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USDA Pushes Animal ID Again


The Dept of Agriculture has proposed costly regulations to force ranchers, related business, and livestock agencies to tag and track animals that cross state lines.

USDA’s animal traceability rule is a solution in search of a problem. USDA says the rule is to protect animal health. But, the rules don’t identify any specific problems or diseases of concern.

These regulations will harm rural businesses, waste taxpayer dollars, and do little to deal with animal disease, food security, and food safety.

Send your comments before the Nov. 9 deadline to make sure USDA’s final rule works for farmers and ranchers, and is paid for by the meatpackers that will benefit most.

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Are the raw milk raids to distract from something far more deadly to farming?

By William Davis

People have been saying that the FDA goofed because their attacks on Rawesome and California’s cease and desist orders for goat herders have galvanized public attention to the issue of raw milk and safe food.  But when corporate media gives time to grass roots anti-corporate issues, there is usually a purpose.

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