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GMO cultivation drops in EU, except in Spain and Portugal

By Christophe Noisette

In the European Union, only eight countries (out of 27) commercially grow GMOs.  Cultivations, however, decreased steadily since 2009, except in Spain and Portugal this year, where there is a slight increase. A brief overview of the different official data is collected below.

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EU high court rules on GMO contamination; opens door to biotech liability

EU beekeepers gain in genetic contamination case

By Rady Ananda

On Sept. 6, the European Union’s top court paved the way for farmers and beekeepers to recoup losses when their crops or honey become genetically contaminated from neighboring GM fields.

The European Court of Justice ruled that all food products containing GMOs – whether intentional or not – must undergo an approval process.

This marks a much stricter view than that being pushed by European Union Commissioner for health and consumer affairs, John Dalli,  who wants no regulation of foods genetically contaminated “by accident,” a ludicrous idea given that coexistence ensures genetic contamination.

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