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Chicken Poop for the Soul explores food sovereignty

By Robyn Chambers
Williams Lake Tribune

While the title Chicken Poop for the Soul: In Search of Food Sovereignty is a  bit of a retread of the popular Chicken Soup series, the content definitely is not.

Author Kristeva Dowling penned what she sees as the “next step” to the 100-mile diet over an 18-month period at her home in Hagensborg in the Bella Coola Valley. Her goal was an attempt at “food sovereignty.”

“To grow all my own food. Can it. Preserve it. Learn to make cheese, etcetera, right down to butchering, hunting and fishing,” Dowling explained.

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A growing trend: Vegetable gardening is experiencing a Renaissance not seen since the 1940s

Rebecca Cuttler rakes new soil in her community garden plot at Strathcona Park. (Gerry Kahrmann, PNG, Vancouver Sun)

By Randy Shore
Vancouver Sun

A new generation of vegetable gardeners is transforming the urban environment and the way we are thinking about food. They are planting on boulevards, digging garden plots in city parks, tearing the sod out of their back yards and even their front yards and filling their balconies with pots full of herbs and greens. It’s the young, the urban, the cool. And the rest of us, too.

“I’ve been serious about gardening for about three years,” said Rebecca Cuttler, a more-or-less landless Strathcona resident. Cuttler, program manager of the Praxis Centre for Screenwriters at Simon Fraser University, lucked into a plot at the Cottonwood Community Garden near her home after joining a work party organized by the Cottonwood group last fall. She also has a garden at a home owned by her family in Kitsilano.

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