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Int’l Women’s Day: Women reclaim their stewardship of life, reject GMOs, GMO vaccines

By Sylvia Gonzales and Esther Rhodes

Women and children’s bodies are the very source of the world’s future. Yet women and children’s bodies are at the heart of the corporate assault. That is the reality women face on this year’s International Women’s Day (March 8).

During WWII, IG Farben, the pharmaceutical and chemical giant of the day, experimented on women prisoners at Auschwitz, attempting to develop a vaccine that could covertly sterilize people at routine doctors’ appointments.

Is this a women’s issue?

Today, the University of Georgia Research Foundation, controlled by pharma, holds a patent entitled “a fertility impairing vaccine.” The patent refers to polysorbate 80 as the “preferred ingredient.”

Is this a women’s issue?

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Jungle fungus eats plastic, beats cancer

Pestalotiopsis microspora image by Yale University

By Rady Ananda
Activist Post

Researchers have found the first endophytic fungus that eats plastic, and can use it as its sole food source even in an oxygen-free environment. [1] 

Pestalotiopsis microspora presents a massive bioremediation opportunity for landfills, where buried and surface plastics can be degraded naturally.

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