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Will Allen and a million pounds of organic food on 3 acres

Using vertical space, Will Allen of Growing Power (based in Milwaukee, Wisconsin) shows how 3,000 square feet of growing space is converted to 4,500 square feet.  On his total 3 acres, he says he produces a million pounds of organic food each year.  He also recycles the water used in greenhouses to raise mercury-free fish.

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The New Agtivist: Gene Fredericks is thinking inside the city’s big box

Gene Fredericks of Big Green Boxes imagines fish ponds, waterfalls, and racks and racks of edible greens and herbs in defunct spaces like this one. (Bart Nagel Photography)

By Bonnie Azab Powell

They’re the bane of urban and suburban areas alike: the vacant, boarded-up K-Marts and Home Depot Expos, squatting like concrete cowpies amidst a landscape of weedy parking lots. But where most people see blight and a waste of space, San Francisco Bay Area entrepreneur Gene Fredericks sees opportunity: to grow food. Lots of food.

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