Int’l Women’s Day: Women reclaim their stewardship of life, reject GMOs, GMO vaccines

By Sylvia Gonzales and Esther Rhodes

Women and children’s bodies are the very source of the world’s future. Yet women and children’s bodies are at the heart of the corporate assault. That is the reality women face on this year’s International Women’s Day (March 8).

During WWII, IG Farben, the pharmaceutical and chemical giant of the day, experimented on women prisoners at Auschwitz, attempting to develop a vaccine that could covertly sterilize people at routine doctors’ appointments.

Is this a women’s issue?

Today, the University of Georgia Research Foundation, controlled by pharma, holds a patent entitled “a fertility impairing vaccine.” The patent refers to polysorbate 80 as the “preferred ingredient.”

Is this a women’s issue?

Polysorbate 80 is in the h1n1 vaccine which people avoided because it was untested. The CDC put pregnant women first in line for that vaccine, a vaccine containing 250 times more mercury than EPA deems safe, a vaccine to allegedly protect against a pandemic. But the CDC invented the pandemic with data which was as much as 98% false. Now it will not publish the real data it holds showing that 1000s of women aborted immediately after taking the H1N1 vaccine, often far into normal pregnancies. The H1N1 is now hidden inside the flu vaccine,

Is this a women’s issue?

Henry Kissinger, responsible for the murder of Salvador Allende and the subsequent Chilean coup, for slaughter in Cambodia, a man considered an international war criminal, wants a 50% reduction in world population. He wrote a report to the US government recommending using vaccines to covertly sterilize populations.

Is this a women’s issue?

Ted Turner had wanted a 95% reduction in world population but generously altered that to only 70%, getting rid of billions by preventing their births.

Is this a women’s issue?

Women do not need more than to see the pharma patent and know its preferred ingredient is in the flu vaccine and every single one of the mandated vaccines for children, to have certainty that pharma now threatens the fertility of human beings with vaccines. The long series of mandated vaccines for children means they face an entire childhood and adolescence being hit again and again with a sought after sterilizing agent.

Is this a women’s issue?

Pharma is working now in state after state to remove exemptions to vaccines and to require the flu vaccine for employment.

Is this a women’s issue?

There is a great irony for women in what pharma is doing in damaging the reproduction (one definition of genocide) – it unites pro-life and pro-choice groups in their naivete. One has focused on abortion clinics when not aware that at Walgreens and other pharmacies, women and children are being sterilized and that pediatricians at routine appointments are bombarding children with a sterilizing agent, as mothers stand by without knowing what is happening. What is pro-life about mothers bringing themselves and their children for covert sterilization?

The other group demands choice over their bodies and the right to abortion, while the choice to have babies at all is being stolen without their knowledge. While right to choose what happens to their bodies has been turned into a farce by pharma as it assaults women and children’s bodies chemically, eradicating choice to reproduce, to create a future, by a long planned form of covert genocide. What rights over own’s body? What choice?

Is sterilization a women’s issue?

The now verifiably intentional design for impaired fertility – through a patent that says just that – is not, however, the limit of what comes with vaccines.

They are contaminated with cancer and other viruses, so says the previous head of vaccines at Merck, Maurice Hillerman, and with mycoplasma, so warns Garth Nicolson, a cell biologist and perhaps the most cited scientist in the world, describing mycoplasma as a primitive bacteria that takes apart cells.

Is this a women’s issue?

Sterilization and disease-causing contamination, however, are not the limits of what vaccines include. All the new vaccines are DNA vaccines which use genetically engineered material shot into the child or adult, with the hope of DNA “uptake” of their patented synthetic material into a person’s DNA, their code of life. The consequences of tampering with someone’s DNA is unknown. What the GMOs are designed to do is unknown.

Is this a women’s issue?

In many ways, these GMO vaccines are a secret experiment, people never having been asked if they are willing for their or their children’s DNA to be altered with synthetic material which is permanent and will affect all their bodily functions in unknown, unpredictable ways, and will be inheritable.

Is this a women’s issue?

Human being lineage has always come from only two sources, their mother and father. Without permission of the person or parent, without even their knowledge, pharma has been inserting for the first time in the history of genetics, a third source of inherited instructions over the adult person or child’s life – an inhuman, corporate source, and using synthetic material.

Is this a women’s issue?

This is still not the limit to vaccines, because the material being inserted is patented. The legal questions surrounding inserting into an adult and especially around filling a child with patented intellectual property have not only not been answered but have not even been spoken aloud. Who will have rights to the adult or child’s blood, tissues, organs? Has the adult or child ceased to be a child or God, of of its own parents even, and become in part a product over which pharma may assert future claims? With so many mandated GMO vaccines, is the child being increasingly altered, so that his or her natural genetic heritage and physiologic instructions are being disrupted? Is the child legally losing rights to their own bodies as the child is increasingly filled with more and mire of pharma’s intellectual property?

