for thought. One of the companies you’ve mentioned in this article, Monsanto, bought one of the world’s largest vegetable seed companies, Seminis, seven years ago. Readers can draw their own conclusions by reading this article from the Rodale Institute:

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  12. When Monsanto is finished killing us off, what reason will it have to exist. First it develops agent orange to destroy nations, then chemicals to destroy communities, and now its poisoning all of us. We may not all have the ability to grow our own food, but we do have the power to shop wisely and eat well.

    Join my forum at

  13. I’d like to be able to access the 40,000 files of the FDA. Does anyone out here know where I can find them?

  14. The world-wide deregulation of gmo labeling requirements would open up free trade of these genetically engineered and modified foods particularly to the European countries. In 1998, the United States exported $63 million worth of maize to the EU, but the exports decreased to $12.5 million in 2002.

  15. Good stuff for thought.
    Unfortunately, the GM-labeling here in Europe is not so clear cut.
    Yes, labeling is required on store-bought foods, but not in restaurant foods that are sold directly to the consumer. So the giant tub of mayo with gm soy oil at, say, Starbucks is indeed labeled, but the consumer has no way of knowing that his sandwich contains gm products. The EU Commission determined that “non-packaged goods proposed to the consumer in the food-service sector are not subject to this labeling obligation as long as the restaurant owner elaborates or transforms the given food”. ‘Transforming’ or ‘elaborating’ the food can be broadly understood as…heating it up in the microwave, wrapping it in plastic..etc. Thus we have no reason whatsoever to believe that there are not any gmo’s in European Starbucks, McD’s, etc. On the contrary, there is good proof that in Europe GM oils and condiments run rampant in the fast food industry and particularly in the american fast food industry; the president of McD’s France, after whole-heartedly denying the presence of any gm products in McD’s food, admitted that “trace” amounts could be found… and we all know where this leads.. (source:

  16. There is more, and it is about coffee shops and chocolate: I already knew spiritually that hot drinks were not for our bodies, which are the temple of the holy ghost (1 Corinthians 3: 16; 6: 13, 19). I already knew scientifically that caffeine, theophylline, and theobromine are carcinogens, addictive stimulants, and mind-altering drugs. I already knew from my marketing education exactly why the Starbucks message is so successful. I already knew from my life experience that world culture must be deeper than drinking from a plastic lid sippy cup on Earth Day simply because your cup is called cozy names like Caffe, Mocha, Latte, or Frappaccino and you are drinking your antioxidants for health while eating their Cinnamon Toffee Crunch Loaf.

    But this is the latest for me: I cannot ignore world news reports that 15,000 children are enslaved in the Ivory Coast of Africa. I love the orphans around the world—whether in China, the Pacific Islands, Mexico, or Eastern Europe. Would you whip children into carrying sacks of beans for one hundred hours per week without wages, for a “relaxing” of cappuccino or espresso? How is that relaxing for them? Are you reading this and sitting down comfortably while they are falling down on their knees? Can you support the selling of children and still feel spiritual, cultured, and trendy while drinking at Starbucks and other cafes with your Christian friends?

    All of the money spent by Americans on gourmet coffees and in trendy coffee houses probably exceeds the annual food budget of some continents.

    • um. I get it. But Starbucks doesn’t buy coffee from any of the places you mentioned. And, to be fair, what I spend weekly at Whole Foods buying non GMO food probably exceeds the annual food budget of most families in developing countries. Also, this blog post has no supporting evidence, similar to your comment.

  17. Reblogged this on Lishy's Kitchen and commented:
    Another series of convincing arguments about why it’s so important to know what is going into our bodies. This is a great resource for learning more about GMOs. Read, learn and try to avoid them!

  18. how do we know they are purchasing from Monsanto and serving GMO’s? I hate GMOs as much as the next but no proof was offered here and would hate to pass it on if we do not know for sure.

  19. The GMO argument continues – we need to get the right information into the right hands – support the labeling campaign and spend some time understanding the issue so that we can be unified in an approach.

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  23. People don’t want to believe that our own government would do anything to hurt them. They are totally unaware of who is behind what happens in our government.

  24. debbie foster

    Contacted Starbucks home office recently, I asked them how many Fair Traded and organic coffees do they offer in their shops ( I visited one of their shops recently to ask these same questioned, but, no one knew the answers to my questions) it took the person on the phone a while, but, she came back to me with this answer, “We only offer 1 Fair Traded coffee from Italy and it’s not organic and we offer 1 organic coffee”. So it’s no surprise to me that this company doen’t want labeling. We deserve to be offered better products and people/children deserve to be treated fairly, HOW COULD YOU TURN YOU BACKS TO THESE ISSUES, it seems you have lost your way, turn around and start to become the leader you could be for Fair Traded coffee and organic coffee industry. It’s the decent thing to do.

  25. Is this a joke? The amount of made up info is creepy. Not that funny.

    Please don’t be serious.

  26. It’s bad

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