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Permaculture Goes to the White House

Ryan Harb at UMass

By Seismologik

The UMass Permaculture Edible Forest Lawn has been selected as a contender for this year’s White House Campus Champions of Change Award.

Quite simply, Permaculture can address the numerous ecological and economic crises we face today by implementing design systems that work in cooperation with nature.

Our friend Ryan Harb, and his team have spent the past two years converting the lawns of UMass Amherst into permanent edible food scapes. As a result, students attending the University benefit from the abundance of nutrition dense real food grown right under their noses. This is supremely awesome, and we’re extremely proud of Ryan.

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Occupy Farm in the Sky

By Seismologik

Organizers of Occupy Wall Street Sustainability Working group in
concert with Eco Station NY are creating a 16,000 sq foot Roof Top Farm in Bushwick Brooklyn, and we need your help.

Bushwick, Brooklyn, is home to a population of 130,000 people, many of
whom reside in neighborhoods that have been designated as food

We assert that access to natural, nutrient dense, real food is a basic
human right.

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