Monsanto Tumbles Down: Good New Press Special Report

By Rhonda Varsane
Good News Press

This 64 page, print ready, on-line magazine journal introduces Monsanto as a chemical company and explains what Bt and Genetic Engineering is.  It tells the story of the Monarch Butterflies and the morphing of plants and insects.  It chronicles human birth defects reported where Roundup® is sprayed.

We share an idea for labeling and prepare you for Part II which focuses on solutions.

You may also find it at

4 responses to “Monsanto Tumbles Down: Good New Press Special Report

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  3. Strange no comments about organic growers not able to sue Monsanto —- do you only publish bad news against Monsanto —? Your website is so full of lies and missinformewd out of date stories its quite incredible. Monsanto forced out of UK? almost 8 years old. Super weeds and super bugs have been around for ever and the GM companies are selling second and making thriod generation traits to deal with the inevitable. RoundUp still the most popular herbicide and GM crops being grown by mainly small farmers in developing countries with western hemisphere already covered by billion acres versus virtually zippo organic reserved for the elite rich

  4. There is nothing good to be shared about Monsanto!!!

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