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Urban Goat Keeping

By Fair Companies

Lately goats have been gaining acceptance as low-carbon lawn mowers and as a pesticide-free tool to eliminate weeds and clear brush. [You can also use sheep, like this school in PA is doing.]

But the idea of keeping goats in the backyard as a source of organic, low-food-miles milk has not gotten the attention it deserves. In this video, Mateo Rutherford of Berkeley, CA, shows us the backyard goats as well as more of their urban farm animals (chickens and rabbits) and we talk to a visitor who is preparing to adopt a few milking goats of her own.

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5 Reasons Why Chickens Belong in Your City, Town, or Neighborhood

By Leah Zerbe
Rodale Institute

Backyard hens not only provide high-quality eggs, but also serve as master gardeners, organic pest exterminators, and unpaid city workers. Figure out if you have what it takes to raise chickens—they’re harder than cats but easier than dogs. If you do, choose location-appropriate breeds.

With the massive egg recall still in progress, you’re probably pondering egg carton claims in search of the healthiest eggs. One surefire solution: raising a handful of your own backyard chickens, giving you complete control over egg quality. Home-raised chickens may not be an option for everybody, but they are more of an option than you may think. Even if you live in the city, once you realize the myriad benefits a small flock of three or more hens can provide, you’ll start thinking of your non-chicken-keeping neighbors as the strange ones.

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