Is this a women’s issue?

If there is no way to stop this pharma “seeding” of a child or adult with its own synthetic biologic material, how does this rupturing of the child’s or adult’s own CORE biologic wholeness, differ from a rape? And how does this differ from a rape in which the rapist impregnates a woman, forcing her to carry forward the rapist’s lineage?

Is this a women’s issue?

At the mere declaration of a pandemic – with no proof of one needed or even any presence if an infectious disease – pandemic laws put in place by Bush would make adults and children subject to draconian power over their bodies. The pandemic laws include forced diagnostic testing, forced taking of bodily samples (not excluding organs), forced untested and unknown vaccines (precisely what German pharma execs went to prison for), forced unknown and untested drugs, forced unknown and untested chemical treatments, and forced, unknown and untested “medical treatments.” In short, the state pandemic laws designed by pharma which put Bush into office, legalize in the US the forced medical experiments for which the Nazi pharmaceutical industry was infamous, and crushing financial penalties along with forced detention is included for any who object.

Under those laws, vaccines containing IBM injectable RFID tracking devices could be forcibly implanted. This is the same IBM which ran the trains and located the Jews for slaughter and located their assets, for IG Farben, the pharma giant responsible for the Holocaust. Those companies are 20 times larger today. The vaccines come from them.

Is this a women’s issue?

It is not only through vaccines that pharma is involved in infertility.

They created genetic engineering of food which has removed the very essence of food, that it sustains life, supports fertility, and heals. What pharma has done to once wondrous food does the opposite. Cattle herds are going infertile from eating the stuff pharma created, human reproductive organs are being damaged, diabetes has greatly increased, and they are associated with birth defects, asthma and cancer.

Is this a women’s issue?

After WWII, the pharmaceutical companies responsible for mass murder, human enslavement and crimes against humanity devised a plan call Codex Alimentarius, to take control of all food in the world and degrade it so thoroughly that there would no longer be adequate nutrition, thus generating diseases and thus more profit for itself. To ensure these severe nutritional deficits and the profit from them, the other part of Codex was the banning or extreme limiting of access to nutritional supplements. Hundreds of millions are predicted to die from preventable heart disease in the first generation alone.

Is this a women’s issue?

Genetic engineering of food is part of Codex. Genetically engineered corn was planted in 1996 after Clinton appointed a Monsanto lawyer to the FDA where 40,000 documents showing the extreme toxicity of GMOs were hidden. Codex has begun its impact, for GMOs are not only toxic but chelate or bind with micronutrients in the soil and plants, robbing them of essential micronutrients required to sustain life. GMO corn was associated with diabetes and in the 10 years after its planting, diabetes rose 90% and diabetes became a new booming area of pharma profit.

Is this a women’s issue?

Food safety bills were designed by Monsanto and pharma to destroy local food systems and real food. They are being used around the world to create bogus yet such burdensome standards and certification and costs around food that small farmers and food producers and individuals are being be cut off from engaging with real food and the public is being systematically left with only nutritionally degraded corporate food.

One sees this orchestrated effort to end access to real food in the banning of home made food in churches and schools, the poor being given food bank handouts or food stamps for corporate food filled with GMOs, pesticides, hormones, antibiotics, chemical additives of every kind. One sees it in states now working to change laws around farmers markets to make them harder to enter or even to exist, and in places like Miami, which has already closed some of them down. One sees this in the push to irradiate all food, which would mean no real food as well as mean no food such as potatoes or garlic or peas could germinate. Food, the source of life, would itself be dead.

Is this a women’s issue?

On this International Women’s Day, women face a threat to their own and their children’s fertility, a threat of the corporate rape and then potential ownership of parts of their own and their children’s bodies. They face the intentional destruction of micronutrients, crucial for their survival. They face a corporate plan to create disease by removing access to organic (or real) food and organic(or real) supplements which are the source of micronutrients and health and life itself.

These deep physical assaults on people’s bodies and the denial of what is needed to live, are being done in the name of “health” and “food safety” and “protecting people from diseases.”

From time immemorial, health and protecting a family from diseases, and providing for and choosing food and the food’s safety, have been the province of women. It is only by cutting women off from their protective roles that pharma can move forward with its assault on fertility through vaccines, its rape of people’s biological inheritance, its insertion of its own patented material into eons human biology raising questions of ownership of human biology, its cynical use of food safety to remove safe food, its life threatening effort to remove access to essential micronutrients in both food and supplements.

The corporations attempted to stop breast feeding in favor of profit for Nestle and others, calling breast deeding unclean and unscientific and getting the medical profession to push that lie. The medical profession caved to special interests around breast feeding and got things terribly wrong.

Mothers, in the interests of their children, would not back down and crushed the false experts by standing up for the true needs of their children.

Right now women must in the same way stand up against false “health authorities” and reclaim their deep and ancient authority of protection of life, at every level. The soil, the plants, the bees, the animals, the children, are all being sickened. Mother earth is crying out to women to seize back their protective role for the sake if life itself.

