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Obama’s Manure: Millions to ADM, Financial Penalties to Amish Unless They Plant GMOs

Cows with mastitis stand in shit

By Kip Reading

In addition to the theft and corruption, how many lies are we caught in, how much deception? Just take a quick tour of “Upside Down in Agriculture and Global Warming.” Some might call it “Insane Injustice” as Obama gives ag giant, Archer Daniels Midland, millions to capture carbon in projects ADM designed itself.

How much fossil fuel does this company use to produce its industrial products, to run its massive industrial operations, to transport its products around the world, to keep the lights on in PR companies that fight organic farming (which is a solution to global warming), to fly its lobbyists around to end up with such a give away? Doesn’t industrial ag contribute 40% to global warming?

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