Just Label It: GMO label comments to FDA near 1 million; Add your voice by March 27

By Alex Duncan
Just Label It

The FDA has given us the 180-day “due date” for submitting comments to the petition: March 27th.

With less than a month left, more than 850,000 Americans have told the FDA to label genetically engineered foods. That’s more comments to FDA on a food issue than ever before! With just under a month to go, we’re within reach of the goal of 1 million comments.

This is the big push, and we need all hands on deck to cross the finish line. Can we count on your help to reach 1 million during this pivotal month? 

On March 7th, we’re rolling out an infographic that presents the labeling issue in a compelling, easy-to-digest format. The infographic is a tool you can use in your e-mail and social media outreach. It is also one of our last opportunities to drive comments to the FDA before the March 27th due date. Think of it as our “closing argument.”

We need you to share the infographic with your networks and urge folks to take action by commenting on the petition.

Will you e-mail the infographic to your lists, share it via Facebook and Twitter, and post it on your website? Every comment you help generate brings us that much closer to the goal of 1 million. 

Some infographics, sample e-mails, and Facebook posts and Tweets are available on the Just Label It Partner Files page of our website.

In light of the due date on the 27th, we’re bumping back the release of the national poll to that date to maximize its effect. We’re also conducting a partner call on Monday, March 26th at 2pm ET. Please mark your calendars and plan to join us for an update on where we stand and what’s to come. Call in information is below:

Call In Number: (605) 781-1000
Passcode: 130735#

You’ve all already done so much, and it’s making a difference. As the clock ticks down, we need your help one more time.

Just Label It justlabelit.org/takeaction

Twitter: @justlabelit
Facebook: www.facebook.com/justlabelit

4 responses to “Just Label It: GMO label comments to FDA near 1 million; Add your voice by March 27

  1. virginia langsford

    hey, we might be far away down here in australia, but most of us don’t like ge all that much.
    and we would really insist that you label the damn stuff once you have mucked around with it.
    don’t you have grandchildren over there, or do you just not care about them?

    very concerned aussie mum and grandma.

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  3. love you Rady! thanks for always being informed & for keeping me informed. hats off 🙂

  4. This work is getting a ground swell of support but we need to put pressure on the retailers as well. We have started a petition to the largest food retailers in the world demanding that as their customers we want them the require their suppliers to “Label those GMOs”. Our target is 1 million consumers. Please support this effort http://www.change.org/petitions/to-my-dear-grocery-store-please-tell-me-which-products-contain-gmos