This International Women’s Day, one can see where the experts have brought things – adults and children and the land and animals have never been so sick. Women can’t wait any longer.

To reclaim their power around food, around health, around disease treatment, around who touches or what enters their bodies, around who touches and what enters their children’s bodies is to reclaim their truest role as creators, their spiritual obligation to life they are blessed with being able to pass on.

To reclaim control over food and decisions over whether it is safe or not, over where it comes from, and that it be nutritious and that vitamins and minerals be available in organic form and full strength, for supplementation, and over herbs and remedies developed over 1000s of years, women reclaim their connection to mother earth and God and all the blessings of abundant and miraculously diverse food and plants that heal, and over health itself.

The pharmaceutical industry may be the most powerful industry in the world. It may also be the most criminal, and have its Nazi history and thinking, but women are the guardians of life, both in their bodies and in their protective hearts.

The pharmaceutical industry, with its genetically modified foods and vaccines poses an almost unfathomable threat to all of our future and whether there will be children at all. It will be women who stop this generation of children from being bludgeoned with a “preferred” sterilizing agent at every pediatric appointment and filled with GMOs that destroy their reproductive organs, at every meal. It will be women who protect food and all those producing it, just as they saved breast feeding, and for the same reason – to nourish the children with what is truly good for them.

We ask Pro-life and Pro-choice women to join together now to save fertility itself, and to protect the health of all children.

Strike down, state to state, all laws mandating vaccines, and state to state, strike down Bush’s pandemic laws poised to force medical horrors on the country.

We began in a garden. To begin to save our future, Women ask all families to plant an organic home garden. Whether small or large, it will stand against greed and efforts to rob us all of health and life. Plant a garden to protect the fertility of our seeds and the fertility of ourselves and our children. Plant a garden for freedom from want and for the well being of everyone. Plant a garden for joy.

Plant an organic garden out of gratitude for and love of life.

The following is a short list of those who might come out for International Women’s Day:

Aunts and Uncles
Teens facing the Gardasil vaccine
College students facing mandated vaccines to enroll
Anti-GMO groups
Those with anti-Monsanto feeling
All those wanting GMO-labeling
Those for vaccine choice
Those opposed to vaccines
Those for informed consent
Those opposed to genocide
Pro-life groups
Pro-choice groups
Those sick with diabetes
Those having trouble conceiving
Those who have lost family members to prescription drugs
Those who support integrative medicine
Those who depend on natural supplements and know the FDA is trying to remove access to them
Those who respect Aryuvedic and Chinese medicine
Food gardeners
Farmers and ranchers facing shut down because of injustices
Families in food buying clubs facing FDA attacks
Cheese makers and other organic and home made food producers being shut down
Members of Churches, temples and mosques banned from bringing home made (often traditional and ethnic foods)
Those who love Farmers market
Farmers market vendors
Raw milk dairy farmers
Drinkers of raw milk
Families with autistic children
Families who have lost children to vaccines, often disguised as SIDS deaths
Those who know vitamin C is a universal antidote
Those who know NIH admits turmeric corrects the CF defect
Those who know MS has been reversed by nutrients alone
Those who know HIV is a malnutrition issue (House of Numbers)
Those who know antidepressants are worthless
Those who know Harvard showed cherries are potentially 10 times stronger at relieving pain and inflammation than aspirin and Tylenol
Those who know aspirin is toxic
Those who know Tylenol is the leading cause of liver failure
Those who know the polio vaccines with SV 40 caused the soft tissue cancer epidemic
Those who believe in human rights
Those who believe in the Bill of Rights
Those who have cancer and know that oncologists would never take the very chemo they prescribe
Those who are sick of how terrible the food is
Those who know organic farming and gardening can reverse harm to the earth
Those who value people over greed
Those who value life

6 responses to “Int’l Women’s Day: Women reclaim their stewardship of life, reject GMOs, GMO vaccines

  1. I hear what you’re saying and am concerned, but your message would be much more effective if you provided links to credible sources for each of these claims, particularly relating to Polysorbate 80, or perhaps the patent in question. A quick Google search for the patent gives me only a list of other, similar sites with a sort of Alex Jones rather than more rigorous research bent, repeating more or less the same claims without sources to back them up. A search of Polysorbate 80 gave me a wikipedia page that tells me 100mg per day of this substance is consumed as an emulsifying ingredient in processed foods while 25 micrograms are in a vaccine dose. This is the most interesting link that come out of that search:

    Possibly the compound has different effects when injected than ingested.

    But when you’re pulling new un-supported claims out in every paragraph, it becomes hard for someone to keep focus on tractable, actionable information instead of giving themselves over to fear.

    I support what you’re doing generally speaking, but I encourage you to refine your tactics.

  2. Not the actual patent in question, if anyone can find a link it would be very helpful to us all.

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