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Leave My Mother Goose Alone!

By Suzana M. Megles

I really don’t know too much about geese, but I respect them as I do all animals whom God has created. Yes, I purposely used the pronoun “whom” because animals are living breathing beings – not things. As for the geese themselves, I think they have a reputation for being testy at times, but I don’t feel that gives us the right to be cruel to them. Recently, I saw on TV that a goose kept on following a man in the neighborhood and neither he or his neighbors were much perturbed by it. In fact, it was kind of cute and even comical seeing this goose follow him wherever he went – maybe even lessoning the “testy” characterization. At least this one is friendly.

Thank goodness, most of the people I know aren’t in the financial strata where they can afford to buy foie gras and for that I am grateful. It is a food that I’m sure we all know about by now which is made from the fattened livers of geese.

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Ag-gag bills face defeat while NY and Iowa push them

By Tom Laskawy

Big Ag is having trouble installing its Iron Curtain. I am referring, of course, to the various “ag-gag” laws proposed in Florida, Minnesota, and Iowa that would make it illegal to produce (and, in some cases, possess) undercover videos from within factory livestock farms. The latest state legislature to pursue this dubious goal is New York’s— but the fate of ag-gaggery in other states makes success in the Empire State seem unlikely.

Florida’s bill died a few weeks ago when legislators withdrew the bill from consideration as the legislative session ended.

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